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 The Right Equipment


First, “we” get rid of the dumbbells... It is certain my confidence for confronting this issue is motivated by a legal clause specifically addressing duties during a ‘time of declared war’: I am an ‘able-bodied citizen’. Twilah Yvonne Freberg, today’s date being August 3, 2006.

I’ve the initiative to proceed with a pragmatic plan of action to encourage much greater physical ability amongst the US Military’s active enlisted—while at the same time—drastically reducing the levels and frequency of injury amongst them: beyond just this articulation and my own personal discipline, I am preparing a video to demonstrate how fit one can be (like me) without suffering any chronic fatigue or even minor injury when one pursues anatomically correct fitness objectives...


The dumbbells—or barbells if preferred—are awkward: rusty and rusting?! For sure, they sit there wasting valuable storage space—slow to work with, unnecessarily dangerous to handle—and troublesome to move around. The dumbbells—long bars with floppy insecure weights on each end—do not allow for hand and eye coordination skill to develop for adequate (adequate for controlling guns, grenades, packs, etc. or other people) healthy function. Barbells limit muscles from working through a full, flexible range of motion: consequently, their usage does not offer a means of increasing hand, wrist and arm strength; even just a ‘grip’ does not improve from the barbell management because the rigid straight bar hinders or ignores the flexing of the tendons needed for increasing muscular endurance (ability) and Absolute Strength* (refer to ‘Explanation Of Terms’ enclosure).

Besides irritating the skin and inducing senseless impact* (harmful compression or promotion of improper hydration: please, notice ‘Explanation Of Terms’) to the skeletal joints of the entire upper body, the barbell work wastes the time of the active enlisted: too much time spent doing the wrong exercise (dumbbell handling) leaves not enough time for doing optimal exercise. And how does one feel when (and after) hefting the barbells? Grunt, groan: no matter how well intending is a try, it still looks and feels disgusting.

Long, long ago! Cavemen—or primitive but intent on surviving type persons—employed rocks covered with mud and leaves: they tied especially selected rocks to the front of their knuckles at the tops of their hands on the day of a hunt. For now, I’m recommending ‘Iron Fists’ or hand weights.



The Right Equipment, Page Two


The hand weights allow for full range of motion (what is anatomically correct) weight resistant exercise; the usage addresses the exercise needed for every muscle (tiny to large) to become stronger. Hand weight training causes skeletal/muscular readiness (self-defense) as it enables one to perform at an optimal level of agility (better joint hydration with a result of healthy cartilage and ligament production, more flexible tendons and proper bone density in relation to muscle and fat mass) when engaged at actual combat duties: while almost entirely eliminating any risk of muscular or skeletal injury; it’s a simple method for prospering the primal ability to appreciate.

Training with hand weights* (what look like iron knuckle covers: ‘Foto Pages’) not only develops symmetrical, flexible muscular balance, it drastically increases muscular endurance which in turn, contributes to an overall gain of what’s called ‘Absolute Strength’.

I’ve been doing the same hand weight (with a variety of different sizes, shapes or forms) routine for almost thirty (30) years consistently (without interruption and most important), without even minor injury due to this training.

My daily work load requires me to lift legs, arms, necks and—sometimes, the entire bodies—to manipulate the frames of men sometimes weighing three to four (the biggest is/was 414) hundred pounds. I run fifty (50) flights of stairs every weekday morning and on the weekends (every weekend to relax), I walk/pack/hike/skip/jump with a dancing sprint between a distance of twenty to thirty (20-30) miles. Two (2) nights a week, I do the hand weight exercise ‘boxing’ routines while running a mini-trampoline with ankle weights on; I can assert with the most credibility! Hand and ankle weighted training will maximize strength with virtually no chance for injury. And it can be done to eliminate existing injury: after twenty plus (20+) years of this practice, my stamina is almost unbelievably vast.

The mini-trampoline is comfortably portable, durable, cost efficient and it uses no electricity. It is quiet and can be used indoors or outdoors: the mini-trampoline allows one to train on a surface that mimics natural surfaces like forest floors, or sand; unlike treadmills, the mini-trampoline work promotes better or proper skeletal/muscular health and it quickens response skills.  

Treadmills are difficult to move about, noisy—can be awkward to mount or dismount, energy wasteful—and treadmill work (impacting on a hard flat surface for no real survival purpose) is also bad for the feet/knees/hips/head: a mini-trampoline enables one to run weighted and to do upper body stretch/flexes or boxing hand weight exercises at the same time; mini-trampolines can also be used to practice jumping with almost no risk of injury. If considering the ‘Opportunity Cost’ and the inseparable conditions of winning and losing: the loss of the treadmill costs (wins) a substantial monetary savings with a weighted, tramping bonus of far more capable or better trained, less injured (nor maimed) individuals.


The Right Equipment, Page Three


Mini-trampoline work encourages overall agility—speed—muscular flexibility and strength or real endurance: even at areas where the temperature is too hot for training during the day outside (Iraq, Kuwait), the enlisted can remain indoors—not to suffer atrophy and poor blood circulation because of the heat—but to stay working at developing the combat (survival) skills most would say come close to being simply stunning. If there are those amongst the enlisted who feel too large for training on the mini-trampoline: stepping! is still better (overall the treadmill offensiveness) than the treadmill. And like running on the mini-trampoline, stepping can be done with ankle and hand weights: the enlisted need to be practicing movement while weighted in order to survive (before) the rigors of combat training and combat duties without suffering injury.

Hand weights, yes! And ankle weights: the wonderful thing about these artifices is that the weight or work load can be easily adjusted to suit any individual, male or female, injured or non-injured, and yet not interfere with the complete range of motion needed to truly strengthen (proper skeletal hydration, active tendon and cartilage development, muscular endurance and flexibility). Ankle weight training prepares the hip, abdominal and lower back for real activities like carrying packs—patrolling—and the lifting of heavy objects: far better than ‘squats’ with the barbells! Practicing the ‘Barre’ with ankle weights also rewards one the ability to kick an attacker to the ground with ease—success—and lightening speed.

Contrary to the popular understanding, the ‘Ballet Barre’ is actually the exercise done at the physical piece of equipment called a Ballet Barre: this means the Barre can be done at anytime—almost anywhere—without the barre. A wall, a counter top, a balcony rail, a tree: a ‘barre’ is simply used to bolster balance while building the strength needed for doing the Barre away from a barre.

 I do a modified Barre: what I call ‘Balletics’.  It sounds like Ballistic, without the ‘s’.  Balletics is less pretentious than martial arts or traditional ballet: even if there are to be no villains about or abounding, one needs to be skilled at Balletics.

Doing Balletics initiates proper hydration of the skeletal system (which prevents skeletal atrophy or stops one from developing odd calcifications and spurs), drastically increases muscular flexibility, strength, improves posture and blood circulation: it develops balance. What seems likely (from the statistics I have personally amassed through my work schedule): at least forty (40%) percent of all injury could be eliminated if persons developed better balance. Practicing balance doing Balletics is greatly rewarding: after doing Balletics modestly for even a short length of time (besides looking marvelous and sleeping very well), an individual can exude a sense of confidence—grace—even when pressured to be less self-esteemed.

Doing Balletics weighted is proper basic training for anyone, whether injury free or injured: it’s anatomically correct or it is a skill necessary for natural survival. Hand weights, ankle weights, mini-trampolines: ‘a set’ of steps.


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 The Right Equipment


 The Reason: Why


 The Proper Procedure


Explanation Of Terms




Special Considerations


Foto Pages




 Twilah Yvonne Freberg

Telephone: 858 452-7990


The Reason: Why


Doing ‘Balletics’ assists with preventing dysfunctional symptoms like heart failure, kidney or liver failure—‘Arthritis’, ‘Thrombitis’—even ‘Bursitis’ from occurring because it is anatomically correct the reason was/is self-preservation or living.

To survive nature: men and women need to be able to carry home the food and other natural resources gained by the sprinting, kicking, stretching! that hunting and gathering requires… To this day, left to one’s own lonely effort, “torn” quadriceps from improper daily activity (lack of flexibility and balance training) could result in death (starvation) or worse! It could all end as one being another one’s meal.

It’s easy to understand what is not anatomically correct and why; long distance running for an instance: if running five (5) miles to catch a meal, to escape or capture an enemy, an  individual would be expending far more energy than could be prudently consumed, and quite literally, the person would run his or herself to death. Not to mention: after running six (6) miles to escape a bear who only proceeded with the chase for a quarter mile—way back when—what’s to be found at the destination or end of the futile six miles, yet another angry (or hungry) bear and personal physical exhaustion already; pickled?!    

I recently met a Marine who is suffering a severe problem with the hydration of a disc at the center of his back: he had been doing dumbbell squats (too much long distance running; not stretching, not kicking, not balancing the muscle work load) and now!? After years of improper training, he has caused the gluteus muscles to lack symmetry in relation to the upper area of the back and he has developed himself a “…but… ” problem that results a constant pinching (herniation) of the disc between one of the ‘Thoracic’ vertebrae. If the disc ruptures? Unbelievable pain: he had already been discussing surgery when I admonished proper exercise (to correct the problem, he has to do standing kicks—Balletics—to strengthen and lengthen the gluteus and lumbar muscles, to supersede the lack of muscular symmetry caused by the squats) and icing—ice bath—ice bed! Icing (also anatomically correct) is what I consider to be a primary effort for a “miracle cure”...

HEAT/STRETCH/ICE. He has to work his upper body through the proper range of motion (the hand weight routines) with enough weighted resistance to correct improper skeletal development and to promote proper hydration of the spinal column: surgery or not! Otherwise, he’s crippled. Surgeries do not correct dysfunctional but to be even somewhat successful, the individual still has to do the necessary survival work to live. It’s inevitable: one has to live to live and one has to live well enough to keep on living! Or suffer the consequence of death or disability leading to a slow and miserable death.



The Reason: Why, Page Two


If the US Military could at least reduce the amount of injury to one-half of what are the injuries happening just daily now: nearly every deserving person could be offered a raise. The costs for managing the enlisted could be greatly reduced immediately, and without a huge monetary or intellectual expenditure from the onset: but rather! by spending less money, and less time. Balletics and the right equipment (ankle weights, hand weights, mini-trampolines) promotes the reality of true wellness, and yields a result of fit, capable, agile—energetic—or healthy enlisted during the future: whether the future be a month, a year, or twenty (20) years.     

What further enhances the chance for less injury success is getting rid of or “outlawing” the wrong processes: long runs (no more), heavy dumb or barbells (no more), heavy weight training or “body building” on machines (no more), no more no mandatory stretch, balance and flexibility training (no more you should do something? but you  don’t have to…) Balletics should be the primary mandatory course of action from the onset of enlistment to beyond enlistment to maintain the rights for US Military benefits. Every reasonable taxpayer would or could only agree, as would every healthy—not decomposing—living person.

Healthy people do not attack other persons by intending them harm or even from negligence to address the cause and effect of what can be a better possibility or outcome: failing to do necessary jobs—management, leadership, guidance and education—for the enlisted in order to harm or hurt the enlisted, is a ‘Passive Aggressive’ tactic and will or would only lead to one’s (the Passive Aggressive one’s) own self-destructive demise.

The future—near or far—will always yield a Military: I foresee a fine outstanding force of fit Balletic trained men and women supporting my cause, my rights, my home: what is anatomically correct and what is legal (the US Constitution and US Federal Laws).  Some who read this might think instead: it’s all ending tomorrow, it’s no use, it’s too much trouble... A man I know about recently lost twenty-five (25) lbs by proceeding with a walk program; prior to the walking and weight loss, he rented a yacht and went to Italy: while there, he visited a structure that was one thousand years old. After telling me about it, I said “Don’t you just know that most every person there at the time thought it was all—the world or whatever—ending tomorrow, because they were simply dying themselves? Seeing a structure like that reminds one that it just most likely isn’t and one—any and every one—must still manage the consequences of his or her own behavior.” What no one can tolerate as the future is millions of what are now fairly or at least, somewhat adequately fit men and women, ripening rapidly to disabled, non-functioning parasitical type beings trying to live from benefits provided or paid for by a sparse fit  (competent) and yet able to work populace.



The Reason: Why, Page Three


The time to think about your own future (too) is now: Balletics is a way to stop the physical atrophy process (aging and disability) at a gain of reasonable cost efficiency which can be deliberated with relative ease amongst the entire US Military Services.

The US Military must consist of functioning men and women in order to address the concerns of a not so healthy people population around the planet: they need to be exceptionally fit, even if for no reason other than to be able to maneuver the work tasks of what inevitably will remain being an active military.

Beyond active enlistment: those whose leave active duty service still have to be able to support households, pay taxes, and deliberate at the job skills needed to contribute to civility for there to be a continuance to a reasonable, quality existence here at the US or abroad: otherwise? I’ve been shocked (at this time—for the first time--more than once or twice) by an attitude I’ve observed as of lately (and not just through my own daily work schedule) from relatively (chronologically) young persons who seem to think once “out of the military”, they will have no real need for fitness or actual interactive living.

Besides “burning every bridge”, I’ve been noticing the process of civility or even simple sociability seems of no consequence to a few of them. Is it the focus of many enlisted—when the days of no longer being obligated to active duty—to think they will be allowed to treat every other person as only unimportant, then metaphorically go off to a never never land where job skills, earning money and communicating to any other person rationally or civilly will not still be the prevailing, necessary fashion or way? Definitely not: regardless, that type of psychological failing has to be “nipped in the bud”... To the Barre! for where the remedy can start: a fit, well-stretched, properly hydrated person does not think thus degraded.

There is more to fitness than just a few leg lifts: being competent to perform even simple tasks or jobs, requires the ability to be first and foremost, civil; the body is the mind. One’s mind does not float through space to “think” something for one then exit for another entry elsewhere; it’s not off or out there somewhere! The body is the mind or (if “thinking” that’s not reality!?) the person is mindless! This means: an individual either generates self-intelligence or is way more than stupid.

It is prudent to dwell on the reason for ‘morality’ or morals from the beginning: the basic motives are not pretentious, but are indeed about simple survival. No one can enjoy living at the US or any other area of the planet without ‘civility’ (law and order) prevailing. No sane or rational person would rather it be having to ‘basketball’ or ‘football’ it to and around a market place for food: or out on the fields to try to gather enough food against the many to fight for dinner, again?


The Reason: Why, Page Four


And with all the past years of no fist-fighting or daily eye-gouging practice (this is with a slightly sarcastic reference to the origins of what’s now called ‘sports’). Trying to lie, cheat, connive, or trick other persons to get what one “thinks” one wants does not support survival: personally or at large. On a molecular level, a man or woman who behaves so badly—trying to murder for instance or ‘Passive Aggressive’ behavioral patterns—causes the aggressor’s own body (self) to suffer a loss or severe mutation of what many genetic researchers call the ‘Twenty-One’ chromosome: the information to exist as a man or woman. And when it’s gone, it’s gone gone gone! forever. And there’s not a way (stem cell replacement does or will not ever work: a person would have to be melted down to a single cell—injected every micro-second for an indefinite period of time—and that still might not restore the necessary man or woman information, either!) to get it back.  

Ahead of that: there is the basic fact of what motivates deviant* or ‘Anti-Social’ (psychotic*: see ‘Explanation Of Terms’ enclosure) behavior from the start of it; there is the posthumous bacteria (HIV: it becomes ‘viral’ or is labeled a virus once an accommodating person is infected or once it has a consistent food supply) which has no place amongst those who are living but unfortunately, living persons are being exposed (not necessarily infected) to it daily and the exposure comes at them from people already infected or dying (like a barrel of rotting apples…)

Dysfunctional people also express their own lack of physical health (or dying) via magazines, books, television, movies: attitudes, nuances, expressions and articulations or “sick” (anatomically incorrect) ideals which do not support what is physically possible for men and women to accomplish in order to continue existing. For instance, the idea that chronologically aging (as it measures physical development) means a necessary suffering of physical atrophy or a loss (rather than a gain or basic stabilization) of physical strength. 

People do not lose ability to be fit or healthy because of chronological age: the assertion that suffering atrophy or loss of ability is because of chronological age is the excuse of those who are at some (various: dead, deader or lastly, totally deceased) stage of decomposition due to improper (not anatomically correct) physical discipline. “Old” or “aged” isn’t caused by genetic predisposition, it is mostly the result of an overall weakness of character, thus persuaded?! or simply, a lack of adhering to proper (anatomically correct for the existence of a man or woman) behavioral choices.

Granted, it is conceivable that most people probably just don’t stand much of a chance (not only due to genetic mutation or inheritance: it is possible to overcome genetic pre-disposition) because of all the dysfunctional activity and expression which goes on daily, and beside it,  so very little viable exposure to proper or healthy functionality. Regardless, sanity must prevail!



The Reason: Why, Page Five


Another example of insanity is the idea or notion that long distance running (what I consider as anything over (3) three miles) contributes to better ‘Cardiovascular’ health: running long distances can only curtail or lessen blood and fluid circulation! It can actually (the kinesiology of it) only harm (damage) the Cardiovascular System.

The first thing that happens anatomically after a bit of distance, is the muscle mass (particularly the runner’s thighs) engorges with blood and the muscles swell; this muscular swelling immediately causes the blood vessels to constrict, thus lessening blood circulation and straining the heart (as it stresses the kidney—the water to be excreted as urine does come from the blood stream—thwarts the filtering liver) to pump the blood though the enlarged muscle mass. The inflamed leg muscles also force a lack of proper hydration of the joints (knee, ankle, lower back, and hip) which again, reduces fluid circulation and only aggravates one’s ability to rid the body of dead cells or waste matter. In other words: long distance running does drastically increase one’s risk of  developing odd calcifications or spurs (‘Arthritis’ which leads to ‘Bursitis’) and developing (‘Thrombitis’) blood clotting in the lower legs (which then causes organ failings or vice versa).

After running for more than 2-3 (two-three) miles, the body enters a state of essentially, decomposition or starvation (the average one hour run expends about 600 calories, yet the average person can only utilize or intake about 300 calories per hour): fat cannot be “burned” as an isolated source. Those six hundred calories also have to contain protein or amino acids. Because of the large quantity of oxygen intake (this is how Dolphins catch Tunas for dinner) the blood sugar, amino and fatty acids level of the blood usually depletes so fast when running a long distance, the body starts to digest the most readily available source of protein (the heart, brain, kidney, liver), along with the glycogen, and the runner suffers a ‘burn out’ or the organs start dissolving as the working muscles need fuel, yet cannot consume (cannot assimilate alone) an increased oxygen intake due to muscular constriction. No gain but lots of pain: and it’s even difficult to describe… In other words, running for a long distance allows or offers no real anatomical survival skill. Most that practice long runs can just (only) run themselves to death. And yet, a long distance runner can be caught easily by a smarter (more intent on surviving for a quality existence), faster animal within a fifty (50) yard dash at any point of a run.

Many long distant runners claim running is great because they can eat so much more (a heart, a liver, and a kidney or two?) or because of it contributing to their being less fuel efficient! The number one “benefit” proclaimed as justification for long distance running is that the runner reaches a “high” or the runner can forget the runner is running if the runner runs long enough: training to forget what one is doing at anytime—especially when trying to forget one is running on a public or vehicle trafficked road—is a hideous or insane deliberation and will only contribute to the development of conditions such as ‘Alzheimers’.



The Reason: Why, Page Six


I run on the trampoline for about (7-8) seven to eight minutes at a time. I try to never escalate my heart rate over (120) one hundred and twenty beats per minute (to avoid all the problems that occur from running too long or too hard: or to avoid needlessly stressing my organs at a counter-productive level) and this is anatomically correct for chasing an enemy, escaping an enemy or for capturing food. Basically, I sprint really fast for a series of short ‘sets’ on the trampoline. I get off the trampoline to practice kicking, punching, and beating my knuckles on the floor: if it were a rabbit, a bird, or just a little chicken to run after? I’d earn a meal. If it were an enemy I was chasing? I could not only catch the enemy during a fifty yard dash, I could (can) beat or kick the poor sap to a pulp without even breaking a sweat. Or, I have trained properly for running the fifty (50) yards to escape well (long) enough for the order of positioning myself to then fight by kicking and beating the enemy, if the enemy persists with a chase.

After yet another set of seven to eight (7-8) minutes of sprinting (while holding hand weights, and wearing ankle weights): I repeat the kicking, punching segment of my routine… Not only can I defeat one enemy this way, but I can defend myself against a great sum and all day long, without harming myself anatomically. This activity only promotes my overall great health (ready agility, balance, flexibility, muscular endurance, or true fitness) for furthering a natural ability to survive well.

The ‘Combat Zones’ of today (and most likely, the future) are requiring the US Military to act at areas where there are concentrated civilian populations: this method (Balletics) that I have described is a much more effective means of self-defense and Insurgency control at sensitive or densely populated areas, rather than trying to fire off guns, tanks or cannon balls; it is inexpensive (cost efficient) and by far, it is virtuous for promoting justice, fairness (civility), and accuracy amongst the many. Lastly, just watching the young men and women train at this type of self-defense will drastically discourage even the most heinous of aggressors.

A Balletics program offers a foundational discipline for self-defense: it enables survival by supporting natural physiological function; the Balletic discipline protects and prepares one for living according to how the anatomy of a man or woman can only live, without deviation or with no risk of causing cellular and functional mutation, or in other words, without a killing. Again, due to hype and ill circumstance, most people these days choose to either not exercise at all or to wrongly exercise themselves to death...

‘Body Builders’: men who “body build” or employ massive weight loads—usually with dumb barbells—almost always (I’ve personally checked on this a great many times and it is too sad) lose the ability to readily gain penile erections!



The Reason: Why, Page Seven


Long distance runners (and Body Builders) also suffer vast numbers of “sudden death” heart failure due to ‘Thrombitis’ or because of deteriorated organ (heart) tissue caused by the lessened blood circulation—the oxygenation dilemma—and the resulting heart stress; this!? And regardless of how much more they thought they could eat... If a man suddenly thought he could fly with no apparatus off the top of the highest cliff, another man would say but not! fool: it is anatomically correct for a bird but incorrect for a man. To be certain, a great many men most likely rendered themselves totally deceased before it was unanimously decided this fact (man cannot simply fly like a bird) was a fact. Again, one has to function according to the genetic value of one’s specie, and not from what any one individual might “think” is an acceptable difference or deviation.

Training by doing lengthy walks offers no heart strain or stress to pump blood because there is virtually no impact or muscular tension (nor joint compression) caused when walking: walking long distances such as (5-15) five to fifteen miles a day would be a necessity for basic survival if it were not for cars; this means long walks are necessary for a man or woman to survive still! Cars were designed but the anatomy of a man or woman was not re-engineered to fit the blasphemy. Sprinting is anatomically correct, along with doing both (walking and sprinting) ‘weighted’ or carrying pack: because it also is a demand for escaping and catching an enemy, or for gathering the food and supplies meant for survival.

Balletics prepares a person to do all of these life sustaining activities with almost no risk of injury; it strengthens the joints/tendons through a full and complete safe range of motion. All internal organs are benefited by the high level of blood circulation and muscular relaxation Balletics promotes; it induces a comfortable heart rate* (please note ‘Explanation Of Terms’ enclosure) and at the same time, the Balletics discipline encourages proper muscular/skeletal balance, flexibility and stamina or graceful agility.

Walk, sprint—kick, punch, bend—sprint, walk… Stretch: and bring home the bacon?! It is certain that if (without assistance, tools or weapons of any sort, or bare-handed) a man or woman—if one ever could—expended the energy needed to capture a cow and chew into (unlike a mountain lion or a bear), he or she would inadvertently or eventually starve to death by wasting too much energy on trying to gain beefy meals; but a piglet could be caught and consumed without troubling or challenging even a child’s anatomical ability. Eggs, nuts, whole—oats, grains, rice—vegetables, herbs: certain fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, pork… Fruit! there’s plenty to eat: stop beefing.

But for complaint: beyond what is being consumed, there has to be a limit as to how much is acceptable for the eating, too. The (414) four hundred and fourteen pounded man mentioned previously...



The Reason: Why, Page Eight


He was new at ‘Active Reserve’ for a remaining two (2) year obligation to the US Marine Corp: he proceeded (during his two (2) years of active reserve status) to gain two hundred (200) pounds in order to (mostly) try to escape his responsibility to the Marine Corp!? The kind of message he has offered to any future employer is one of his being self-destruction and Immune Dysfunctional: his statement for himself is/was that he will harm or hurt himself purposely for the effort of eluding his contractual obligations to an employer. It could be irrationally assessed it’s just the Marine Corp he would (as an employee) malign and misrepresent so heinously: but that would be to ignore his willingness to threaten and endanger his own life. One cannot successfully blame a victim (with this case, the Marine Corp)  regardless of how is or are the victims: to say that dysfunctional or psychotic people commit acts of aggression (crime or fraud) only because of the victim’s own personality or entity promotes more unsuspecting victims, and endangers the values of law and order or civility.

It’s always the perception of the aggressor (the criminal) that is askew, rather than the target of crime, regardless. If this kind of ‘Passive Aggression’ (such as self-destructive weight gains) is not halted or reprimanded appropriately (criticized and punished), those who leave the US Military service for civilian activities will be less able to find rightful and useful employment. This means the USA will (if it’s not curtailed) continue to suffer a lack of valuable, productive citizenship and at the expense of everyone.        

It seems quite valuable to mandate a weight requirement for the US Military personnel, active or active reserve: if they gain more than their individualized weight allowance, they should be fined! An appropriate portion of their salary should be withheld until they lose the unhealthy weight gain; if they don’t lose the weight, then they should not be allowed to receive that much (however much of a percentage is decided as a fair withholding) of their salary.

Taxpayers or citizens of the USA cannot afford to spend all the years of training effort and financial investment for men and women to become nothing but ‘Passive Aggressives’ who will harm or hurt themselves for the purpose of trying to criminally harm or hurt other American citizens or to attempt an escape of career responsibilities. The acceptance of the active enlisted gaining weight prior to entering active combat duty has also become irrational: a ten to twenty (10-20) pound gain is only what should be tolerated. More extreme weight gain is a strain on the joints, muscles, bones and the internal organs. Drastic weight fluctuation alters the agility and coordination skills of any individual: for those entering combat areas, it can lead to (or increase) the risk of fatality. At one time, the weight requirements for every area of service were quite strict: the argument was about huge, largely muscled or “beefy” men being turned away from the active service duty because of the mandated weight restrictions.



The Reason: Why, Page Nine


There was a healthier time when it was recognized that more is not always better, or that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean stronger or more effective. For the case of heavily dense or thickly muscled body mass from weight training? If the muscle weight is so dense as to restrict a full, natural range of motion and muscular function, then the individual is less strong or less capable (more likely to suffer tendon or muscular tears) and the amount of health problems (heart, liver, kidney failure; joint dysfunction and bone malformation) are drastically increased.

Straight on: the US Military must insist all personnel perform regular, sane health care or self-defense (Immune Responsive) practices: this means the Balletics program, along with proper (anatomically correct) nutrition with weight gain restriction mandates... Enforced restrictions against harmful activities like body building and long distance running. These recommended mandates will truly only costs the USA a loss of the barbells, the elimination and expense (especially the cost of treadmills) or toleration of long distance running as an allowed exercise training or practice (outside of the maximum one-three (1-3) miles required now as a periodic stress test for the Navy). Some say the US Army and certainly the Navy SEAL programs are now requiring long distance running and I say what’s the physical fact: if they are thinking there is a need to run that far (six—6-10—ten miles), they need to recover. Long distance running is improper behavior for survival and the lack of adherence to natural ability will only contribute to those involved killing their selves (and whomever prescribed it)...

Again, ‘Body Building’ or heavy weight training does not increase physical ability or strength: it weakens those engaged by shortening (tightening) muscles, therefore causing a much greater susceptibility to torn muscles, strained ligaments, improper formation of cartilage, and vulnerable tendons: it drastically reduces Cardiovascular fitness to the point of being one of the single largest factors to the development of kidney, liver and heart failure (which usually manifests first as ‘Thrombitis’). Prohibiting heavy weight (dumb or barbell) training will drastically reduce injury amongst the active enlisted at the same time it is setting a higher, more rational standard for civilians, too.

The US Military’s message to the public at large should be: to wrongly and purposely train at something which will only cause one (any or every one involved) to suffer a loss of physical (natural) ability for the sake of appearance, peer pressure, or to harm oneself in order to escape responsibility or to altercate “looks” with total disregard for physiological function is ridiculous or dangerous and insane. Long distance running, body building or heavy dumb barbell training should now (once and for all) be declared as a US Military taboo.



The Proper Procedure


At the start of each Balletics session an individual should perform at least a minor amount of what’s called ‘Active Stretch’. Active stretching consists of light motions through a natural or not stressed (not hyper-extended) range of motion: knee lifts and bends, shallow waist stretches and side bends, shoulder shrugs, arm circles, even ‘jumping jacks’ are amongst the reasonable loosening and warming (Active) exercises category.     

After even as little as five (5) minutes of Active Stretch, the (what has then become) better hydrated (better: improved balance of fluid around the joints which decreases the risk of the skeletal system irritating the hydration sack surrounds, and increased blood circulation due to a less tense muscular mass) person can begin to complete the more intense Balletic procedures: with ankle weights secured (advanced) a series of standing kicks (the Barre) to strengthen, lengthen and induce muscular endurance, muscular symmetry and to further the blood and fluid circulation throughout the entire body is easily accomplished.

The basic time allotment for the leg portion of the Barre while weighted or without weights is approximately ten to twenty (10-20) minutes: about the same amount of time it would take to kick a pig or a rabbit to a level of submissiveness needed for dining or approximately how long it would most likely take to exhaust a suicidal, possibly man slaughtering maniac.

The standing leg weighted kicks or Barre not only encourages better ligament and tendon tissue because of the increase in fluid circulation (and thus the ability to consume nutrients) muscular endurance, flexibility—balance—and agility of the legs: it is by far the best way to strengthen the abdominal, oblique (sides or waist) and lower back (lumbar) muscles. Before trying to accomplish “sit-ups”, every person should have already trained at weighted standing kicks: besides preparing the lumbar muscles to be stronger and more flexible for assertive activity, it  promotes the cleansing of the surface of the vertebra by increasing the balance of spinal fluid (standing kicks do not cause muscular compression); proper spinal fluid circulation decreases odd calcifications from developing skeletally, which in turn, prevents bone spur development that can ruptured or herniate the ‘discs’ between the backbones.

Upon completing a modest amount of the standing kicks or leg weighted Barre: an individual can start a light upper body routine with the hand weights for about the same amount of time, a basic ten to twenty (10-20) minutes. A round of lightly hand weighted ‘air’ punches, arm curls, triceps presses, side bends, and shoulder lifts can then be concluded with five (5) additional minutes of what’s called ‘Tensive Stretch’ (exact explanation: FYT4-Ever.Info Stretch Report)



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Tensive Stretch usually must be done after the majority of the exercise program to maintain a lesser susceptibility to muscular injury. Most activities do not require the muscles to be completely or tensively elongated: a “hurtler sit” stretch is fine after walking and sprinting, but for those activities, the muscles and joints should not be so loose as to be vulnerable to injury. (Please notice Stretch Report for a greater explanation of this procedure). The basic Barre or a novice level of Balletics does not need to exceed thirty to fifty (30-50) minutes, two to four (2-4) days per week. At a bare minimum Barre of thirty (30) minutes, two days a week: (along with a basic walk/sprint/walk stair and/or step program, a bit of mini-trampoline running and some push-ups) an individual can become readily prepared, not only just to carry backpacked supplies or munitions, but to easily bend, flex or stretch—reach—kick, punch, sprint, climb, jump and walk for miles with almost no risk of injury. (I’ve personally done this every day for the past twenty-five plus (25+) consecutive years, without fail or interruption to the practice with the exception: the pack I haul is not guns or grenades but rather it’s vacuum cleaners and carpet rolls… Sometimes, I simply load a pack at the beach with rocks for the exercise of hauling thirty (30) solid pounds home.)

A basic training regime of walk/sprint/walk four to five (4-5) days per week supports proper anatomical function: walk one mile—sprint a half mile or up to one mile—walk one mile; it’s a necessary daily survival skill. Even though at this time many (those suffering decomposition already) consider it not needed due to grocery stores and automobiles—besides dying because of a failure to walk outside daily—it would be a shame to suffer a loss of such great resilience for a win of not being able to walk at all. Stair or stepping practice encourages muscular flexibility and joint strength endurance as it enables one to sustain natural terrains like hill or mountain climb with agility; it also encourages less disorientation (vertigo) when facing such elevated topographies. Yet, the strongest benefit to stair running or stepping is as a valid concentration exercise.

To successfully complete stair running or stepping (I do fifty (50) flights, five (5) days a week as a ritual: without fail—even though I started during high school originally—since 1987) an individual must focus solely on what does seem to be a mundane task; this focus of attention to a tedious repetition (the ability to exclusively concentrate for a designated bit of time on one issue, one subject, one activity only) is the best brain or mind control exercise of all. The number one cause of “accidents” is a lapse or lack of the attention span. Practicing the ability to focus on one simple task through completion promotes less risk of mistakes or mishaps due to a lack of alerted attention, and actually helps an individual become more alert for situations of ‘multi-tasking’.           



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Sprinting on a mini-trampoline while hand and ankle weighted furthers a ready ability for combat-suited individuals to function properly—without a loss of balance: without wrenching a hip flexor, twisting an ankle or knee—on natural surfaces such as sand, heavy or loose dirt, and forested areas. It (mini-trampoline usage) is highly cost effective as it uses no electricity and can be done indoors or outdoors and is easily portable—lightweight, yet durable—and even the purchase and maintenance costs are inexpensive. Air boxing practice, jumping; one can even practice “falling” off the mini-trampoline as a preliminary to the actual skydiving exercise now determined for many enlisted.

Practicing BALANCE isn’t just about avoiding a tripping fall to the ground: balance exercise is necessary to sustain (maintain) or develop proper skeletal and muscular symmetry; if the development of muscle and bone mass is not symmetrical (not equal  by size and mass from right to left, front, back), dysfunctional symptoms occur (such as chronic shoulder, neck, lumbar discomfort). Striving to be ambidextrous is relevant to avoid overall (chronic) discomfort or disability.    

A mini-trampoline allows the body to train through an active, full range of motion while weighted: this builds the flexible tendons, and healthy joint ligaments needed for motion while carrying pack with almost no risk of injury due to inflexible tendons (tendons not accustomed to moving through a range of motion while an individual is weighted with objects), and rough or uneven ligament tissue caused by improper hydration from training that does not alleviate compression (like the assignation of what is now the initial phase of active combat training: carrying pack or equipment supplies without having first trained by doing comfortable full range of motion exercises while weighted). One can get on and off it (the mini-trampoline) for a brief respite of “pushing up” or push-ups: the ability to lift oneself back from a dirty ground will always be of value.

Active Stretch: walking, sprinting, walking; a light hand and ankle weighted regime of safe, full range of motion kicks and upper body exercises, stair running or stepping and Tensive Stretch to conclude, prepares the entire body for hauling supplies or equipment for patrolling: self-defense—ahead of the time when combat training and combat duties are assigned—will eliminate at least one-half of all the injuries now being incurred amongst the US Military.

And they can also become better people: healthy, fit, well hydrated, properly oxygenated, rightfully nutritioned and flexible persons are more pleasing as personalities for interaction; fitness drastically increases the motive to be productive and civil. A person who is regenerating cells (living) by adhering to anatomically correct discipline wants to earn, learn and succeed. People who are not doing activities which are appropriate and necessary for continuing the development of their own genetic value (those dying), normally don’t even consider a functioning future or a need to be useful for their own survival because their (the dying and decaying) typical scope goes only so far as trying to steal what someone else has earned (HIV or posthumous virus persuasion instead).



Explanation Of Terms


The only (one) disease is what can be called ‘Immune Dysfunction’...

Immune Dysfunction occurs when an individual does not adhere to the correct anatomical behavior pre-determined as necessary by (the result of evolution or survival of the fittest) the ‘species’ type and then, conception: when deviation is the consistent pattern of action (especially if by choice), cellular damage which leads to genetic mutation occurs and the being simply starts to decay or decompose. There are varying stages to death; usually, it starts with a failure to produce oneself (or what’s called ‘anti-bodies’) because of a “reassignment” of one’s self: the person “thinks” someone or something else like a god is responsible for behaving as the individual (rather than the individual having to perform). Or the person claims to “think” an ‘IT’ (space, a galaxy, planet or a whole solar system?) is an individual’s own self... Psychotic considerations!

Again, if one (a man or a woman, or even a child) is not adhering to the correct anatomical function of his or her own genetic value, one is then at some varying state of death or is dying: what happens is the failure to reproduce healthy, genetically stable cells (anti-bodies or one’s own DNA) and the person (s) essentially starts to melt down like a wicked witch of  ‘…OZ’. According to physical statistics or current data amassed: the public at large is suffering a lack of survival skill; if one looks only at an isolated estimation of just how poorly overall, it should start with the physical statistics amassed from local blood drives. During the last twenty (20) years, seventy-five to eighty (75-80%) percent of all the blood collected at San Diego County (for instance) has been so contaminated with bacteria it cannot be used by hospitals for blood transfusion.

This means either the blood drive facilities are extremely dirty and poorly kept (?) or at least one-half of the public is at a varied state of decomposition or is dying (when interviewed: almost anyone will say they think “aging” or growing old and dying is not just natural, they claim to think it’s a given at no fault of their own or that being diseased and dying cannot necessarily be avoided). Or lastly, the blood contamination problem could insinuate only people willing or wanting to donate blood are infected with ‘AIDS’ (bacterial invaders which can replicate or be viral due to a sustainable state of a ready host/hostess: it is normal or natural for some bacteria to be present internally only! when one is starting to decompose).

When considering this bloody evidence, it substantiates the fact of an overwhelmingly unhealthy and thus infected people populace: the current trend is to record just the cases where an individual has actually sought treatment for just the one symptom or only a condition of  Immune Dysfunction, ‘AIDS’ and those statistics are still said to be quite low. But those case recordings do not account for the endless stream of other symptoms many persons cause themselves by being Immune Dysfunctional.



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(‘Cancer’, ‘Thrombitis’, ‘Bursitis’; heart failure, liver failure, stroke. ‘Parkinson’s’, ‘Alzheimer’s’, etc., or a list of symptoms that run on and on.) There can arguments about this assertion: most “experts” of Immunology are so involved with long distance running and bike riding in place of actual exercise and then the supposed “thinking” about how they can “use” the hype and manipulated dread of the HIV (posthumous) identity to cause people to die… In other words: many of them are also more than unhealthy.

Persons start to die when they don’t behave, think, exercise, sleep and nutrition well enough to survive (maintain the genetic value) as a man or woman: they suffer an HIV infection after the fact of prolonged ill behavior because the misbehavior is what causes them to start to die or suffer atrophy (and not the other way around). HIV cannot ‘kill’ or even attack a healthy man or woman: this has actually been documented factually (and repeatedly) through physical exposure tests and (documented) one either infects one’s own self by being Immune Dysfunctional or one cannot be infected.

Improper or not anatomically correct activities (incorrect: sitting indoors all day and all week long only to engage a weekend of heavy weight training, and distance running on a treadmill…) contributes to the physical weakness or the atrophy which leads to decomposition and is (this failure) the disease, Immune Dysfunction. The result of those that are starting to decompose is an HIV infection and then an even worsened attitude. They become literally ‘Psychotic’ or they cannot exist the way they think, want and demand how living should be: they cannot interact with other persons without being aggressors. Again, this failing is motivated molecularly by a (then) virus that can only survive if they (the infected men and women) continue to die or persist at causing their own physical atrophy or demise.

People infected with HIV are mostly intolerable or criminally insane: their entire focus is on ways to rob, hurt, harm, murder or destroy a man or woman—not because of the victims—because it is the gross misbehavior that causes the infected person’s own life to continue to self-destruct while the virus thrives instead. It is as if the Immune Dysfunctional person has “chosen” (by anatomically incorrect behavior) HIV as his or her primary self. Or, in other words, the person unwittingly begins to replicate the HIV genetic value rather than the individual’s own by pursing either overt acts of hostile aggression (assaults: not to be confused with actual or real legitimate or without malice self-defense) towards a man or woman and what’s most typical, ‘Passive Aggressive’ consistency is (such as) a failure to perform work or career tasks and with no regard for the future or an ability to continue earning a living, just so long as the failure is esteemed at harming a man or woman (such as Iraqi suicide bombers). But the infected people (not the virus) must still be accountable (physically and legally suffer the consequence) for their own behavior (and there's no way to lie about it either…)



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Yet, if having not gone down the “dead end” way  for too long or on the chance there hasn’t been such bad behavior as to destroy that internal trusty ‘21’ (Twenty-One) (to be a man or woman) chromosomal genetic information one can only gain by being born or pre-conceived… Proper exercise, nutrition, sleep and relaxation along with rational “thought therapy” (what is anatomically correct cannot be labeled opinionated for dismissal, and neither can what is legal) can literally bring the wounded and wicked back to living peace or health.

Drug treatments (like surgeries which only address the symptoms) for those decomposing and experiencing the resulting bacterial mélange that does wrongly influence or interfere with the innate or natural ability to function productively—civilly—as men and women, cannot rectify the death dilemma: just anatomically proper exercise, and activities (like thinking) nutrition and rest (sleep, relaxation) can correct the problem. Once the problem is corrected by a consistent adherence to proper living, the symptoms can (it is possible) or could soon start to vanish or dissipate like nasty old clouds.

“Feelings! Nothing more than feelings…”

Think of how it feels when being really hungry after going far too long without food; even though (75%) seventy-five percent of Americans are estimated at being technically (a body fat exceeding 30% of the total body weight) obese, many of them are still causing malnutrition daily, and suffer extreme results like adult onset diabetes, or simply, gross irritation and attention deficit disorder on a sub-cognitive level (most persons do not consider—nor understand— really poor nutrition as the reason for their uncomfortable feelings and bad dispositions).

Think about how it feels at one (AM) of the early morning when being so very sleepy and yet someone is trying to talk to you for a life or love!? You cannot concentrate: here at the US alone there are an estimated twenty (20) million insomniacs; once more, to correct the problem—rather than drugs to mask or altercate the symptoms—first, a person must exercise and also nutrition at least somewhat properly by counting caloric intake of anatomically correct foods and figuring percentages of those food groups.

Even if there’s a bit of “junk food” (fish, shellfish, fowl): as long as one consumes a rational amount of fruit, vegetables, herbs, whole grains, eggs, nuts... After some mild walks and sprints, some range of motion active stretching and tensive flexing, sleeping sound naturally starts to happen almost as an unwitting benefit of better health: making healthy choices perpetuates a cycle of self-appreciation (living) rather than self-depreciation (dying).

‘Absolute Strength’ is the overall life-sustaining quality of an individual: it is not just the heaviest weight of which one’s body can lift at testing. Absolute Strength must be considered to include the ability to focus, learn or concentrate and the conditions of reasonable physical agility (coordination), flexibility and endurance.



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The ability to control or cause a comfortable heart rate (not laboring in excess of 120-140 beats per minute at any period of time longer than 20 minutes) when performing necessary daily activities or proper blood circulation and body fluid hydration is also a factor of Absolute Strength. Beyond the US Military’s current practice of requiring stress test runs (as at the Marine Corp: three miles, every six months) to qualify Absolute Strength: it is much more about maturity and a person’s ability to be responsible for one’s self or self-respectful sanity (self-control).

During high school, I determined to win ‘The Presidential Physical Fitness Award’ (twice): what was even harder than that testing for me then—a 15 mile walk—seems much easier now! And yet, what was impossible at that time (like writing a lengthy report about health and wellness and why to pursue Balletics) is what I can accomplish gracefully during spare time off from my own daily work and exercise training schedule.

In other words, chronological age is only a method of calculating or measuring what is real: physical development is real. Why? Or where did the notion that physical development (aging) means one has to cause atrophy, injury and a loss of physical ability... It (the idea) might have come from drinking too much filtered water.

To lose the innate (a determined genetic value of a man or woman) to ingest or easily drink fluid with natural occurring organic matter present would be a substantial loss of physical ability. A man or woman’s anatomy evolved from drinking fresh water loaded with organic particles out of lakes, streams, springs or later, water wells: after years of breathing only filtered (indoor and air-conditioned) air and just drinking “purified” water, the anatomy of a man or a woman would not be benefited—rather a decline of natural strength would occur—if the anatomy genetically altercated to only being able to tolerate such pre-treatments: a great many persons were told as children to always wear their best underwear in case of needing to go to the hospital for an accidental cause...

What if the bottled water man didn’t deliver or could not deliver because he died from drinking only purified water through an air filter mask?! As it is and always will be: what is anatomically correct is what’s been determined by the result of actual successful physical development (evolution) from necessity, rather than the whims of any one personality surpasses any and all invention. And this sane reality does not exclude the laws of the US or the evolution and history of the US Congress’s decision making. As a citizen of the USA, it must be demanded that all here still be allowed the extreme benefit of the hundreds of years worth of educated and valued—starting with the leadership of the Founding Fathers—US Congressional deliberations or lawmaking.



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The US Federal Law offers each one the freedom to pursue proper activities without having to first, worry an entire lifetime on trying to think through all the possible case results of every situation: thousands of skilled persons have already spent their time doing just that! And then the information or final, rationalized determinations were written down—not for only one alone to know—but for all to be offered precise and exacting plans for the actions of day to day living.   

Lately, there’s been a few of the Congressional members asking others to eliminate the historical benefit of a great number of legitimate decisions rendered by so many previous Congressional leaders; the suggestions to change nearly every law each time someone unqualified presents a query or wants to be criminal themselves is insane, and like dumb barbells, absolutely should not be tolerated.

The US is now at a time of declared war, a war against (nothing more than) Insurgency (a war against career criminality or an unknown, untold number of illegally trespassing ‘stateless’ criminal vagrants): the US citizenship cannot sustain (cannot manage to survive) a dysfunctional Congress making changes to US laws (on the pretense of illegal immigration reform or guest worker programs) in order to suit their own ill aspirations or sick “inspirations” towards a group of not identifiable Insurgent bums, who at the end of it all, would only render mass chaos and sordid death to all. For there to be a USA where citizens can live: there has to be an effort to support such a country (legal documentation, law enforcement).

There cannot be Illegal Immigration and “guest worker” programs (no real country at all) or Insurgents (Illegal Immigrants) being invited here by a few unhealthy governmental or military misleaders—who think they want to steal property and possessions by using the excuse of Insurgent gangs—to attack the American tax payers who ultimately will or would still have to perform any reasonable work tasks (and pay the taxes) for a government and military to exist. If being allowed the benefit of all the experience of those confronted with this same issue before (after hundreds of years fighting and failing): to be a country or not to be the USA… Illegal Immigration became illegal because it doesn’t work; borders were declared and defended to stop the rape and robbing of those skilled enough to reward governmental and military effort with the acceptance of law, order and taxation (after all delusion and discourse) as the best and most rational means for continuing existence.

Taxation is still the US Military’s only hope of regular payment or gaining any real wealth. No one’s life would improve if Insurgents (illegal immigrants and the criminally insane or Immune Dysfunctional—sick and dying—Americans who are urging their welcome here) managed to murder or at least, rob every American taxpayer.



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It is certain: if doing a physical assessment or performing stress tests on the few members of the Congress wanting to do nothing but change every law (or covertly assault every person here) rather than even trying to demand any actual law enforcement, it would be determined once more! According to what is and would be for yet another day, (current medical record), they are not even somewhat physically fit.

Again: blaming chronological aging as the culprit for failure is not realistic or healthy. Chronological age is just the system used for designating physical development: if one does all the wrong (not anatomically appropriate for surviving as a man or woman) for ten (10) years, the poor result is not as obvious as those that have misbehaved or failed to live properly for twenty (20) years. (The skin would wrinkle, muscles would be shriveled, the bones and joints would be frail: the hair would grey for a child if by the age of sixteen, the individual had only been sitting indoors, with no sun exposure—breathing filtered air and purified water—with no iron and electrolyte rich foods, and no proper survival activity or exercise; after ten years of anatomically inappropriate behavior, even a sixteen year old would suffer “old age”.)

To say (mandating chronological age as a means for exception from basic physical fitness) that suffering physical atrophy because of “aging” is natural, is to agree that all (any) physical development must be a failed effort or result in failure. Yet, if by chance or determination, one has managed to adhere to (mostly) anatomically correct activities for twenty (20) years: the physical strength or survival ability of that person (such as my self) would be greater than during an earlier stage of physical development.

Superior fitness is further asserted by objections to ‘Vaccination’ or ‘Immunization’ Programs. It is completely insane to consider that a person even can, could, should or will ever be able to know about billions of bacterial or viral genetic values (I’ve equated it to being like trying to count the number of roses in a solid all same rose patterned wallpaper on a rather large wall at the doctor’s office…): on the pretense of avoiding infection? One only can and has to know one’s self is one, rather than futilely trying to know all that one is not to avoid infection, beyond the prerequisite of simply living well (this means Vaccinations or Immunizations don’t “work”).

This practice—trying to ‘mainline’ no one really knows what in order for someone or something? to supposedly know about what can mutate genetically every other day—in order to live without suffering an infection: when only persons who are not living properly enough to sustain the genetic value of being a man or woman can become infected from the start? Vaccination or Immunization is insane: and it’s a huge waste of time, effort, and money. It causes the vulnerability of sad and sordid legal ramifications against the US and it promotes an unhealthy or infected (criminal) populace.



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One cannot become a “bacteria boat” (retain the information of whatever was injected) or a “virus vessel” in order to attempt health! Or to attempt the killing of (not quantified or possibly) endless numbers (these conditions are called AIDS or I call it ‘corpsism’) of bacteria or viruses whose lives may be important to balancing the ecological system of Earth… What is fact: an individual can only survive by anatomically correct performance and the knowledge of being just one identity, internally alone. Only corpses (or those fast on their way to being corpses) can have others “in their lives”: the “others” are not people.

The US Military cannot afford to promote the insanity of Vaccinations or trying to say that a person must learn what cannot be learned by dangerous injection: billions of other genetic identities in order to be a healthy? It’s not only incomprehensible, it’s criminal: there are thousands of educated health care professionals and scientists who now will only assert that it (Vaccination or Immunization) is criminally insane. As if to say, with so many other words: the men and women of the US Military aspire their own selves as so foolish and hateful to think they can trick other people to death or decay (like how a person thinks he or she is capable of causing a heart attack, yet a heartbreaker drops dead too—most likely first—regardless of whom else might or might not have suffered such influence).

The US Military must realize that the few American taxpayers cannot support an entire population of disabled, diseased, criminal and criminally addressed people, and the rest of the ‘world’ will not or cannot support all of them and the US Military already. This means—besides money does not grow on trees—the availability and production of natural resource rendered by a few is impossible to offer as reward for billions of non-productive, criminal and grieving persons: it’s not physically possible to handle just the task of it alone! Nor can the legitimate US citizenship be commanded to afford the burden of offering reward to all the children and adults who might claim infection (which is just a crazy as Vaccinations) due to the US Military’s Immunization programs across the planet. And continuing to do this wrong in order to escape repercussion will not lessen the repercussions.

The health care concerns of the ‘Illegal Immigrants’… Every day that an Illegal Immigrant enters this country—at borders the US Military has (either purposely or by lack of finesse) failed to protect well enough to defend the US territory and citizenship—it is at the expense of the US Military employees too (the increased cost of food, shelter, clothes, cars, medical care, electricity, and water due to this theft is only compounded by the result or insult of lessened available financial support for the US Military, and the more unstable ability to enjoy a home here without the constant threat of or need for physical fighting). Illegal Immigrants from the start—one foot over the borderline—can do nothing but steal and aggress here: and regardless of what else they might even know to do. Laws to accommodate such criminal trespass won’t solve or suit the dilemma.



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Transferring the responsibility of border enforcement (changing the laws regarding Illegal Immigration is a war crime itself, and not only because this is a time of declared war) to “local authorities” (Insurgents or career criminals) won’t bring back a work day consisting of something actually productive, rather than most people here trying to loot the looters for less than a dime a day or a cardboard box for a night of uneasy rest: it won’t bring back the system which allows for the US Military to thrive on what can now always be a possible, endless stream (the US system of taxation) of legitimately earned revenue.

Wanting and understanding the need to enforce and maintain a border for the effort of being a productive or real country is Immune Responsive: the reason for border law enforcement is to protect the ability to live without mass chaos or vast warring amongst people, whether they be ‘native’ to a region or migrating; there is a border so that people can live here to support civility—law and order—rather than simply being nomads wandering daily for the search and fight for natural resource or for food, shelter, and water. To combat Insurgency or Illegal Immigration, the US Military and US Citizenship cannot be asked, allowed, coerced to become just like Illegal Immigrants or stateless vagrants in order to survive: it doesn’t work.

As it has been recently, ‘stateless’ or Insurgent terrorists have been allowed to enter here solely for the purpose of robbing affluent Americans because criminal Americans have thought they could steal whatever they (the Insurgents or Illegal Immigrants) stole, or to use the ‘illegal immigrant’ identity as an excuse to rob, loot or murder themselves.

At the State of California (for instance): if seventy-five percent (75%) of the people here claim ‘Illegal Immigrant’ status (this is with reference to the recent protests and demonstrations on US streets by criminal Americans who declare their erroneous persuasions as an exhibition of freedom), that leaves only twenty-five percent (25%) of the population here to produce all the goods and services everyone else would be wasting, day after day, by trying to steal; or with other words, the territory (the real property) would be lost to crime and decay completely. Eventually, no one (not even the bums or those with no wealth and survival ability) could live here, at the expense of the entire planet’s populace and the end of the USA.

‘…with armed force...’ is the current legal standing for border enforcement of those trying to enter the USA illegally and I say stop Illegal Immigration: if not for ancestors who did, there would be no USA. Because trying to stop Insurgency is sane, rational or Immune Responsive and it is the only legal (and decent) recourse to at least slow (if not stop) the possible billions who might try Illegal Immigration or Insurgency too, lest they are punished for the effort. And with real law enforcement at the borders comes the benefit of those here already having to realize the standards (the laws) of the USA will be the rule, not the criminal insanity of Insurgency.



Explanation Of Terms, Page Nine


Wanting to protect oneself for the purpose of continued healthy living is the primary motivation of an Immune Responsive person: preparing one’s life to function properly according to what is determined by millions of years of evolution—not the notions or whims of any one individual, but to what actually evolved (survived) as a skill or ability necessary for prospering or living—is defending one’s self (self-defense) and it’s usually fairly simple. The ‘golden rule’ should simply be there will always be a ‘tomorrow’. And the happenings or activity schedule for any and every tomorrow is only going to be as well as it was planned, as well as those plans were executed or as good as it’s “made to be”.

It always has to be legal and about promoting health by proper training (anatomically correct) for living: the resulting ability of a fit person is being able to stop someone else from doing irrecoverable damage to one’s own self when necessary. Self-defense is not about being an aggressor or being criminal, and in fact, criminal behavior is always counter-productive to what has to be the ultimate goal: living well without suffering atrophy or catastrophe which could result death or a disability leading to a more miserable death.

Competence means the self-perpetuation of fitness for living, or self-defense; any one becomes Incompetent at the time actions are committed solely for the purpose of trying to harm (murder, rob, or gain undue profit though ‘trickery’ or fraudulent behavior). “One either kills one’s own self by being Immune Dysfunctional, or one cannot be killed.”

I’ve said this a vast number of times and it is reasonable: I’ve survived numerous physical assaults (actual face to face gun assaults: strange, crazed people threatening me with a gun) of every sort and I’ve managed to remain healthy through the course of it because of competence; I focus on needing to stop an aggressor from harming me, rather than ever being like a criminal aggressor.

Incompetence? Many border patrol employees are being bated then essentially robbed of their past earnings or salaries by other Americans intent on self-destructive behavior through the farce that is called ‘Illegal Immigration’. Strange, unknown and in many situations, armed undocumented people are swarming onto US Territory daily: because many here are behaving incompetently (intent on harming other Americans and Illegal Immigrants) rather than being sane and self-defensive and this is another reason the circumstances have been allowed. With other words: the US Military is being robbed or assaulted here too (also) just as sure as if it were a demand face to face, for the money, the life, the liberty… Yet, living here cannot be enjoyed without a strong US Military. And I would like to further remind or reprimand! During the lifetime of any of those who might read this, there has been the reliance, security and benefit of a competent US Military: no one lives here without the history of Americans who were willing to righteously defend this territory. If the US Military continues to fail or flail at defending the USA here at home? There will be no other comfortable place (s) to go.





POSITIONS: standing ‘FIRST’ foot and arm position is with the feet straight ahead of the pelvis or abdomen, and the arms stretched (chest high) straight out to the front of the chest (hopefully, well above one’s stomach...) up and away from the stomach.

‘SECOND’ position is standing with the (knees going the same directions as the feet or pointing directly over the toes) feet turned out away from the center of the pelvis or pointing (slanted) out to the sides (together, both legs) of the body; the arms are held to the sides (like a ‘T’ to) right below the shoulders (deltoids).    There are three (3) more feet and arm positions: Third, Fourth and Fifth.

For all practical beginner level activity, the first and second position for the feet and arms will be sufficient or safe; the exception is a ‘FIFTH’ position arm movement and a ‘FOURTH’ position posture (for successful lunging with a weapon): Fifth position for the arms is held straight above the head or over the shoulders to the top of the head together (as if the biceps were raised to nearly cover the ears).  

A Fourth position for the legs is when one foot is placed at least twelve—12—inches forward from the center of the body, slightly turned outward as when doing a Second foot position, while the other foot is directly under one’s torso (as if standing straight on one leg), but with the back foot also turned out to a slight Second… The Fourth position enables successful balance for pivoting while lunging (proper lunging is a necessary agility skill for handling weapons). During Fourth position, one arm is held chest high directly to the front of the torso (like a First position arm lift yet with one arm forward only), while the other arm is held high to the top or over the head (like a Fifth position arm posture, except with one arm). A video demonstration of all positions is included.





1. Stand at Second Position and do slight knee bends (demi—shallow—plie). Repeat this (demi-plies) at First Position for ten (10) repetitions.

2. Stand at Second Position and methodically raise up onto the front of the feet (lifting the heels of both feet together off the floor: up and down “calf raises” or releve). Repeat this (releve) at First Position for ten (10) repetitions.

3. Standing at First Position, bring one knee (bent) up to waist, then change to the other leg (standing still: no bouncing or prancing).

4. With stabilization (a Barre, a hand on a wall, counter or tabletop), grasp an ankle and stretch the bottom of a foot towards the buttocks (standing quadriceps stretch); by holding onto the ankle while lifting (bent knee) the leg up to the backside. Alternate legs but remain at First Position.



Exercises, Page Two (Active Stretch Continued)


5. Bring arms up high over the head (Fifth Position arms to the top of the head) and stretch: then with knees very slightly (not a plie, but with “give” or not locked knees) bent, lower the arms while bending over from the waist to try touching the hands to the floor; repetitively stretch up and down, until the floor can be touched easily or after ten (10) repetitions.

6. While standing at First or Second Position, circle the arms through the widest range possible: Arm Circles to the front of the body, above the head, and down towards the back to around the sides; after at least five full circles, drop the chin to the (base of the neck) chest—rotate chin towards each shoulder—lift chin and rotate side to side (point chin from one shoulder to another with the head not looking down while avoiding hyper-extension or not tilting the head to the rear or backwards).

7. After performing the six (6) Active Stretch exercises described, an individual should be flexible enough to attempt lunging and pivoting practice. Stand with feet at Fourth Position, with the right leg leading (ahead of oneself) first, then alternate to the left leg extended forward after completing a series of demi-plies (shallow knee bends): ‘lunge’ down and straighten without “falling out” or changing the feet from Fourth Position.

8. Pivot* outward—off to the back side of the foot which is underneath the torso—while staying at the Fourth Position; the knees should be “loose” or bent somewhat and the leading leg must be alternated for more repetitions to practice each series of pivots (or to perform the back turn from both sides of the torso).

*This (8) exercise requires a vast bit of concentration to become proficient: pivoting involves the development of coordination, and demands one’s attention; it will most likely seem “hard” at first, but after practice, it will (inevitably) feel more ‘natural’. It (pivoting practice) encourages better—more self-control—balance and movement skill (or grace). To transition—move gracefully without stumble—to Fourth position leg stance, learning what is called the ‘THIRD’ position could be helpful but it is not necessary: for a Third position leg placement, one foot is under the torso (standing) at a Second position, while the other foot is touching with the back of the heel to the opposite—also slightly turned out to Second position—foot’s inner side. The arm placement for a Third position is like a raised letter ‘L’: one arm above the head as if doing a one-armed Fifth position, with the other held out to the Second position or side (FIFTH position—unnecessary—for the legs is standing straight with the feet under the torso—toes to heels, or heels to toes—touching together, paralleled...)



Exercises, Page Three


The BARRE and BOXING: the ‘core’ of BALLETICS

After ankle weighting both legs (**), begin with series of standing kicks while stabilizing one’s balance with a Barre or at wall, counter or tabletop for a hand of support. (Even if the kicks can only be accomplished with a ground clearance of twelve—12 inches—that is still more beneficial than no kicks at all...)

Traditional Ballet calls it legs “around in air”. Some physical therapists are now calling it The Star: standing full range of motion kicks that can be performed at a very low or high level; even the lowest level of kick height is sufficient for strengthening (building muscular endurance and flexibility while producing healthy ligaments, cartilage and tendons, better hydration, blood circulation, and balance) the entire person.

(Who or what’s that five point?) STAR at The Barre (***)

1. With one arm extended to a barre (wall, table top, or counter top): stand at First position and kick the outer (the leg furthest away from the support device) leg at an angle towards the opposite stationary leg for at least ten (10) repetitions at a “comfortable” height. With the same leg, kick straight forward from the hip at a reasonable or easily accomplished height; turn the leg to kick outward to the side (the toes can be pointing out to the side or to the front of the body: it is recommended to do half (5) with toes pointed to the front, and half (5) with toes pointed to the side). At this point, thirty (30) kicks: begin ten (10) more kicks by heading directly (straight) behind the buttocks, and the last series of ten (10) kicks at an angle towards the opposite standing leg. Do fifty (50) kicks and then change legs for a total one hundred (100) kicks (*). 

*The shoulders must be held back and the stomach tightened (or suck it in), while the necessary slight bend or “give” (not locked or not totally tightened) to the knees will force a comfortable derrière: one does not have to kick straight-legged (as if to dance) for this modified Barre (or for Balletics); the toes can be pointed down (arched) or up (with a flexed foot).

**It is most comfortable and safe to “wrap” the ankle weight with either a thick, long athletic cotton sock (pull the socks all the way up to the longest stretched length—place and secure the ankle weights—then fold the top portions of the socks down over the ankle weights); LEGWARMERS are recommended for stressed or combative areas: the legwarmers are secure body “ties” for hand weights (to dangle, ready to go…)

***If an injury is causing apprehension for this task, or if there has been recent surgical experience, the Star can be easily performed underwater (‘Special Considerations’).



Exercises, Page Four


ADVANCED STAR: is almost exact to the STAR described on ‘Exercises, Page Three’ but includes the advancement of UPPER BODY motion, leg extensions and leg holds (with a Martial Arts discipline, the defender is required to perform one kick to high air, then desist or lower the leg for a change to an alternating position). Balletics is to practice balance, flexibility, proper fluid circulation and muscular endurance: besides this work for improved health, the benefit of doing Balletics well is a kick or arm punch can be performed—held—and additional strikes can be completed against an attacker without suffering the vulnerability (as with Martial Arts) of too many movements to protect oneself from a threat.

LEG HOLDS and LEG EXTENSIONS while doing the ADVANCED STAR are performed at the exact same posturing as the STAR, but once ten (10) repetitions of kicks are finished, the leg is held mid-air (or at the most competent—where one is most controlled—level), for a set of bent knee extension kicks (almost like arm punches): stand with the leg held straight off and up from the ground (to after all include each angle of the Star), then bend the knee to kick straight out without moving the leg up or down from the hip. And again, (10 times) as if to “flutter”…

A progression of ten (10) leg holds and leg extensions at every angle is an optimal number of repetitions: one should only feel the “need for speed” after a great many hours of practice; this is to be work at a moderate rate of speed until an individual has developed the stamina necessary for quicker execution. The Advanced Star also incorporates UPPER BODY movements through the same (exact) range of motions as the leg portions described: all done with the feet standing at First position. With the back straight—stomach tightened, head held high—instead of the legs: the ARMS are worked through the STAR procedure or range of motion. (While at First position, using a barre, wall, counter top or table top and one hand on it for support, stretch the arms to each angle already prescribed, ‘Exercises, Page Three’).

At the point where hand weights can be added to the Advanced Star program (after about a month of training at least thirty (30) minutes, two (2) days per week): the Advanced Star can be done without a barre or without one hand bolstered by a support apparatus, but the height level of kicks might have to be lowered to accommodate this new freedom. (The hand weights essentially replace the barre and actually offer balance support.)


BOXING for life…



Exercises, Page Five


“How do you know when it’s (love)…” Boxing?  WHEN WORKING WITHOUT A BARRE—TO MAINTAIN POSTURE or BALANCE—WHILE DOING KICKS AND HOLDING the hand weights, the HAND WEIGHTS MUST BE HELD or continually repositioned AT (slightly away from or forward at the front and sides) THE FRONT OF THE FACE AND CHEST: not only for protection of an individual’s own self, but for the weighted stability it offers.

The basic ‘Star’ training (range of motion) remains the same while hand weighted, it’s just more difficult (Advanced Star) and without the Barre for support, it starts to feel like BOXING: controlled, methodical kicking and punching or BALLETICS.

The hand and ankle weights do not need to be heavy to be effective: a favorite weight is three to five pounds. At this light but effective weight (3-5 lbs) both the hand and ankle weights can be with a person at anytime. And after training, the ankle weights can be stashed to a backpack and the hand weights can be tied onto a waist belt (to dangle) with the leg warmers: this frees the hands for other chores, yet enables a quick grab and a full thrust or punch without needing adjustment. Again, the leg warmers used to secure the ankle weights stretch but cannot be broken, torn, or ripped off from a belt by an attacker, nor can an attacker maneuver the hand weights against the wearer unless “the dangler” is already down: tied on or hand held, the hand weights are still most effective as a violence deterrent.

To explain the difference between boxing as a performance art and boxing as a means of promoting physical fitness (stopping atrophy) and the resulting self-defense ability: when boxing to live, one doesn’t waste a great bit of time—not on an attacker, not while training—a bit of boxing goes a long way to promote livelihood. A solid, but easily executed (it doesn’t take a great force) hand weighted punch to an attacker’s temple and another not even fierce strike to the trachea or windpipe (throat, “Adam’s Apple”, front of the neck) and the defender (US Military active enlisted) could—most likely, at any and all times: this after a Star kick to the knee of the attacker to knock him or her down to the ground or a tuck jump first to avoid such a strike personally—then, fairly be done. Shocking?!

(What’s “shocking” is hideous, diseased, worthless thieving people being allowed to come onto US Territory criminally (by illegal trespass or illegal immigration) for the purpose of doing nothing but attack the USA. The US Military during the past could not afford to tolerate such abuse here: it cannot be afforded now. There’s not a person that’s lived here (the USA) without the shots (gunfire) that ancestors delivered first: to enable the right or ability to live here. But now, Insurgents are at nearly every US neighborhood. Balletics is a subtle discipline necessary for what’s become even more problematic: staying alive or living at the USA.)



Exercises, Page Six



After a complete twenty-thirty (20-30) minute session of (beginner level) Star or (after one to two (1-2) months) Advanced Star, it is highly beneficial—at that stage of activity—to do some mini-trampoline running, weighted (advanced) or without weights (beginner): or it (the mini-trampoline exercise and run) can be done by itself, on a “off” day from the Barre (if this later suggestion is the choice, remember to Active Stretch for a minimum of five (5) minutes prior to starting the mini-trampoline work).

1. While running and holding the hand weights (or without weights) at the front of the chest, raise the arms to a Fifth position (over the head as if the biceps are there to cover the ears), and then lower back to the chest (beginner level).

2.   Raise both weighted arms bent with the weights to almost touch at the deltoids (deltoids are at the outer area of the very top of the arms) and straighten one arm at an angle over the top of the head, while lowering the bottom end of the other weight (as if to do a side bend) but without allowing the weight to drop from the outer edge of the deltoid during the bend or side stretch. Alternate the arm stretching above the head, and the bent arm stretching to the waist (oblique) or side while still holding the bent arm’s weight at the deltoid: this is looks like fast one-armed high punches with a side bend while running. Beyond simple preventing “love handles”, it is excellent conditioning for the entire body. If a focus on the buttocks and hip flexors is desired, an individual secures the ankle weights (as previously described) to run and lift a (one at a time) running knee up high to the backside (while the other foot is on the mini-trampoline) when—at the same time—flexing one arm up to stretch or punch out (advanced level: this does require some real coordination skill; please! view the video).

3.   Hold the hand weights straight down to each side of the hip while running and raising the weights slowly up on each side (through Second to Fifth arm positions) until the arms are above the head and the weights can touch over the top of the head; lower the weights to the sides of the hip by following the exact range of motion up to get back down.

4.   Bicep “curl” and run at the same time: bend the weighted arms by bringing the hands from a held position at the top frontal area of the thighs—up to the chest—then down to the top of the thighs.

5.   Triceps “flex” and run at the same time: hold the weighted arms at each side of the waist to extend the (bending arms) hands out to the side mid-air (or Second arm position), then back to the waist, repetitively.



Exercises, Page Seven


It is recommended to get off the mini-trampoline to do ‘push-ups’ only to return to it for an additional set (seven—7 or 8—eight minutes at a time) of sprinting and mini-trampoline exercises. Push-ups can be done standing while using a wall (instead of the floor) as support or with bent knees on the floor (what’s typically called “girl” push-ups): the preference (is) should be full on “men” push-ups. TUCK JUMPS:  once back onto the tarp, lift both knees up to the stomach while the arms are extended forward from the chest to First position and back for repetitions.              



TENSIVE STRETCH: after the party is over…


1. Stand at First position, bend at the back and the knees a bit or a great sum until the hands can comfortably touch the floor: after a thirty (30) second “hang”, slowly try to straighten the knees (until the legs are almost completely stretched: with only a slight “give” at the knees, or without “locking” the knees) without removing the hands from the floor; hold this extended down position for thirty (30) more seconds (or twenty, ten: 20, 10).

2. Sit down onto the floor with legs extended straight out (forward) from the hips: bend one leg and raise the foot of the bent leg to the surface (floor) outside of the knee on the opposite (still straight) extended leg; try to hold the torso (back and shoulders) as straight up or high as possible… Pressure the outside area of the bent knee with the opposing side’s hand (if the left leg is bent, it’s the right hand over onto the left knee; or vice versa) and turn slowly at the waist (try to keep the buttocks flat to the floor) to extend (straighten) the arm of the leg that is bent to behind (to the backside of) the bent leg. After a ten, twenty or thirty (10, 20 or 30) second hold, change the position to incorporate the exact stretch for the opposite area of the lumbar (repeat: or change sides). If this seems not possible: sit on a chair and perform the stretch with both knees bent at the edge of the chair (while sitting) with the same grasp, turn and arm extension motions described for how to on the floor.

3. While seated on the floor, extend both legs out to the front of the body, and lean forward to grasp the toes up towards the knees, while bending over at the lower back—shoulders straight, head held high—out to the feet: hold the toes flexed “up” and then point—stretch—the toes to lengthen (try to level the feet) and hold the point for a moment. (As with Number Two (2) if needing a chair: sit with both legs extended (not bent) off the top edge of the seat, bend as far over from the waist towards the feet as is comfortable and flex—hold—point). 



Exercises, Page Eight (Tensive Stretch Continued)


4. At the same position (sitting on the floor or on a chair) or posture as Number Three, (3) bring the inner side of one foot (while bending the knee yet remaining straight through the back) to the inner knee of the opposite leg; hold this for a moment, and alternate legs.

5. If sitting on the floor to complete Three (3) and (now) Four (4), bring the bottoms of both feet together and hold the knees bent outward to each side for a moment; if needing a more intense stretch, lay both elbows on to the top of each bent knee and slightly lean over and press while holding the knees down.  (It is not recommended to do this stretch if sitting on a chair: omit this exercise if a chair is necessary to perform #3 or #4).

6.   Repeat Number One (1): Page Seven, explained above “Stand at First…”

7. Once Number One (1) is repeated, again, stand at First position and raise the arms to Fifth position: with one hand, grab the elbow of the highly held opposite arm, to gently pull the secured arm’s elbow to behind the neck (while both arms remain above the head but are bending) to hold for a moment; alternate the arms or elbow grabbing holds.

8.   At a standing First position, grasp both hands behind the buttocks (hold the hands together) and stretch the arms and clasped hands up towards the lower back, and hold for ten, twenty or thirty (10, 20 or 30) seconds.

9. Standing at a full (straight up) First position, drop the chin to the chest (at the base of the neck) and hold for a moment; rotate the chin slowly across (over or as close as can be got to it) the chest (base of the neck) area with a slow, half-circle forward or down movement; bring the chin up to straight ahead (face forward) and move the chin from side to side (or over one shoulder and then the other): hold the posturing at each side of the neck for a moment. Purposely try to avoid hyper-extending (leaning or tilting the head backwards—to the back—at all times) the neck.

More intense Tensive Stretch can be performed with a barre support (again, a counter or table top can suffice) but it’s not necessary: a leg hefted (to at least waist high or) over head high onto a firm surface then straightened (the leg) to an extreme stretch can be an option but it is not recommended, nor is traditional ‘Yoga’. Too much stretching (especially for men: women develop a genetic disposition to be more flexible due to the ability of pregnancy) or improper range of motion stretching—prolonging abnormal contortion of the skeletal system—can do harm: no “tu tu”…



Exercises, Page Nine



Running flights of stairs at least two or three (2-3) days of the week, or doing steps (using a slightly elevated, firm or sturdy surface to “step” on and off for repetitions) can be done on the same days as the Barre, or on “off” days, just as with the mini-trampoline. It is best to walk and stretch lightly before stair running or stepping: a minimum of a five (5) minute Active Stretch is necessary ahead of the activity. If the intent is to exceed ten (10) minutes of stair running or stepping, it is essential to—about a half of the way through the repetitions—stop for a few moments of a Active (or light Tensive) Stretch, then resume the activity, remembering to do some Tensive Stretch at completion.

Twenty (20) minutes of stair running or stepping (at any one time) is advanced or better than adequate.




Walking everyday is necessary for survival: men and women have to walk everyday or they start to suffer physical atrophy. Sprinting can be somewhat optional on a daily basis, especially if an individual is suffering from injury: idealistically, one should always aspire to maintain the strength or ability needed for a sprint, as it (sprinting) is also a successful survival tactic or skill. The consistency is most important or much more vital than the length of the walk, sprint and walk again: light Active Stretch—a half mile walk, a one-quarter mile sprint (or a series of ‘stepping’ or stair running) and a one-quarter mile walk ‘cool down’ plus a five (5) minute Tensive Stretch—is a wonderful beginning for several (if not every day) days of each week. Longer walks on a few days of the week will enhance an individual’s overall anatomical correctness and relaxation level. A walk of three to fifteen (3-15) miles allows for optimal blood and fluid circulation, rapid cellular regeneration (faster internal cleansing of cells becoming or that have become ‘neutronic’ or dead) while a repetitive (consistent) performance of it (long walks) affords a person great stamina, maximally healthy organs, bones, tissue and reparative response. A few minutes of Active Stretch at the halfway point, and then Tensive Stretch at conclusion is the right procedure for a luxurious walk.




The cavemen or primitive people were afforded no choice: just fishing was an icy bath during most of any year, year after year; evolution has determined (not a person, not an opinion) the ability to enjoy a very cold bath—ice bed, snow, icy pack—is mandatory for survival; even a simple drink of water required ancestors take a quick, and sometimes, near freezing cold plunge. If one does not “indulge” the ice, the joints begin to hurt from swollen muscles: overall fatigue occurs. The most favorable results from icy treatment  (as a therapy) is heat—stretch—then apply the ice not to exceed more than five (5) minutes of application or (ice bath without protection) submersion at any one time.

At the end of every hot bath (now illegal due to the state of emergency declared drought) turn back to a very cold realization: a chilling necessity (a really cold rinse) before considering a modern day.



Special Considerations

BALLETICS can be easily accomplished while at a swimming pool, SUBMERGED: as can stepping, or ‘water walking—sprinting—and more water walking’, with the addition of actual swimming or stroking through water for upper body exercise (with or without weights) while standing at a First, Second, Third, or Fourth (but not Fifth: there’s no reason for this to be practiced unless the intention is to dance) leg position. Doing Balletics while submerged is an excellent choice for those who are suffering injury or who have experienced recent surgery to correct a symptom of dysfunction. Balletics is still highly beneficial (vital) if done without being ‘weighted’ at or out of water.

Mini-Trampoline work and stair running should not be performed (at any point of development) if a person has a legitimate complaint with safely accomplishing these activities: there has to be an application of sensibility beyond what can be communicated through report. It’s always prudent to do a fitness analysis prior to the prescription of any exercise, and at various stages of post-fitness activity (stress tests). After a few months of Balletics training (if more comfortable, while submerged), almost any person can then try a minimal amount of stair running (or climbing) and reduced mini-trampoline work.

Balletics enables the injured to heal without the ‘scar tissue’ (without malformation of the joint cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle and bone) that can later inhibit or prevent proper range of motion: it is a much better training than the ‘Elliptical’ (the spelling cannot be qualified) machine. The machine of reference encourages work at a rather unnatural movement (as if an individual were only going to be skiing). An injury would heal much faster, with far less long term limitation if Balletics were employed rather than the Elliptical or biking machines, especially for leg (knees), hip and back disorders. Bikes and Elypticals have been utilized for sustaining a (bad) high escalation of an exercising heart rate and with no regard to how the person needs to heal for living functionality.

Balletics is about learning grace: finesse. It is training from within—straight forward, foundationally—or it addresses the core of one’s being first, and thus results a truly fit person. Daily training to maximize ability does not mean trying to function at the maximum level of ability all the time: as with stretching, a person shouldn’t try to work to exhaustion. Lighthearted—everyday, day after day, consistently—after a brief bit of time… A ‘light’ amount of what’s been comfortably accomplished is seemingly, as if suddenly, a huge gain of overall (Absolute) physical strength; without injury or disparagement.

“One either kills one’s own self by being dysfunctional or one cannot be killed.”  To clarify the validity of this issue: are you bright enough to “tuck jump” before an attacker kicks your feet out from under you, at the very moment you deliver a double-fisted punch to the aggressor’s face? Did you grow your head dense enough to suffer almost any blow: or are you flexible? enough to duck and recover so fast! even a speeding bullet passes you by...



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