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Healthy cooking: cooking evolved from the efforts of preserving/storing/saving/salvaging harvested food stuffs; the labor of securing food was (is) intense and growing food for harvesting—if not for the driving force of hunger—is especially demanding.


Fire being used to prepare and preserve food stuffs started by the accidental realization of how fire cooking could be used to deter other wild animals. But fire cooking does not necessarily make food safer. A rule should be: if it cannot be eaten raw, don’t cook it to justify eating it.


Food preparation’s primary position must be nutritional validity. Cooking does not eliminate a necessity of edible food safety: if a castor bean is consumed partially raw or somewhat uncooked, (nitrogen) hydrogen—cyanide gas will instigate severe vomiting.  But if castor beans are cooked completely to expel gaseous elements, a person might ingest any undetermined amount of ‘Ricin’: resulting immediate temporary (or permanent) paralysis, seizures—worse vomiting, hateful headache, fever—and even death. Because non-edible food (toxic or poisonous stuff) cooked to be considered as safe for consumption is still the major factor to death by ‘natural cause’.


For historical value, read ‘The Bible’, Genesis I Chapter One—Three (1-3) ‘The Garden of (eating) Eden’. Eating: they translated the name to attempt escape from death by bulimia. An aspect of bulimia is intentioned ingestion of toxic (harmful) food stuffs: specifically, if the motive is (cognitive/sub-cognitive) the desire to kill, mutilate and somehow harm other people or person (s).


The population across the planet—modern times—is causing chronic food toxicity (food poisoning) from learned erroneous food/drink ingestion habits. And the result is obvious as varying stages of atrophy or decomposition; the majority of an estimated Six (6) Billion persons are causing their own (physical distress: disease) death by gross bulimia.


It’s actually considered as ‘normal agedness’: it’s wrongly promised as an inevitable result of aging chronologically. ‘Agedness’ is manifestation of accumulative years of bad behavioral choices: persons who consistently choose bad eating habits develop more damage after 30 years versus just 10 years (etc.) But if a person eats properly—what is anatomically correct—for 30 years, the value and benefit of fitness gained can be greater: better health can be achieved beyond eating properly for only 10 years.


If an individual dedicates to anatomically correct nutrition (correct for the genetic reality of a being’s species) and proper daily activity, such an individual can prosper (gain) fitness ability (survival skill) rather than just causing decomposition to death.


What is anatomically correct is best determined by  realizing how could genetic survival be accomplished successfully as one alone with wilderness (primitive)  nature: fish must swim, birds fly or either species would die; cows cannot eat meat lest developing ‘Mad Cow’ distress and dying.


Hunting & Gathering


A person successfully alone with nature would not pursue a bovine: attempts to hand slaughter one ton animals to carry around is ridiculous premise; the fingernails of a person won’t claw through hide and (genetically) the teeth of a person also cannot bite into the whole body of another bloody mammal. Any kind of attempt to eat it raw or cooked amongst the wolves, bears, lions, vultures—after many hours of senseless struggling—is suicidal.


The energy expended by efforts to capture a cow exceeds a person’s rate of consumption ability: consistently functioning at a deficit level causes decomposition. And if instigating other persons to aid with the slaughter of a cow (or other large mammal) for insuring greater success: the blood chemistry of a one ton animal is toxic ingestion for persons weighing a considerable sum less. And despite whether the bloody meat is ingested raw or cooked: the abetted aid creates even greater consumption catastrophe.      


What seems as absurdly dangerous or disgusting: any attempt to suckle milk or “utter butter” (cheese: dried, crusted raw cow milk coated by cow urine/manure/pasture or “shed”) under the teats of a Bovine Mother is not feasible beyond it being sickening—hideously retarded genetically—and too dangerous to consider. (Dangers: chronic selenium toxicity, lead poisoning, arterial sclerosis, spinal meningitis, MS, polio, etc.)  


Frequent ingestion of mammal (animal) meats (other than fowl, fish, small rodents (squirrel) or rabbit) is a relatively “new” phenomenon confined to the past few hundred years. This fact is evidentially manifest from the consistent lack of evolutionary changes: the (stable) genetic formation and development of the nails, teeth, digestive tract and metabolism capability of a person (man or woman) is not (and has never been) ‘carnivore’ nor ‘omnivore’. 


By consensus, people do not actually desire meats: attempting to bite into the hairy (perhaps dirty and stinking) body of another living mammal to secure a meal of blood and raw flesh is not something even the most “die hard” eater (s) lusts.


As a cognitive choice or preference: the motivation to eat filleted cooked meats seems limited to chronically caused infection (AIDS: molecular psychosis induced by any number of posthumous thriving perpetuated viruses), such as Salmonella or Tuberculosis. Eating mammal meats was an unhealthy contribution to the Americas (North, Central, South) upon the onset of immigration by persons from England and Spain.


American Indians “tamed” wild animals—wolves, bears and mountain lions—with their buffalo hide gathering skills: Indians did not shoot arrows at buffalos to secure food for Indians; their efforts were dedicated to gathering hides for shelter and clothing (moccasin) supplies.


Indians would ride horses through herds of wild buffalo while shooting arrows at the buffalos; after a buffalo fell from an arrow wound: the lions, bears and wolves were able to immediately access the wounded buffalo as the Indians rode the horses away for a safe, speedy escape.


It was symbiotic: the animals appreciated easier kills and the Indians only had to wait until just buffalo hides were the remains; this outraged invaders from abroad. Their popular poison or manipulative assertion was the Indians wasted for not ingesting the meat of the buffalo. Indian wisdom was ignored by the ignorant invaders.


The reason the overwhelming majority of people have now deviated from anatomical correctness is learned bad behavior or failure to withstand persuasive public dysfunction: like an apple contained within a barrel of rotting other apples and each bad one only knowing to corrupt—intentionally or unwittingly—another.


Organized mass production and cultivation of food stuffs is not inherently a bad thing: but when an idea or ideal is understood by psychotic persons, the usual outcome is only (mental = physical) survival incompetence.


Competence? A potato is not bad; cultivating potatoes is not bad: smothering the potato with manure cheeses and “sour” (spoiled) creams is gross bulimia. Forcing livestock to produce milk, manure and meat to poison the psychotic people willing to swallow it is very bad.


Cooking Health


Developing cooking techniques or skills allowed persons to transport and maintain food: hiding food inside corn masa wrapped in corn husks camouflaged the smell of food that (otherwise) might have attracted unwanted attention from other wild animals; packs of dogs are not nearly as interested by tamales. To prevent food supplies from gathering dirt mold and insects, cooking was a way of increasing protection of both food quantity and quality.


EvoFoo Crab Cakes Image


Example Recipe: Healthy Crab Cakes


8 ounces of shelled Crab meat

1 large (puree of) Sweet Potato

2 stalks of chopped Celery

1 chopped Red Bell Pepper

2 shredded or chopped Carrots

1 cup of Corn Masa

(5 ears of dried corn ground with lime water)

1 cup of Wheat or other (ground) Grain Flour

A sprig of Fresh Herb (Sage, Dill, Rosemary)

Optional: 1 tablespoon white black pepper &

1 tablespoon mustard powder (dusts ground

from mustard seeds and pepper berries).


Preparation: boil or roast sweet potato; mash. Chop or shred carrots, celery, bell pepper and add to the potato puree. Add flour, corn masa. Finely chop the fresh herb sprig (s). Add Crab: mix well by adding tiny amounts of purified water until a firm dough ball can be formed from the inclusion mix of all ingredients.


Start a fire: dig a hole in the ground (sand or dirt). Add small pieces of dried wood to the interior area of the hole: pile small rocks over the wood, then cover rocks with wood twigs, brush, dried flotsam or leaves. Use a natural charcoal rock or magnesium enriched rock to flint a fire. After the fire has burned until the wood on the bottom is noticeably lit: the food can be added to the ‘oven’. Cover: use fresh (not dried) twigs and leaves, bind—weave—a frame large enough to cover the entire hole.


Cooking: divide the entire dough ball into tiny round serving size (small handful) balls. Wrap each tiny ball inside edible fresh seaweed, fresh grape leaves or corn husks. Form balls into neat flatter rounds after encasing each one inside a leaf or corn husk. Place the wrapped crab cakes on top of the hot rocks inside the fire pit. Cover the ground oven with the woven frame; allow to cook for (about) 30 minutes—(1) one hour.


This primitive cooking skill allowed persons to preserve the quality and increase the quantity of fresh food: what would have been only enough for one person is soon suitable appetizer to many.  



[TIP: substituting cardiovascular clogging mayonnaise with healthy puree (mashed, whipped, blended) of avocado for potato salads is most beneficial; the taste is greatly improved and the nutritional value is drastically increased.


If using blended avocado instead of mayonnaise, the potato salad won't spoil to Salmonella nearly as fast if it sits on a picnic or dining table: and as the color of the green avocado oxidizes (because of external oxygen exposure), the golden color of an avocado potato salad is very appealing versus the whitish-yellowish color typical of potato salads suffering mayonnaise.


A standard potato salad recipe can be altercated to enhance avocado usage: such as adding cooked (rinsed/drained) black or pinto beans and Cilantro fresh tomato salsa with chopped raw corn is delicious. A hint of Cumin with Red Chili Pepper or (a standard) Paprika turns an unhealthy boring potato salad into a nutritionally valid avocado show-off with feisty Southwestern flavor and flair.]



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Forget The Cherry


The icing on the cake had a purpose: it was to retard mold or mildew dust corruption; mostly, frosting was an effort to avoid an invasion of insects. When ants tried to march in: ants got stuck in the frosting on the outside of the cake.


Icing was’t originally for eating: (it was or is still supposed to be removed prior to consumption) usual cake frosting contained paraffin waxes or fibers from silk worms. Cake frostings of ‘modern’ times (now) contain chemical liquid (processed oil) plastics or like poly-acrylics.


If considering what was available to the ancestor cooks: ingredients had to be whole natural things; processed oils, mass produced animal rendering lards and bovine butter was not available in large quantities or at all. What most persons recall as “grandma’s original recipe” is a debacle version of a great great grandma’s finer cooking.


The reasons for this decline of food quality by common premeditated preparation—sly: on the cheap—amounts to deliberate malformation and mismanagement to cause chronic food poisoning. And for expanding limited food resources to try inexpensively feeding more persons.


For instance: using egg yolks to make pie crusts was much more expensive and laborious than lard; mass production of livestock for leather goods caused lard to become more readily available and as an economic commodity. History had already proven—even to primitives—persons who ingested lards or meats from dead animals went “loco” and soon died…


Realization of yeast forming wheat and other grains to prepare breads: 1-2 cups yeasted flour produced a full bread loaf; one of equivalent size sans yeast required 3-4 cups of flour. And the wheat was going to develop yeast, regardless: it’s how yeast for bread making was discovered. Wheat or grain becoming rancid ferment was salvaged by adding spices and sweeteners to the spoiling grain: after it was dried and ground to flour.


Eating yeasted breads caused weight gain—seemed to prevent weight loss—and was noticed for aggravating volatile behavior amongst the persons who regularly ingested it. Odd formations under and on the skin or felt inside bodily tissue was isolated to just persons consistently consuming yeasted breads. Yeast was recognized for contributing to irrational decline.


The 1st Last Evil


Sodium Chloride or SEA SALT: a physical deformity, ‘Rickets’, is caused by the ingestion of non-pasteurized goat or bovine milks during pregnancy. Because of the reason and nature of the genetic deformity: a popular belief is the cause of Rickets is not ingesting poisonous (toxic) sea salt (sodium chloride) or ‘iodized’ table salt.


The kind of sodium—such as potassium, calcium—for the needs of a person is not sodium chloride; when one stands at the line dedicated to explaining what are needs: needing “sodium” does not mean sodium chloride. From the time a person is able to understand language: sea salt water is described as toxic or poisonous. And if it is consumed at all, the consumer of it will die unless it is DESALINATED.


Cramping is not resolved by ingestion of sodium chloride: when a person is sweating profusely—from either a hot day or extensive exercise—the water content within the blood decreases (unless replenished). But if a person frequently ingests sodium chloride, the level of sea salt (‘iodized’ salt) inside the blood stream does not also drastically—if it reduces at all—decrease: the imbalance and toxicity of the resulting blood chemistry has the effect of dehydrating muscle tissue; dehydrated tissue is more susceptible to cramping, tearing, straining or rupturing...


Many factors combine to aggravate muscular cramping or skeletal spasm due to dehydration. Sea Salt (sodium chloride: ‘iodized’ salt) is the most significant instigating factor to muscular cramping: salt is not a remedy for dehydration. There is no clinical reference of proof that it (sodium chloride) causes cramping: no study has been done and the main reason seems to be because many doctors (psychotically or without proof and contrary to the factual data that is amassed) actually prescribe it for muscle cramp relief.


Salt was introduced to food preparation and cooking by the efforts to preserve food: specifically, salting meats cause the fatty acid within the meat to form topical plaque (or bar soap like phlegm). This is why Bovines are offered “salt licks” (salt blocks): the sodium chloride—when lapped at by the cow’s tongue—cauterizes the tongue cuts caused by the cow’s incessant hay and grass (sharp leaded blades: reference The Anti-Grass) eating; sodium chloride salt block “licks” cause a thick, scummy (gummy) film to form over a cow’s tongue and through out the bovine’s esophagus and stomach (s).


Salt cauterizes (chemically burns) meat on the surface: both results yield (together) a barrier not easily penetrated by insects or dirt. Salt is touted as mold or mildew deterrent and as an insect eliminator: it is (salty) known to cause death to those who regularly consume it…


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