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California DROUGHT...


When toilets and showers were invented, the entire US population didnt exceed -30- million: the estimate now is three hundred -300- million. When the State of CA declared toilets and showers into the CA building code, the entire statewide (CA) population was about -3- million; current calculations now declare -55- million.


Modern toilets were 1st invented 15961911; after 1997, US toilets were required to utilize only -1.3- gallons (or less) of water per flush. The 1stknown patent for showers (England): 1767; to describe this debacle, Modern isnt appropriate... An average ten minute shower requires -60- gallons of water.


Since those Modern times, the natural (then) untouched water reservewhat took millions of years to accumulatediminished. It was always psychotic to deliberate the use of -3- gallons of freshwater to wash away a (1) cup of urine: and now it is not feasible for the sanitation needs of the mass population. Daily showering is the second worst thing2nd only to bulimiafor the skin, scalp, lung and eye tissue. Chlorinated fluoridated hard (magnesium and calcium silted) water deposits topical debris into the hair follicles/skin pores/lung and eye tissue which prevents proper respiration (and/or perspiration).


Daily hardchlorinated/fluoridatedwater showers contribute to hair loss (balding), skin wrinkling (lost luster), lung distress (colds/flues), conjunctivas discomfort (eye to eyeball badness), etc. If considering the motives expressed by persistent water (self-showering) abusive persons do it, this/that is not the worst of it.


Water Purification By Osmosis Go LiPersonal Care Expertise Go Link image


The number #1 Y?! reason: typically, they were brain washed before their own manifestation of dysfunctional (incompetent, irrational, destructive) body showering and by persons who were already suffering distress from that same gross misbehavior learned at an earlier time: brain-washed by psychotic people down the drain(already) because of an inheritance from a long deceased (deader than dead) decades device.


#2 Y: Sub-cognitive ambitions fueled by CARDIOVASCULAR DAMAGE; people who have caused (or are still causing) their own capillaries (internal feeding tubes) to clog (obstruct: usually by bulimic food choices) think it is acceptable to waste water and despite being a danger to themselves or a danger to others. No matter how much water they consume, they are dehydrated due to inadequate blood circulation.


#3 Y: Viral posthumous (HIV bacteria) induced (molecular) psychosis (and/or criminal insanity): civil retardation is purposeful abuse of natural water resources for hopes of committing mass murder by promoting a water war.


[My water use is (now) about (3-4) three-four gallons per ‘work’ day or just (1) one gallon a day when I’m off... I do not use a toilet; I do not shower. I bathe balletic or beach (BaBe). I hand wash the laundry; I buy distilled water to bath/tea/cook: my personage or health is only fantastic for not being water abusive...TYF]


TOO HARSH?! A previous San Devilo (CA) mayor (an allegedly and suddenly Susan Golding) demanded the use of fresh water for toilet flushing and to reclaim that toilet water for public consumption: the toilet to tap plan was to use the reclaimed sewer water for cooking/drinking/bathing/cleaning (clothes, dishes, etc.) after the fresh water supply flushed toilets. Construction of such a facility was declared approved and deliberated: they still dont realize why theyre a danger to themselves and a danger to others...


The San Diego City Council and/or Mayors Office seemingly fails to either recognize the reality of CA emergency statewide drought or is ignoring the reality of the droughted situation: a bowery bum who cant realize the bottle is empty and theres nothing left. [Dire Straits: music quote.]       


Nowas if the water war (malicious mass water abuse) or DROUGHT werent so direa sane suggestion of the fresh water supply for consumption—drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaningand the use of reclaimed water for toilet flushing is just too late.

CA Drought 

...A clean well-folded bath towel can safely block the bottom of a toilet to prevent (disable) access: a portable bowl/basin (this goes back to how mommy potty-trained) easily manages containment of liquid excretion (pot to piss in) for pouring down a sink and it can also be lined with a sanitary dry bag for solid waste relief and removal. 1-2 cups of reclaimed water to rinse the sink and sanitary spray (such as a 16 oz linen spray ¼ cup isopropyl alcohol mix) for the portable basin is safer, sanitarymuch more sanitary than contaminating fresh water with body excretionsane and it promotes comfort until 1-2 cups (only) of boiling water can be applied to sterilize the sink. If only -30- million persons opted for this method daily, about -100- million gallons of water would still be fresh each day.


Persons claiming no control (of the discharges #1 & #2: bovine-itis or other disability): if its all you can do... Many adults already wear diapers; another choice is loosely go in your pants because the natural fresh water supply cannot and will not ever support the malicious insane abuse and demand for natural water supply. (An example: -200- of -365- days on Vancouver Island are rainy, yet they all chronically cause state of emergency drought.) At most areas of the USA: the natural fresh water reserves are depleted to near extinction. Approximately 34 billion persons at the Western Hemisphere of Earth only cause drought and death due to their own (psychotic) deficient intellectual (mental is physical) ability. If a person managed to murder all of them: the person would still get no tap water, no shower and no toilet.


Dry Brushes Board


DRY BRUSH (OR BUFFING CLOTH) BATHING requires NO WATER: its extremely easy and fast; its an excellent method of exfoliation. After applying body butter or lotion, use a dry brush or cloth to remove debris (dead skin and dirt). The lotion motion (rhymes with ocean) invigorates the skin by improving blood circulation in addition to properly cleansing the skin. A brush (or buffing cloth) coarseness should be selected by an assessment of skin sensitivity. To avoid the risk of any topical irritation, following the buff with (anti-inflammatory) vinegar applied to a fresh (clean) cloth is a soothing, antiseptic, deodorizing finish to a dry bath: enjoy!?


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