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AN IDENTITY IS NOT A DISEASE: if an existing organism fails to support its’ own genetic identity by anatomically correct activity—correct for the identity type or species: behaviors of nutrition/physical labor—mutation (atrophy) develops; if the resulting development cannot be sustained or also fails to support the organism, a “disease” (chronic distress or death) evidentially manifests.



Primitive Spitrema FlasherTreSloth


EVOLUTION happens so quickly, it doesn’t seem to be happening at all: at the speed of light... Each of these ‘insects’ (pictured above) developed from single cell (sea) ‘Amoeba’ or ‘Ameba’: spiders and sloths are what were ameba/amoeba that ate sea moss or foliages to become the first radioactive creatures to glob out of the water onto dry land. The primitive ‘Spitrema’ (or spider tree man mutant birthed by a wood chip & sap eating spider mother) image (above) was captured just last summer: evolution is God’s (Universe) or life’s process (method) of creation; it is infinitely impartial...



A specific type of Reef Shark ate Sting Ray in the morning, Sting Ray in the evening, Ray at supper time; if Sting Ray was on the table, EAT was “true love anytime...” Without argument: Leopard Sharks are the evolutionary result of really big eating Reef Shark feasting on Sting Rays; ‘LeoSha’ developed with a Sting Ray head, a Reef Shark body!


LeoSha Evo


  EVO... 1


The evolutionary process of Sting Ray feasting Reef Sharks’ offspring being born mutants because of the consumption habits of the parents gradually occurred. ‘The LeoSha’ development didn’t happen overnight: various stages of genetic altercation resulted a variety of other unique—genetic mutations from Reef Shark to Leopard Shark—Shark-Ray fish or sea animals before Leopard Shark (consistently) stabilized as a distinct genetic identity. This doesn’t mean the fish contrived through the varying stages of the LeoSha evolution failed to exist, just as it does mean Reef Sharks did not cease existence: not every Reef Shark exclusively ate Sting Rays. But the Reef Shark breed—the type of Shark within the Shark species—that did, may have failed to exist due to genetically mutated offspring.


Typically, animals—land or marine—and/or even insects will eat what’s available: especially (if or) when consistently chosen favorites are depleted. A reason for why the spider did not just eat fly exclusively: flies might have been scarce due to competition amongst spiders or consumption of tree leaves, wood chips and sap was an accidental ingestion.



EVO... 2


Before ‘LeoSha’, Radioactive Sea Amoebas ate other Sea Amebas until Dinosaur Days began to prosper both in and out of (and to escape no longer hot enough) water: what would become a huge variety of Dinosaurs, insects, animals, foliages and forests, all started by the pooped out remains of Sea Amebas’ consumption of seeds from sea mosses/weeds/shrubs which resulted more than just sea moss shrub GRASS... Amoebas were becoming scare due to the new popular demand: the evolutionary development of sea monsters consuming what would evolve as land trees supported the sea monsters with a way out of the water.


The diabolical irony: sea foliage grew to be massive land forestation because of dinosaur feces as fertilizer and mass forestation on Earth is what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Trees consumed the radioactivity the dinosaurs needed to sustain size and status: trees released oxygen—which gassed the beasts to near death—and cooled the immediate atmosphere to be inhospitable to the (also) radioactive reliant dinosaurs.



EVO... 3


Radioactivity enhances the size of growth (s): during the early stages of life forms—individual identities—developing on Earth, the planet was not populated by mass forestation; consequently, the amount of radiation from the Sun bombarding Earth was absurdly abundant. The rage of radioactive particles was a cause for massive rainfall; as oceans expanded, the amount of radioactivity within the water itself substantially declined. But it was the evolution of radioactive reliant Amoeba eating—after the supply of edible Ameba became scarce—simple cell sea mosses (what rapidly grew to grass and sea weed) that contributed to the greatest reduction of ocean water radioactivity.

Radiation Sign

The Amoebas’ consumption excretion (feces) was instigating rapid growth of the sea mosses: sea moss grasses were quickly evolving as even more massive sea shrubbery and the foliage was the new radioactive reliant competitor. The ocean was becoming too cold—too oxygen enriched from the foliage respiration—to support the Amoeba; as the foliage growth incessantly increased, the Amoeba eating it was only propagating more Foliage. And many of the Amoebas were evolving branch or limb-bony cartilage extensions—tentacle armed legginess—from eating Foliage. Finally, some of the Amoeba escaped the ocean doom: they grasped land as giant sea moss insect radioactive gloppers and quickly developed to Dinosaurs—huge (from radioactive feasting) land and air monsters—but the seed of Foliage was inside the belly of the beast.



EVO... 4


What is a Kanga ‘ROO? What has he got: if not himself—rat ate man and rabbit or man ate rat and rabbits—then he has not... Dolphins are not necessarily friendly because their mouths are genetically fixed into the wide gaping grin of a corpse. They are Sharks that ate enough (totally deceased persons) corpses to cause the genetic mutation from only Sharks to Personable Sharks:  instinctively, they (then) decided a never ending love for Tuna instead.


Cows cannot eat people or cow meat without developing mad cow disease and dying; the reason is Cows evolved from what were the very first person species—mutated offspring of wood sap and chip eating spider—the ‘Spitrema’: some of them consistently consumed grasses because of competition amongst the others of its’ kind already going APE for insects. After years of exclusive ingestion of insects, ‘Spitrema’ offspring establish successfully as Primates—a species isolated by dedicated insectuous consumption habits—until the insect supply became so scare, the fly competition so fierce: many (but not all) of the Primates resigned to tree climbing for safety and a steady diet of just tree fruits... Food and shelter (safety) necessity forced some of the Monkey to genetically evolve backward to Man (to/fro Spitrema) and to futuristically continue life as Man: a species isolated from Primate.

Dis is Dis Evo WAT Dis Scope


EVO... 5


Behavior of a genetic identity is either prosperous enough to support its’ own anatomical (genetic) reality or it (whatever being) suffers mutation: some mutations render results that are conducive to life continuance but other mutations do not. ‘Roos, ‘Rays and Rodents too: not every breed amongst any one species changed or evolved to a completely new species at a designated time because IT—evolution—is still happening all the time; some APE is till evolving back to Man and Man is still going forth from Monkey. An example of a disabling “diseased” behavior is Mans’ consumption of the maternal fluids from ruminants (cows/goats).


People who develop Rickets or Multiple Sclerosis do not (cannot) accomplish as persons nor as Goats and Cows. People who eat saturated animal fats—the dead carcasses of animals—do not evolve as a unique species capable of digesting and utilizing saturated mammal fatted debris tissue for sustaining growth: they just die more wretchedly.


Ricketed—at varying stages of evolution: (bad back, lame legs) skeletal and brain dysfunction from the stabile contributing genetic factors or identities—people are only inflicted with disability until finally the experience of death (typically) within less than 50 years of life. Cows are a genetic (disgrace) fall from the grace of ‘Spider Tree Man’ or ‘Spitrema’—Spitrema for lack of any other formally assigned name: a lack caused by malicious neglect or ignorance—and Bison compared to Bovine does not prove any superiority for quality existence skills. If the consistent behavioral patterns of an identity—organism, being, thing: creature—cannot support the continuance of its’ own life form by adaptation (evolution) or by the introduction of other factors, disease (dying) and death chronically manifests.



EVO... 6


The reason sea moss elongated (as grass) blades was the quest for sunlight and the friction of its’ quest through the density of water: as radioactivity within the ocean waters declined—a decline caused by the increased sea moss population’s consumption of readily available radioactivity—the sea mosses quickly developed long slender strand ‘grass’ to reach up higher to the surface sunlight from the oceans’ depth. The Ameba eating what (then) was sea grass caused wormy ameba eating Amoeba to develop tentacle like appendages or primitive arms and legs: eating the “worms” caused Amoeba to Sea Spider.


Sea worms feeding on foliage chip and sap caused a more rigid but still primitive skeletal structure: after enough high tide,  it was on shore as Earthworm and quickly became a Sloth after eating enough foliage tree twig; following an extended shortage of twig, the persistent ingestion of foliage flowers metamorphosed the sloth to Praying Mantas... Praying mantas and spiders started life as sea ameba or amoeba: their poop (waste excretion) instigated foliage (what started as a single cell sea moss) to branch out and tree: upon being hauled out of the water as a foliage seed stowaway, the sea shrubbery manifested on dry land as forestation. The sea to land migrating—huge from radioactive feasting—Dinosaurs (giant insects) and trees were nothing more than evolved single cell amoeba/ameba and sea moss poop gone mad by the radioactive chain of events.


After spiders eating tree bark and bits evolved a unique primitive man/woman species: the evolution of the genetic personage result of ‘Spitrema’ (man/woman) manifesting as Bovine/Bison Cow and Ruminant Goat/Sheep species’ is a work in progress (“wo i pro”); it’s already been happening—for umpteen light years—and it’s a reasonable explanation for bovine or ruminant waste ingesting persons’ unreasonable (tuberculosis worm motivated) propagation of land and sea (moss monster) grasses.     



EVO... 7


The Bison, Bovine, Ruminant waste ingesting ‘Human’ population promotes (prospers) grasses, instead of functioning for the well-being of a person (what should be their own prosperity) because of chronic Tuberculosis influence or infection encouraged and caused—cyclically self-perpetuated—by the Bison, Bovine, Ruminant waste ingestion.


Tuberculosis is a specialized (advanced sea to land moss) bacteria—fungi/yeast: what can become viral upon securing a stable food source—or single cell mutant ameba moss worm (s) that can virus by hospitality. Tuberculosis primarily feeds upon the bodily waste (feces: rotted flesh, spoiled milk, urine, dead cells, dried blood) of bison, bovine, ruminant to develop as a specialized worm (s).


Tuberculosis is the posthumous bacterium—what evolves as even hoof hair & hide eating HIV virus that eventually metamorphosis to earthworm—dedicated to the consumption of bison, bovine or ruminant waste and/or corpse tissue. The sub-cognitive (or subconscious) persuasion of tuberculosis (worm) is a reason for why people willingly choose to ingest the feces (bodily waste: cheese, yogurt, yeasts) and dead tissue (“meat”) of bison, bovine or ruminants.


The point of no return for a person’s own survival—the point where genetic destruction of a person is done—is when behavior only behooving bison, bovine, ruminant or bison, bovine, ruminant (corpse tissue) waste eating worm is chronically chosen.


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Many persons are paying $5.00 for a “shot” of wheat grass juice: the cognitive reason offered for such erroneous—retarded for a person—ingestion is to cure tuberculosis (worm) “cancer” “malignant tumor” manifestation. Bison, Bovine, Ruminants are natural civil retards: they expel methane gas, yet they all need oxygen to breath; the grass they must eat for their survival cannot grow on ground soiled by the bodily waste (feces/urine) of other cow, goat, buffalo, deer, moose, elk... And their hooves do not offer remedy or relief.


The effort by individuals to propagate lawn grass is motivated by chronic (HIV/AIDS) internal worm infestation. The ones who are willingly wasting away by abusing natural water resources while harming the environment to grow grasses—either by maliciousness, ignorance or lack of regard—are not controlling their own sense: they are the insane “puppets” (dupes or dummies) of chronic (internal) ruminant (specific) worm dictation. 


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