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Frozen Avocado Seeds


June 19th, 2017


8’ The avocado seeds were set out in rustic thick glass on the kitchen bar for an accumulation  ‘interim period’ of a few days—by rotation—before going inside the freezer sack with the others; every visitor had to enter through the front door that opened directly into the kitchen.


The seeds were not always noticed sitting discreetly there, but any remarkable expression of concern was limited to “What are the avocado seeds for?” And then the comment, “Did you know it takes five years for the trees to produce fruit?" Adult male visitors did ask: and most likely to lie (later on) about not asking at all because... 


If at least three-five visitors asked “What are the avocado seeds for?” consecutively, it was time to relocate the seeds into the freezer sack and start the counter top accumulation all over again at the rate of three-five seeds per week.


Otherwise, it seemed impolite to do grammatical correction: “For what are the avocado seeds. FOR WHAT: NOT WHAT FOR!” And tolerating the same—most likely deliberately foul—shabby grammar question repetitively was just not acceptable for more than three-five times in a row. “So, for what are the avocado seeds?”


A practical reason is explained without intentioned language parody—presented sans animus snoot—on the ‘ANSWERS’ page (arrow linked below).




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