TYF Age 4

My very 1st investigation was The Bank Robbery: the tiny California town of my early childhood had only one historically recorded bank robbery or just one bank until the robbery allegedly ended it, 1959.


Peeping through the deserted windows offered a sinister scene: white fingerprint powder dusted over tall dark clerk counters; it was an old bank building in movie quality style reeking from the suspense of stolen money and Bonnie with Clyde bank robbery appeal...


If staring at the dusky place long enough, surreal gangster portraits could be imagined as ghosts from out of nowhere. Who did it? Your life could in danger if the villain (s) realizes you know. There was not one boy on the block who knew; the only thing they volunteered was She knows, she knows it all: she’s a know it all.


Years before I was even born, US Federal Investigators arrived at the evil place for clues to the dangerous mystery. The case was not closed: it was an unresolved criminal circumstance in need of discovery. Me?!


TYF Age 2


There was only one thing more exciting than the bank robbery mystery at the condemned bank building for that small town of 2,000 CA USA: the library on the opposite side of the same street and the kaleidoscopes as a treat for learning to read. I was successfully reading The Fresno Bee by the time I entered kindergarden, Ms. Adams’ class, at the age of (4) four; it is not quite as impressive as it might seem because I turned (5) five only (1) one month after starting school. Learning to read meant empowerment: the lessons empathized comprehension of language or not just learning the alphabet, form and what are words. The reason for language: developing skills to communicate allowed opportunity outside that rural town to be real...

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Knowing how to read meant my enlistment with US Naval Air Force was confirmed: general status study included learning the importance of written contract. Ms. Adams was intent on it: her idea for approach was The Gossip Game. There must be at least 5-10 persons enlisted to sit a circle and each individualnumber (#) titledof the group is armed with a pen and paper: (each person must write down what he/she is going to say was said before passing along a statement).


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A statementamusementexperience or antidote must be written down by #1 before #1 tells person #2 what is it. #2 explains what #1 said was it according to #2 to #3. #3 explains what #3 recalls #2 said #1 said was it to #4... After going full circle: #10 compares #10s written statement to #1s. It’s fascinating versus hallucinating.  


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Shortly after the beginning of formal public school, I started causing my only Recurring Dream. During the dream I was alone on a huge field littered by piles of dead grape vines. (That didn’t seem odd: dead vines piled on fields for a burn were a common site/sight just after the grape harvests.) But the piles of dead grape vines began to grow: a turn away from an enlarging pile yielded yet another growing pile behind meat the front me and then to each sideas I recognized my life to be threatened by serious danger. I managed to escape from growing dead vines by sprinting to a mountain top where two bronze statues stood. A mother and father statue: the father stature had tears falling from his eyes. I could recallduring the dreamseeing a mountain with statues inside The Encyclopedia Brittanica. I caused myself the dream for about five years or until around the time I was ten years old. I still don’t fully understand why the father (figure) statue was crying...


TYF 9 mos

The bank robbery: I did know; two US Army enlisted men met two women who were (allegedly) twin sisters. Each sister married one of the men and one of the couples moved to my small town; the other couple (and their baby daughter) robbed the bank and then did a fast get-a-way (supposedly) to New Jersey. The army buddy and his family from New Jersey visited but never stayed too long. Their daughterthe bank robbery oneaspired to modeling but only found succuss selling Home Interior goods at home parties. She became even more infamous later on, despite being a near celebrity trash known publicly for her (bulimic) cook hostess TV show. How I found out about the robbers... They told me: it wasn’t necessarily their intention to tell but it all came out anyway. Do you have a Recurring Dream to tell TYF?! 

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