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The integumentary system evolved to exist from constant24/7exposure to Sun, Sleet, Snow, Sand, Rain and Wind: the outdoor weather. To optimally existwithout distress or dysfunction—a person must experience an appropriate amount of natural elemental influence to maintain the genetic value (inherent vigor) of the integument function. Anatomically correct nutrition and physical activity is also vital for developing the physical strength to prevent gross atrophy overall and specifically, to sustain the health of skin/scalp/hair: fingernails and toenails...


The current trend (civil retardation) of blaming the elementssuch as sunlightfor the results caused by chronic bulimic nutrition and neglect to adequate outdoor elemental exposure has been promoted to the public by (intellectually insufficient) psychotic persons using alleged doctoral credentials maliciously to justify regurgitating known to be erroneous or unproven information and to manipulate damages amongst the population at large: the public is constantly bombarded (attacked) by intentionally misleading information; the primary reason is to defeat natural (inborn) genetic sensibility.


Beyond just ignoranceignorance being evil by the intellectual limitation of itself as a variable or fixed behavioral choice factorother criminal instigations are murder/robbery and to identity theft. Doctrinally impostering identity thieves intention harmful persuasion and malicious acts as an alibi for furthering criminal defamation and false (fake) litigation against a murdered victims (doctoral) identity as an alias: or by other words, graduated ignorance vulgaris.


Bad (weak, thinslow or unable to grow and recover from injuryfailure to blood clot properly, wrinkling, sagging, abnormal spotting and topical malignant lesionsexcessive dry flaking, itching and crackingsore, painful discomfort and discharge) skin/scalp starts with anatomically INCORRECT ingestion of the growth (to be) hormones  from other  animal species and yeasts (potentially viral bacterium). The influence of conflicting genetic growth hormones can perpetuate cellular mutation by psychological disorder: persons regularly consuming fish tend to think sunlight drastically harms the skin. If they were fishnot peoplesuch thought (and any behavioral action to totally avoid sunlight) would be correct.


The alleged thinking about people (or identities) being diseases within a universal IT life is usually cognitively realizeda self-destructive individuals comprehension of physically deficient sub-cognitive motivationas only a pretentious justification for assaulting others: self-destructive persons do not commonly consider plotting hostile attacks as psychotic or mentally (physically) ill.


Criminal aggressors are immuneintellectually or physically insufficient for survivaldeficient: they typically do not understand self-defense. Civil retardscriminally insane personserroneously (ridiculously) think a victim's defensive response is what will kill a victim: hence, they premeditate assault for the sake of assault, like fain self-destructive martyrs for the cause of irrational hostility or without any careful concern for themselves and their own futures.


They are quick to pick fights known to be without benefit because of confused delusion: the compilation of (viral) bacterial AIDS instigates immune deficient persons into believing they are thinking for other identities and their thinking (consequently) must (then) be limited to harming by thought tricking fraud; they erroneously excuse their own self-destructive behavior as something that will only destroy others


The molecular genetic valueinternal health and habitsof an individual manifests as the external appearance: whats important about the external manifestation is the strength (fitness) of skin/scalp/hair/nails for the reasons of self-protection; a person cannot exist or continue to exist without a functioning integumentary system as the first line of defense.


If persons are compulsively disorderedself-destructive: anatomically incorrect eating, improper exercising, bad bathing habits, molecular (cellular) mutation causing, civilly retarded, failing to interact properly with nature and other life formsthey do not necessarily know how not to be a danger to themselves or dangerous towards others. And instruction from such persons whose primary motive is generating income by the sale of products or services is not reliable.


A real life example: during the 1950s persons who experienced adequate sunlight exposure were noticed for not developing grey hair; more than one company (then) offered the public radioactivereally chemotherapy in a bottlehair elixir shampoo and a seemingly endless era of jilting jokes...“the price wont blink you and the smell wont make you sick”. The ones blinded were sickly condescended like supposed Hiroshima survivors.


Stop SHAM pooing and start SUP pooing’: proper Poo requires (only) about (2-3) two-three quarts of purified (preferably non-chlorinated distilled, rain or spring) water for ONE (1 application) SUPER and SIX DAILY SUPPLEMENTAL POOS to total (7) seven ‘poos PER WEEK. To properly POO: for the (6) six daily supplemental poos, apply approximately (1) one cup boiled purified water onto a dry handrectangular shaped all cotton terry cloth 28 inches long by 14 inches widetowel; sprinkle the hand towel with a few drops of quality scented essential oil (40% grain alcohol mixed with herbal or floral extract lavender, rose, sage, tea tree, etc.) while allowing the hand towel temperature to cool until comfortable to touch. Hand wring the wet towel purposefully over a large bowl (dish or basin) to capture (reclaim) the sterilized excess scent enhanced hot water. Wrap the entire head and hair inside the towel: relax momentarily as the steam cleans the hair and scalp; lightly massage (rub) the entire scalp and through the full length of the hair with the towel. If the hair is exceptionally greasy (grimy gunk or crud), a bit (1/4 cup) of vinegar can be added to the water before applying the towel to the scalp and hair.


Place a large bowl (dish or basin) within a sink or on a water tolerant (stable) counter for ONE (1 application) SUPERPOO per week. Heat approximately (1) quart of purified (distilled, spring or rain soft non-chlorinated) water to a comfortable temperature. Bend the entire head purposefully over the large bowl (dish or basin to capturereclaimany excess water): with a measuring cup or small pitcher, pour (1) one cup of the water over the hair and scalp; apply about (1) one tablespoon of quality non-sulfate liquid gel (i.e. Giovanni Root 66 is a fine one) cleanser to the palms of the hands and massage (rub up) a respectable lather for at least (1-2) one-two minute (s). Pour another (1) one cup of purified water over the entire head while bending over the bowl as a preliminary rinseor if a second application of cleansing gel seem necessary, apply it at this stage to lather againthen dip the measuring cup into the reclaimed water (within the sink bowl) and pour that water over the scalp hair (at least once) to remove the majority of the soaping agent bubbles. Use the remaining sterile (fresh: not yet applied) clear water as the final rinse of beatifying behavior.


After the hair and scalp are cleansed: a light application of non-toxic concocted conditioner on the endsa touch of styling gel (mousse) at the crownprepares the hair for full-bodied styling or is the finish for naturally (healthier) full of body style. Much of the damage to hair/nails/skin/scalp can be prevented by proper personal care: even if blow drying, flat ironing chemical perming coloring or bleaching continues, the hair and scalp can improveless breakage frizzing, increased growth and elasticity, fewer sores, decreased dandruff, greater moisture and shineby no longer SHAM (hoax, deceit, fake, cheat, gyp) pooing with hard (magnesium/calcium/chemical toxic scummy bottom of the barrel silted) chlorinated fluoridated tap showering water.


Not damaging the hair/scalp/skin (eyes, lungs) by daily showering is more than an environmental improvement for the love of Earth: its also about not dying baldly blind and bad. The skin/hair/scalp/nails must be allowed constant saturation from a persons own naturally producednutritionally profound or notperspiration (SWEAT): despite however filthy dirty nasty stinky an individual thinks he or she is from one hour to the next.


The perception of ones self (body) emitting chronically intolerable (bad) odor (stench) cannot be easily overcome: frequent dabs with a washcloth (“rag”) wetted with distilled white vinegar is an economical method of providing relief from real foul odor but it will not remedy personal esteem issues. (Vinegar is highly acidicakin to natural perspirationtherefore, its an excellent choice as a topical anti-inflammatory antiseptic debriding (silt debris removing) substance: once it dries, vinegar leaves no smell and yet it deodorizes almost all scents.)


Compulsive behavior disorder is not limited to alcoholism, cholesterolism (bulimia), drug abuse or excessive masturbation. Most self-abusive compulsively disordered bathing persons reason (a symptom of HIV/AIDS) the damage as only a means of mass murdering other people at randomby the abusive gross waste of fresh waterand with no regard for the environment or for their own future stability: they cannot necessarilyfor personal strength and self-controlled will powerelevate their bathing behavior to above self-destructive because of their psychological (physical) deficiency.


The primary benefit to topical application of product is the massaging (rubbing working manipulating) the epidermis: keeping in mindvia osmosisthe skin can (at best) absorb about 10% of any skin (or scalp) solution; what is applied should be a non-toxic substance. Massaging the skin with a suitable ointment increases the blood circulation, thus rejuvenates the skin by optimizing blood circulation or improving hydration; rubbing the skin loosens dead cells and debris: it is important to (exfoliate) buffafter massaging with a product—the skin with a cloth or brush to remove the dead (debris) skin and to reduce any excess cream, lotion, etc.  A safe choice for proper cleansing is (food grade edible: ‘NOW’) vegetable glycerin, purified (or sterilized) water and distilled vinegar.


The Sweet & Sour treatment: its the oldest documented (by Cleopatra) skin beautification choice to date and its still the very best manmade opportunity for proper skin care. Naturally: raw real sage or grape leaves and afternoons of (preferably sulfured) MUD fun... Quick nitrogen enriched ocean water submersions with intermittentright on the beachsand scrubs followed by a spring water rinse. But pure glycerin and vinegar is a practical (easy) and economical alternative: if greater intensity (dry flaky dull dirty) is warranted, fine herbal (‘PlantLive’, ‘Abra’) bath salts can be added to the glycerin (1/4 cup salts per 1/4 cup glycerin) before applying the mixture.


 A (“terry”) towel soaked with purified or sterilized (temperature to suit) water and vinegar should be used to remove (buff off: with/without bath salt additive) the glycerin... The surfer style bucket method (reference: Balletic Bath Video) or purified water and sponge (washcloth dipped into purified water bucket: squeezed over the skin and completed with dry towel buffing) style is also acceptable. Showering with (lead toxic) fluoridated (radioactive) hard (calcium magnesium laden bottom of the barrel silt scummy tap water) IS NOT a healthy choice. Hard chlorinated tap water showering strips the skin of essential skin oil while depositing harmful topical blockage that prevents proper skin respiration.


Steam towel bathing encourages perspiration (sweating), thus elevates skin cleansing (conditioning) from within, without dehydrating the skin (scalp/nails). Another method of enhancing skin hydration by perspiration inducement is mud: if one is naked amongst a cold environment, applying mud and leaves can prevent freezing to death because topically applied mud instigates body heat retention. And quality MUD is better than (ignorant/hateful) ‘Botox at preventing frowninghence stymies frown lines/creases from developing during sleep (while watching TV, working on the computer, etc.)—and unlike Botox’, premium mud offers no risk of stroke, kidney/lung/heart failure, permanent paralysis or AIDS complications.


There is a dramatic distinction between the mineral elements of quality mud versus the scummy silt inherent to tap water: if mixing fluoride (lead) with chlorine, a minoreven trace: all water supplies have some naturally occurring amount of arsenic as it is an excretion from the roots of plants and algaeamount of arsenic (salicylic acid or Vitamin C’) and even just a low level of salt (sodium chloride, sea salt, iodized salt, earth salt), the combination is leaded epoxy glue gunk not akin to breathable mud.


Facial (scalp: also excellent for the lungs) steaming can be accomplished by boiling water with flower petalsfruit peels: orange, lemon, appleand herbs like lavender, rosemary or peppermint in a stove top pot; after bringing the water and inclusions to a rolling boil, remove the pot to a stable (very secure) heat resistant (padded) counter or table top. Either by standing or sitting, lean (face forward) over the steaming pot and drape a dry towelmake a tentacross the back of the head (and neck), then breath deeply while the steam induces perspiration. After developing a substantial sweat: use the dry towel to buff the skin and then steam some more; a total of (5) five minutes is most optimal and longer is not better.


For (grandiose finale) soothing, a light application of aloe vera juice (gel formation Lily Of The Desert’, Aloe Life’) is excellent: a favorite lately is Aloe Life Personal Gel Intimate Moisturizer’ (with zinc); it is pleasing after a day of sunning (on the naked beach). The label suggests its not dedicated as a facial moisturizer but its excellent as one... To condition the eyelids, lashes, browsarea, a wee bit of quality lip balm works fantastic! Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax: ‘Whole Foods Organic’ ($1.99) is a sensible choice. The lip balm also acts as a light sunscreen, especially well when applied with mud as a mixer.


The skin is an organ: its the first line of self-defense; without skin, living is not possible. A reasonable person would not deliberately remove all the blood from his/her heart each morning as an act of sanitation... Skin (scalp) needs sweat: perspiration or skin oil (sebaceous fluid) is vital to the health of skin.


Sweat is the best scalp/skin cleanser and conditioner. Excessivecompulsive behavior disorderbathing is a self-destructive habit: a daily showering habit is dangerously damaging. The single most important factor for a health regenerating personage is blood circulation. Without adequate blood circulation, it is impossible to develop and sustain health or healthyresilient, growing, recovering, exfoliating, firm, suppleskin/scalp: hair-nails/muscles/bones/connective tissues/organs...


The kinetic energy of men and women (starting as boys and girls) or cellular development without mutation depends entirely upon consistently ample blood circulation which can only be procured and supported as a constant by properanatomically correct for the specieseating and exercising, combined with appropriate environmental interaction and successful relations with the planetary populace overall. Besides the avoidance of limb and life endangering conflicts with bears or sea lions: to maintain healthy livelihoodto optimize blood circulationan individual must strive to shun yeasts, animal dairy and meats, sodium chloride (toxic sea salt), processed oils or fat isolates, inedible grainshighly processed fortified food stuffsmanmade chemicals, elemental (processed isolate) supplements and any substances not edible in a raw natural state.


[My first formal education specifically for integumentary care was (350) three hundred and fifty accredited hours: I licensed for (8) eight years preceding my qualification as a professional esthetician; the total number of skins Ive attended during my lengthy and prosperous career is daunting...TYF]

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