‘The Origins of SOAP’



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Opening Scene


Shadow Of The Rabbit


A woman is standing on a leaf littered clearing leading to a canyon high above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean; a small forest of trees is behind her. The view is vast and primitive with no obvious built structures. Bright morning sunshine is beginning to twinkle through the trees to cast shadows on ground moist with early dew. She is not fascinated by her own shadow: she is focused on the silhouette of a small rabbit…


She turns quickly to look behind her to where the rabbit lingers at the edge of the forestation leading to a hidden interior area encased by vibrant and natural wilderness. There is a noticeable dirt trail but the rabbit hops into a tangle of thick brush and bush surrounded by trees. She begins stepping slowly towards a place where the rabbit was last seen. In a low soft voice she starts to sing. “If you go chasing rabbits… When the men on the chess board get up and tell you where to go. And you just ate some kind of mushroom and your mind is in a roar. Ask Alice, I think she’ll know… When logic and proportion have fallen through the floor, call Alice…”  The lyrics are scattered but she holds the tune consistently by humming in between what she can’t remember or doesn’t know.


[The scene fades out to an auditorium like classroom.]





Scene One


[The setting is a college classroom of no great distinction; long basic tables with conference type chairs graduate up—at slight elevation of one row on top of another—from the front area of the classroom floor. An energetic woman is facing the students above and beyond the classroom’s bottom; she begins speaking to the seated crowd she is facing.]


Haliwt: “For those of you who missed Tuesday’s class, my name is HALIWT GREBERF; for proper addressment, please, you will say ‘Ms. Haliwt’. I am supervising this class and directing class assignments until a willing return of the absent Dr. Da Chen. When?! It is understandable how inappropriate it would be for University to drag Dr. Da Chen straight-jacketed back to his professorial duties. So?”


[Class Students: A few of the students glance towards others as throats are cleared with polite noises; none speak as they are seemingly unmoved by Haliwt’s opening statements.]


Haliwt: “As if a narrator, I will read the opening scene of ‘The Origins of Soap’. This will offer the foundation necessary for Class to grasp what is VIDEO PROJECT and then to conclude, I will briefly elaborate necessary specifics. Because of the nature of this assignment, all students must complete and offer proof of a legal signature for the adult disclosure form. This form can be obtained at the exit door upon class dismissal. Proof of chronological age qualifying each student to be involved as legally an adult is vital: otherwise, those not legally “adult” will be forced to a different social study assignment.”


[Class Students: some of the students are smiling shyly, while a few seem to be holding back laughter.]


[Still standing alone at the center of the classroom floor, Haliwt opens a small, dark-colored binder; she picks it up and begins to read from chest high held pages.]


Haliwt: “A group of primitive persons are gathered around an outdoor fire pit at a wilderness area; there are birds roasting—feathers intact and stinking from the blazing heat of flames—while settled upon rocks and the hot coals of burning bush branches within the fire pit. This is a scene of celebration: a feast, a festivity, a seemingly (or somewhat) barbaric party.”


Haliwt: “The language is guttural sounds amongst them and consists mostly of constant pawing and pushing at each other. It is not civilized, yet there is no overt expression of any individual intending to be harmfully hostile towards the others.”


Haliwt: “Smoke is circling their dirty, sweaty faces. The meal of the burned birds is greedy as grunts of exclamations amongst them are aggravated by the hot sting of poultry meat. Feather-singed skins are ripped back with fingers shrieking from the grasping of the flamed bird exteriors.”


Haliwt: “As the meal concludes, the food and the night silence them; gradually, they begin to lie down to the ground surrounding the fire pit. As if falling to stupor from the ingestion of the meal, eventually all are silent while lying thus prone.”


Haliwt: “During the still dark early morning, the weather begins to rain. Bubbles emerge from the remains of the fire pit: foaming bubbles slowly roll out—spilling over the brimstone—to cover the sleeping primitives. And upon being so startled, they waken without apparent knowledge as to what is the foamy covering upon them.”


[The scene fades out to a man standing alone at the opposite side of the classroom door.]





Scene Two


[Standing alone outside the classroom door (Entrance) ‘Professor Bill’ is listening to loud applause and vigorous cheers of “ALL RIGHT” “WOW” “YEAH” from the other side of the closed door; the enthusiastic sounds seem to intrigue him. A long hallway leading to his position outside the door is empty and oddly silent, despite the arduous crowd from within. ‘Bill’ leans back against a wall and appears to be waiting.]


[Class Students: Suddenly, the door of the classroom opens as jabbering nearly hysterical talking, still laughing students hurriedly flow out fast to go off down the hallway; no one seems to notice or acknowledge Bill’s loitering there.]


[Haliwt is the last to exit and while she quickly turns back to lock the classroom door, Bill speaks out to her as if trying to startle by way of the stalking.]


Professor Bill: “Well, you certainly do seem popular: very POPULAR.”


Haliwt: “Bill, you nearly startled me. What are you doing, stalking outside the classroom? Slow day?”


Professor Bill: “Taking on Dr. Da Chen’s class seems to be working out well for you. I overheard a few of the students saying something about a video… Videeo?”


Haliwt: “Bill, Dr. Da Chen suffered a psychotic espisode: PSYCHOTIC EPISODE. He blames this student body or specifically, this class of pupils. Are they social retards Dr. Da Chen admonished?! I’m not a professor. I’m a behavioral scientist. Get data, store data, read data, compare data, send data to a final report where my understanding of DATA is the STICK. I’m going to use this opportunity to further my career and while at it, I will manage a classroom. There is no video; there isn’t going to be a video. NO VIDEEO.”


Professor Bill: “No all the way naked—totally nude—no?! Back’s Beach…”


Haliwt: “I said, “There is a possibility of the class producing a video if clarification can be obtained from/for University; the characters would necessarily have to be nude or all the way naked…” Since this is CA and University enjoys a most suitable beach setting for this kind of primitive directive?! But it’s only a maneuver; the adult disclosure forms are to secure qualifying data: I’m also not a child psychologist.”


Professor Bill: “We could get together for dinner and wine? You could explain the maneuver to me.”


Haliwt: “Bill, your real father played a villain on the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. I saw the rerun. Your cousin produces the ‘Burper and Barfer’ cartoon; it’s you and him, YOU and HIM: the characters! He has exemplified what he considers to be personalized personas… You don’t even know about your own family, yet you expect to know about me and intimately? It’s not like I’m trying to bust your chops.”


[Haliwt begins a hurried walk away from Professor Bill; from further down the hall, she turns her head only slightly back towards Bill as he speaks out.]


Professor Bill: (loudly) “Bust? BUST! Wait! What are chops?”


[The scene fades out to open to Haliwt standing at the front of the classroom.]





Scene Three


[Haliwt is at the front of the classroom as students enter through the only open doorway, which is slightly off to one side of steps leading to the conference tables of the open auditorium style room; the other side leading to platform escalated tables is a handicap ramp. A few of the students walk up the ramp after depositing previously issued adult disclosure forms into a box set on top of a podium near Haliwt; for the most part, the students trudge the steps to the tables situated above Haliwt and the lecture floor.]


Haliwt: “To the NITTY GRITTY. How many of you DID return the adult disclosure form and how many did read the page ‘The Origins of SOAP’: a show hands please and a student counter. Volunteer?!”


[A male student volunteers by standing and counting the raised hands, then offering a total number out loud.]


Opening Scene HOP To Ma Stu


Male Student:  “17… But it’s not twice; no one seems to have raised hands just for one question or the other.”


[He sits back down at a conference table.]


[Haliwt seemingly ignores the male student’s comment but appears to be writing the number he declared in a pad also set on to the top of the podium holding the box used for the return of the forms.]


Haliwt: “PREPONDERANCE. Good, bad or indifferent… ‘The Origins of Soap’ is about behavior learned from the observation of natural phenomena. Is such behavior enlightened, graced, right or wrong? Destined, as if to be a signal from nature? This is a class for social study: society is a populace interacting for common goals or is simply a manifestation of repetitive learned behavioral choices encouraged or dedicated as acceptable only after a period of “mass” participation. Today’s POP QUIZ. I will now articulate each question and students will please write a brief response to every question.”


Female Student: (after raising a hand) “Can it be any kind of paper? Can answers be written on a notebook sheet?”


Opening Scene HOP to Fe Stu


Haliwt: “Yes and yes again. Is class ready?”


Haliwt: “From the reading, would it seem as if using soap were naturally beneficial, not necessarily beneficial or of no perceived natural value? To answer this question, a response should be based upon the reading material, not from common experience. You have five minutes.”


[Class Students: a few seem contemplative and hesitant by staring about, while others intently write into notebook binders opened upon the tables.]


Haliwt: “Question Two. From reading ‘The Origins of Soap’, could it be concluded the development of soap was not by a grand design but was just a phenomenon observed from the irreverent presentation of certain natural elements mingled with other such elements? OR: is it possible soap was a directive of a higher force, as if a Nature purposely showed the primitive persons how to make and use soap?”


[Class Students: overall, the students appear to be more disturbed by the second question, as if it contains bane information not easily deciphered.]


Haliwt: “Last Question, Three. From the text, is there any example of a natural phenomena established as socially acceptable behavior amongst the primitive people? Yes/No and/or WHAT IS IT.”


[Class Students: most of the students complete the third question of the quiz quickly; only a few are writing an answer beyond just Yes/No.]


Haliwt: “Time off! Upon exiting, please deposit quiz answers into the same box used earlier for returning the forms. Observe: I am now removing the returned forms from the box. Each of the forms will be recorded and any missing persons shall be found out: this same assessment will be applied to the quiz answer papers.”


[The scene starts to shade like a curtain is slowly closing as students deposit quiz papers written on toilet paper into the box on the small off-set podium; during their exit from the classroom, Haliwt stands patiently aloof until the scene is quiet and dark.]





Scene Four


[Professor Bill is facing another man Bill he is calling (Entrance) ‘The Brian’. Both men are standing at a small cubicle of what appears to be a military base facility office; other persons wearing military like attire are seen walking past the outside of the door sectioning off the office from a larger external room.]


Professor Bill: “But you are The Brian that took these photographs?”


[Bill is holding a small stack of photographic prints and waving one specifically towards the face and eyes of Brian.]


Professor Bill: “The woman in these photographs is a behavioral scientist here at University; some of us think she has a dual personality, a kind of psychosis. We know you took these pictures of her at the area leading to nude beach…”


Brian: “When you say psychosis, do you mean like a split personality kind of thing? I’m from the South: most all our women are neurotic.”


Professor Bill: “I didn’t say she was neurotic, just she might be. Are you intimate with her?”


Brian: “Intimate?! Okay, who told you I took these photographs? Did ‘Haliwt Greberf’ because that was not the name of the woman I photographed. She said different: ‘Ennovy’ like envy. Is she teaching ballet classes over at University, is that how you know about her yourself? She’s also a great boxer: punch your lights out for sure! If you get a chance to watch her train, you should do it. Very interesting. Did I shoot these pictures of her? You have found out! And I’m sure it’s a relief for you, itn’t it?”


Professor Bill: “I came here because I thought you could help put out a fire. I read in the newspaper the Marine Corp was assisting county officials with firefighting, right? And I need a fire extinguished. I actually need a rainstorm… But we thought a helicopter drop of a considerable sum of water would suffice to put out the fire and look enough like rain for the video: a NUDE video on the beach down from where you took these photographs. It’s what you do: you fly, you are a helicopter pilot?”


Brian: “How did you get on the base? Did you tell the guys at the gate you needed to put out a fire?”


Professor Bill: “I’m a professor at University. I told them I was here to see you and they offered directions straight to you. It’s not like I have no credibility.”


Brian: “Professor, why don’t we sit down? Here at the desk; go ahead and take this chair. I’ll sit over on my own side, okay?”


[Brian motions to a chair for Bill as Brian proceeds to sit down behind a desk; Bill accepts the seat opposite Brian and then places both hands palms down onto the top of the desk.]


Professor Bill: “Perhaps we should close the door?”


Brian: “You don’t really look very much like my idea of a professor.”


Professor Bill: “I instruct a variety of computer science classes but I bike. I’m a biking professor not a professor of biking. Here’s my card.”


[Professor Bill holds out a small business like card for Brian; Brian looks down at the card for moment before addressing the description it contains.]


Brian: “Then I should call you William or Bill, rather than just Professor all the time?”


[Professor Bill motions with his head as if to accept the salutation while lifting both hands from the desktop; Bill fussily situates his hands to his knees and leans slightly forward, as if to encourage confidentiality but he doesn’t speak immediately.]


Brian: “The fire ain’t going on right now? It’s a part of a plan to video tape nude people on the beach and you want the fire you’re going to start to be extinguished in such a way, it looks like rain did it. Am I on it so far, Bill?”


[Professor Bill shakes his head to agree with Brian’s assessment of Bill’s explanation.]


Brian: “Have you ever been Military, Bill? Navy at all or not?”


Professor Bill: “It seems my real or natural father may have been Navy. He’s been spotted as a bad actor in reruns of the old Alfred Hitchcock Hour. I’ve been told he got the job after being a Navy “villain”. Supposedly, that was the way the Navy insured getting payment of money for fines assigned due to an enlistee’s bad behavior. I saw the rerun in question and no doubt the villain is my real father. I always wondered how it was that I didn’t look much like the man I thought was my dad.”


Brian: “So, no military expertise yourself?”


Professor Bill: “I’m afraid not.”


Brian: “The first thing to get started is to do a draft of what is the proposed maneuver or exercise plan; feasibility, get it? Is it possible? Timing, coordination, resulting action: then what are the consequences of the action. Haliwt’s real big on this, you know? You ever hear her explain how too many people fail to comprehend the outcome of their own behavior until everything’s a mess or it’s all just too late?”


Professor Bill: “Certainly, I’m willing to consider what could be the worst case scenario.”


Brian: “Sure. Get into trouble lose benefits, lose health benefits?! I’ve seen some old old guys over at the VA still getting it and I think Christ! Didn’t any of them have the gumption to do something to lose it before it all was just too late, too bad and sad. Has Haliwt ever told you about her legal father, who is not her natural father? Or it’s the same kind of thing as your own situation and it’s usually the most feared of possible situations for nearly every enlisted new father and fathers to be.”


Professor Bill: “Haliwt’s never mentioned her legal or natural father to me; I’m not sure you should tell me things? Except she wouldn’t find out by me if you do.”


Brian: “Roy was issued a psychological discharge. It was a kidnapping scheme when she was not even a year old. The supposed kidnapper sliced Haliwt’s little baby leg with a knife and the knife found a way into his heart; the alleged kidnapper died at the scene. Roy told CID the baby did it: that Haliwt kicked the knife into the man’s heart after he sliced her leg open. If you look close at her right thigh, you can see a faint scar. CID issued a psychological discharge to Roy because he blamed baby Haliwt for the man’s death. Roy was Army military police—he was an MP—prior to the incident.”


Professor Bill: “NO. NO. I can’t stand it; why did you tell me this? It’s so horrible.”


[Professor Bill begins to sob and weep; Brian opens a drawer and lifts out a box of tissues which he offers over the desktop to Bill. Brian then sets two large sheets of blank paper and two pencils between the two of them.]


Brian: “Yup. Consequences: when you’re ready.”


[Brian tilts his chair slightly back away from the edge of the desk and lowers his head to his chest while Bill continues to cry behind the tissues he is holding to his own eyes.]


[After a few moments, Bill picks up a pencil from the desktop; Brian then takes a pencil and points it at Bill’s face over the distance between them.]



ACT FIVE: CID, Scene Five


Brian: “You’ve seen the flight pattern we do nearly every night over that direction? Is that why you came looking for me specifically? Or because someone said I knew to take the naked photographs at that ravine, since I fly over Back’s Beach almost every night on my way back from Penalson to the base here?”


Professor Bill: “Isn’t it still a part of the Army base? The actual open land leading to the Back’s Beach…”


Brian: “So, you came looking for me because you want to commit arson at a highly sensitive ‘no fire zone’ on an area you think is still a US Military base? Like an act of war kind of thing? But I’m Marine Corp! And an open fire at what is or was an Army base presents extreme potential hazard to the entire area.”


Professor Bill: “Exactly! That’s why I came here to find you; you couldn’t just ignore the fire. You would have to try to put it out, right? Like a duty: to serve USA!”


Brian: “You certainly have mediated, haven’t you Bill?”


Professor Bill: “Well, I do try to go to a yoga class a few days each week.”


[After a few moments of silence, Brian and then Bill begin to pencil onto the blank papers laid upon the desk between them.]


Brian: “Where, when, coordination (timing)—extent of water flow, how many gallons, how large a fire—what kind of restraints to fire? How many civilians on the ground at the immediate area?”


Bill: “The fire has to be in the ravine.” Brian: “Okay; the ravine is a no fire zone due to potential hazard.”


Bill: “Precisely; you would have to put out the fire in the ravine, I would get the water drop I need for the Videeo.”


Brian: “Right, the act of war thing…”


Bill: “The ground will be prepared with liquid soap to enhance and exemplify the foaming bubble effect out of the fire pit—down the slight decline—onto the naked students laying on the ground around the base of the ravine.”


Brian: “If through the course of my usual flight plan I saw the fire at that ravine area, I would have to deliver a water drop or call for assistance to do a water drop.”


Professor Bill: “I agree. You would see the fire, fly to the base, fix a water drop and fly back to the ravine within less than one hour. It works perfect and I admit I did consider all this before approaching you with the theme.”


[Both Brian and Bill nod, yes, to each other.]


Bill: “You’re just flying by—you see the fire—you go get the water because of the emergency and it’s a done deal within an hour. It’s not like you’d be losing your religion: you’d only lose your health benefits, right?”


Brian: “Considering the serious nature of the emergency drought and the sensitive area of that ravine, someone would have to put out the fire you started, Bill. Someone would have to before students were burned to death and the houses or University buildings near by burned down. But your starting a fire in the ravine because it is or used to be the land of the US Army base and you want to force the US Marine Corp to become involved with remedy of any destruction is an ACT OF WAR, Bill.”


[Bill stands up after a brief intense stare to Brian’s face and then quickly exits.]


[Brian waits a moment before quickly walking down the hall to a stop in front of a ‘CID’ closed door. Brian opens the door and starts speaking to a uniformed man from (Entrance) CID.]


Brian: “Hey, CID. Did you see that written report I submitted a few months ago; it was just after I got back from my six months, all expense paid trip to Okinawa? About the theft of my TV set from the U-Store-It? And that San Devilo City detective: his name sounded like Weasel; I was actually trying to remember his name by association to Weasel but I’ve forgotten it anyway and it seems like maybe we should call the guy… RIGHT NOW.”


[Brian pauses to inhale deeply.]


Brian: “I have the report at home but I didn’t want to have to drive all the way over there on my break just to get his name and phone number; do you think you could find my report in here?”CID: “Why would “we” want to call a San Devilo City PD detective RIGHT NOW?”


Brian: “The guys at the gate let a University professor on base to see me specifically; the guy just left a few minutes ago. He has a sinister plot: here’s his card, ‘Professor William “Bill” Bickle’. A biking professor, not a professor of biking.”


CID: “Specifically to see you; how is it he knew about you?”


Brian: “I met a woman, Haliwt Ennovy Greberf, and I took some photos of her at the nude beach; she posted the photos online. She’s actually the one who called me and told me my TV set was on the news. Because it was being sold by the U-Store-It at a U-Store-It auction; sure, she said it was labeled ‘Brian’s TV’. I was paying U-Store-It rent for storage; it’s not like I forgot about everything at Okinawa. All expense paid doesn’t mean pure pleasure. Some trips are bad.”


CID: “Is that why this Professor Bill came looking for you, because of your stolen TV being sold according to the INet news or was it her telling you about it?”


Brian: “INet news got the information from the TV news; apparently, INet news is just the TV news on the INet; it’s incidental, not related. Bill said it’s because the property where he wants to commit the arson is or was an Army base:  he wants to do the crime on military land to force a military reaction.”


CID: “But this is the Marine Corp Air base; my paycheck says Navy and no mention of the Army’s ever on it.”


Brian: “I thought we were Navy… I hadn’t wanted to say anything because some of the other Marines don’t seem to know it.”


[Brian and the CID “high five” a hand slap together.  As if the sound of the clap is a cue, another CID enters the room; both Brian and the uniformed CID stand and salute (Entrance) ‘Colonel Statt’.]


Colonel Statt: “Where exactly does the wacko want to start the fire? Is it the City of San Devilo land or University... Whose? There’s no need to involve the San Devilo PD if it’s not their responsibility. No one calls Weasel: first, we find out to whom the land belongs. And if there’s anyway to change the plan of a biking professor. Any chance we could intimidate Bickle into not starting a fire at all? Otherwise, we might end up losing our health care benefits.”


[The scene fades out while Colonel Statt is staring seriously up to the ceiling while the two other men lower their glances towards the floor.]





Scene Six


[Bill is at his University office with door closed, writing an e-mail. He is talking aloud to himself by a second person view point, telling Bill what he is doing.]


Bill: “This e-ma is for explaining the timing of the water drop—when/where/what—and the coordination of the video filming at and around the dedicated time.”


[A knock on Bill’s door interrupts him: Bill looks up as (Entrance) two male students, Larry and Gary enter: both snicker slightly, jab each other in the ribs and then quickly articulate what sounds like a practiced speech.]


Larry:  “If a computerized altercation occurred to sustain the image of rain in such a video, could it—the work—be used for a class assignment grade? If a digital enhanced, huh... Projected more mass bubbles of such a video, could a grade be rendered for it being a class assignment.”


Gary: “And if we time-lapsed the sunrise to sunset with the all the way naked—totally nude—soapy scene as the in between, how many more points for a grade?”


[Larry and Gary are vastly amused with each other.]


Bill: “It’s disgusting that the both of you are actually snickering. What kinds of guys snicker?! And punch each other in the ribs. You’ve watched too many Burper and Barfer ‘toons.”


[The scene fades out to open at Haliwt’s classroom.]


Haliwt: “Some of you may have gotten this hideous e-mail about a plot to commit arson near University. It is an e-mail hoax: there will be no video. You will fill out this form about your understanding NO VIDEO and NO—not on—TOILET PAPER.”


[Haliwt pauses long enough to inhale a deep breath.]


Haliwt:  “Today’s POP QUIZ: what is criminal insanity? To ask is to social science: no answers written on toilet paper; do you understand me? Place all the quiz answers written on proper notebook or ledger paper into the box on this podium (Haliwt points to the off-set podium) upon exiting the classroom at the end of the quiz and I will be the only one saying when it’s the end.”


Female Student [stands up]: “I’ll count a show of hands for who can understand social science…”


[There is laughter amongst the classroom students until the female student sits down.]


Haliwt: “The reading assignment from last week was Dr. Da Chen’s ‘Elusiveness of the Criminal Mind.’ Dr. Da Chen’s assertion of criminal insanity as just a learned behavior was dismissed for reference as authority by a jury of his peers upon confirmation of CAT scan statistics proving criminal insanity as a physical deficit issue or a condition relating to missing grey matter. My assertion is dismissal of Dr. Da Chen’s work was at least, a shabby snub.”


Haliwt: “Criminal Insanity is defined by the State of CA as “the inability to comprehend a distinction between right and wrong.” That would be dumber than dirt, certainly, but criminal? Lying about not knowing the difference between right and wrong is criminal: and insanely so. Many persons amongst the health care industry—specifically Psychology and Psychiatry—are at odds with the clarification offered by the State of California, as it limits criteria for definite diagnosis relating to avoidance of certain punishments: though some now argue ‘specialized’ incarceration might be even more grueling than the old standard “because we proved you did it” imprisonment.”    


Haliwt: “My opinion is the dismissal of Dr. Da Chen’s insight was somewhat unfair. But not for Dr. Da Chen’s reason and not for the reason said by his peers, nor the State of CA.”


[Haliwt notices many of the students appear to be dosing or nearly asleep on their seats. She exhales a gasp of tart exasperation.]


Haliwt: “HOW A PERSON—EXCUSE ME, BUT I SAID HOW A PERSON—understands factual data relates to education, physical health fitness condition and whether an assessor is unbiased or has ulterior personal/professional motives to offer any prognosis at all.”


[Upon Haliwt’s loud exclamation, a few of the students glance up and around irritably before relaxing back to near collapse. None are taking notes but one young man stands up to speak.]


Male Student: “Famous British Physicist, Stoveon Hawling, supposedly said a black hole isn’t real because it cannot be seen; since criminal insanity is invisible, does it still exist?”


[A large number of students suddenly start laughing loudly; Haliwt claps her hands several times until the laughing subsides.]


Haliwt: “I’m going to ignore the question and will you please just sit down. But the reason I would not totally ignore Dr. Da Chen’s assessment: learned behavior—such as eating and exercise habits—largely determine physical conditions developed by any/an or all individuals. For those of you near sleep: all of you are going to be quizzed on this lecture and Dr. Da Chen’s literature regarding criminal insanity within the next TEN MINUTES.”


Haliwt: “If learning gross bulimia as a child—starting at infancy—from bulimic primary caregivers, a child is most likely to develop the same deficiency which can only result physical disability. Proper—what is correct anatomically for the reality of being a man or woman—physical growth is thwarted drastically by consistent improper exercise and unhealthy eating habits. NO DOUBT improper nutrition coupled with incorrect exercise does influence test results proving criminally insane persons are lacking sufficient brain mass to apply sensibility needed for social order. And especially because of exceedingly poor nutrition: brains cannot develop properly on Cheetos, Fritos and Hunt’s pudding cups.”


[Haliwt pauses long enough to inhale a deep breath.]


Haliwt: “Malicious premeditated intent is a factor for determining whether or not a harmful action is/was a more serious degree of a crime for punishment of the wrong action. First question:  if a person does not know—or physical cannot know due to reduced brain mass—the difference between right and wrong, what’s legal or illegal: is a person who cannot comprehend law because of intellectual deficiency, criminally insane? Or just a mentally incompetent person? Think about this please; you have five minutes to write your answers on proper, non-toilet paper paper.”


[A few students are writing intently on plain white sheet paper—as if the questioning has intrigued them—and despite being surrounded by the majority of seemingly near asleep students.]


Haliwt: “Because malicious premeditation of a harmful act compounds the degree of punishment for a wrong action, if a person knows the difference between right and wrong—if the individual understands the laws regarding what is legal or illegal behavioral choices—is the person criminally insane by choosing to do the illegal, harmful action? Ten minutes to answer on this one. Please, apply thought to the answer and remember, your names are recorded. I will be checking at the podium box to make sure proper names are written on each paper from every person and before any papers are placed inside the box.”


Haliwt: “Last question. If a person is cognitively aware of the distinction between actions classified as legal/illegal but chooses to be criminal: is a person criminally insane if the person commits the crime to harm his or her own personage and with no regard for any other victim or by disregarding any of the possible damages to other victims? This is a reference to the State of California “a danger to self and a danger to others” clause now applied exclusively to assessment of incompetence cases, rather than those purporting criminal insanity pleas.”


[The classroom scene ends with students handing papers to Haliwt at the podium box. Haliwt is trying to guard both the box and the exit door from each student, while the others stand single file, one behind another. The scene fades out to open to Haliwt lying fully stretched out alone on a floor carpet plush with pillows and down blankets; the room is darkened to nondescript. Haliwt has a telephone receiver held to one ear with the opposite side of her head laying flat on top of a pillow.]


Haliwt: “Fire?! You started the fire anyway, Bill?!  You are insane: criminally insane. CRAZY. I don’t know which one you are trying to be, Bill: Barfer or Burper.”


[The bedroom scene fades out to open to Professor Bill and Haliwt standing at the top of road leading down to a cliffy canyon area above a primitive beach.]


OS 1-8 Wet Fire Pit





[From the top of the only paved road on an otherwise steep primitive hill, the scene opens with moonlight glimmering on Haliwt wearing a sheer long flowing white gown; she is standing face to face with Professor Bill. He is wearing biking gear while holding a road bike at his side and it seems to be the middle of the night.]


Professor Bill: “You’ve only got seven minutes to get down there, before the students start standing up for the full on nude scene to be filmed. Most people think it’s a really tough hill; come on, it’s mountain.”


Haliwt: “It’s not Mount Everest; seven minutes is no sweat. See ya…”


[Haliwt begins sprinting downhill on the paved road; when reaching a distinct bend in the road, she jumps over a guard rail to land down onto a steeper dirt trail. Professor Bill arrives at the same guard rail a moment later; he brings the bike to a skidding stop. He briefly looks down the dirt trail for Haliwt but peddles off on the bike to continue downhill on the asphalt paved road.]


[Haliwt hoists herself to the top of a large bolder at the side of the dirt trail; it is only about 50 feet above a blazing fire pit. Through the haze of smoke and darkness, a dim image of students lying on the ground below the fire pit becomes clearer as her searching stare adjusts the murkiness of the late night.]


Haliwt: “Students, this is Ms. Haliwt. DO NOT STAND UP: all of you start putting your clothes back on while laying down—STAY DOWN—ON THE GROUND. Stay down on the ground and proceed to RE-DRESS from THE DIRT there, PLEASE.”


[Suddenly, a brightly lit helicopter comes over the top of the cliff directly above and from behind Haliwt. A male voice loudly begins a declaration over a microphone. A spotlight from the helicopter illuminates Haliwt’s position on the top of the boulder.]


Brian: “This is Captain Brian Tokin of the United States Marine Corp. All civilians remain on the ground; repeat, do not stand up. Take cover and brace yourselves while thus prone: this is a water drop. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… ”


[Greatly surprised, Haliwt tosses her head up to see the underside of a high hovering helicopter. A whirlwind caused by the helicopter is blowing her dress and hair into a frenzy of messy activity.]


Haliwt screams: “BRIAN!?”


[She crucifixes her arms and hands above her head; the water drop begins and Haliwt is flailing under the deluge of water. She struggles to keep her balance on top of the bolder. Bubbles from soap previously poured around the fire site start covering ground as the dropped water mixes the soap to foam that is then seen seeping—like a slow stream—down towards the laid students.]



Back Button From Rasha


[Just as suddenly, the scene is quiet: the rush of the falling water has subsided and the helicopter is gone. Haliwt starts stepping towards the bottom of the ravine: she avoids looking at the students still grounded there as she stumbles over rocks because of it. She reaches the paved road on the other side of the students and begins to toil back up the hill. From the dark space behind her, a video camera images the white wet gown clinging to Haliwt’s otherwise, nude backside.]


[Professor Bill is above her at the curved section higher up on the paved road: he sees the frontal view of Haliwt’s nightgown dripping wet, like a sheer plaster on her nude body. Haliwt raises her head towards Bill and cries out with near exhaustion.]


Haliwt: “Bill, it’s all just too much soap: SOAP.”


[The scene fades out to a campus hallway at the front of a ‘MEN’ door.]





Gary: “Yeah. Like a wild ‘Flashdance’ kind of thing… (Gary snickers; Larry starts snickering).”


[Bill’s two students—Gary and Larry—are attempting to blackmail Bill; their demand is for money to be paid for not reporting about the video. The three of them are standing at an empty hallway outside a door clearly labeled MEN].


Larry: “Look, we got the VIDEEO and she’s almost naked; the students are all naked. Some of the girls are covering their boobs with their arms and it causes them to look pooched, know what I mean? Poochy poochy.”


Gary: “Soaking wet and naked: almost all the way nude and that’s the teacher? YOU ARE THE TEACHER WHO SAID VIDEEO IT. We’ve got proof: not just the e-mail you sent from your computer station.”


Larry: “Yeah yeah... “A person must learn to be responsible as an individual for whatever project is developed.”  Right?! YOUR WORDS.”


Gary: “Got ya got ya. Pay up, Bickle or we’re calling that SDPD Detective: the one whose name sounds like Weasel. We’re going to call The Weasel for anything less than ten grand. And we will mention names, like CHANG. Cha Cha Cha Ching.”


[Professor Bill shoves past Larry and Gary while pushing the MEN door open. He enters the men’s restroom alone and faces the front of a mirror with rage. Professor Bill exclaims to his own mirrored image while standing there, seemingly alone.]


Professor Bill: “Larry, Gary… No two slant eyes are going to get the best of me. What it is, what it is…”


[Professor Bill’s breathing is agitated as he pumps his arms back and forth while pointing his fingers towards the mirror.]


Professor Bill: “It’s chink, CHINK.”


[The University’s (Entrance) ‘The Dean’ exits one of the bathroom stalls to stare at Professor Bill; his deportment admonishes criticism of Bill’s upset comments and aggravated behavior.]


The Dean: “Professor Hamm, is there a problem? Is this yet another, psychotic episode?”


[Before Bill can answer, the exterior MEN room’s door starts to slowly open when suddenly, the lights go off and the room is completely dark. The sound of other bathroom stall doors opening is heard, followed by the noise of a slight scuffle and the muffling of Bill’s voice.]


[The scene fades out to Haliwt in an elegant room with four other persons and a man, ‘The Dean’.]


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