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Anti Grass Shadow

No MAS!? NO GRASS: a common Bermuda grass cultivated across the USA originally hails from Great Britain; English islanders discovered planting lawn grasses slighted rains... But a tiny island with very little natural top soil consistently experiencing torrential rainfall is not every environment and place.


Bermuda grass and other cultivated lawn grasses do lessen natural rainfall: what would be the evaporation or planetary perspiration of top soil dust and ground water rising up above Earth as warm moist air (atmospheric condensation) massis insteadconsumed by lawn grasses. Less accumulation of atmospheric condensation above an immediate area causes the Jet Stream to flow by without argument, san aggregate: without the friction of cold moisture rich fast flowing air confronting warm moist atmospheric baggage (or accumulated wet warm dusty air mass), precipitation cannot manifest.


Microcosm Rain Experiment


Another factor to hindering natural precipitation or rainfall is FLUORIDATION of fresh water: fluoride is mostly LEAD and lead causes water molecules to oscillate or wobble. Water molecules contaminated with lead are also heavier: the vapors of corpulent oscillating water cannot as easily evaporate; this results a decreased ability for accumulating warm moist air to apprehend (confront) the cold and fast flowing Jet Steam...


Artificiallysprinklers, spouts, hoses—watering Bermuda (or other lawn grasses) grass causes unnatural saturation of ground (top) soils which also contributes to less natural evaporation or reductive (retarded) rainfall. People who think watering lawn grasses will cause rain are delusional, PSYCHOTICcivilly retarded due to the declared state of emergency droughtor are only a danger to themselves, a danger to others. Watering non-edible plants (of any sort) during a declared state of emergency drought is illegal: it is a crime.

Purify Water by Osmosis


California... ITs given all ITs GOT. Drought is what you get: drought is what you get, when you mess IT UP... LOST SOIL, LOST SOULS.


According the statistics collected by the United Nations, there are approximately (4) four billion persons suffering extreme deficiency: the reason is they have only caused extreme deficiency and they are persisting with their cause... The citizen majority (Californian) refuses to cooperate for their own survival: their answer for reasoning self-defense is no water, no food, no way to earn a legitimate livingto die miserablebecause they are not fit enough to earn a livelihood.


Billions of persons whose health is EXTREMELY DEFICIENT will not even try to alter psychotic plots because they only know how to cause ugly insufficient selves; they intentionally fail to avoid working, learning or living properly due to their own physical (mental) deficiency. Stealing does not (cannot) earn them life: consequently they are (overwhelmingly) choosing death.


Why they only want to (murder/rob/identity theft) stealinstead of hope and joyful discipline for learning, earning, living to workis a symptom of chronic HIV/AIDS infection caused by consistent civil retardation or not just as a result of gross bulimia and anatomically erroneous exercise.


Fescue Cow




There is no chance for rain water to replenish underground water if grass is consuming both the rain and soil: each unique geographical environment depends upon rain to replenish the moisture content within the internal layers of soil... As grass grows, it depletes rain water by consumption along with any other water it can contrive: if it dies from a lack of water temporarily, the roots remain to renew its growth by any rainfall.


The people growing it are INSANE: Fescue (and other grasses) can grow to be so thick, it cannot be cut down with a mower machine; it can only grow to be an even uglier monster that harms Earththe atmosphereand every other living thing here upon it. Fescue can grow (hedge) huge enough to prevent access to dwellings and to block travel.





1. Hire work crews to tear up (destroy Bermuda, etc.) Augustine, Kentucky Blue, Fescue: grasses and non-edible, non-native shrubs: US Govs must NOW hire work crews to destroy ornamental grass and shrub. Property owners must be responsible for the immediate destruction of their own ornamental grasses and non-edible non-native shrubs (or suffer fines and punishment for their crime).


2. All households consistently (a chronic history) not paying for water-sewer-trash must be terminated from home tap water use. Any household proving usage in excess of 20-30 gallons of water per daythe variation depending upon the number of persons within the householdmust be issued a fine; if the tap water excessive use does not stop after two billing periods (two fines): water cut-off.


3. Every household must be registered for water use limitations; if a household dwelling, home, condo, apartment, trailer or by any other name: mobile, fixed, private, apartment, unit, shared, professional, ranch, shed, shack, mansion, caveexceeds the rationed amount designated (twice but not consecutive)... Water terminated.


4. All businesses serving food/drinks must use only recyclables: NO electric/gas or manual water use dishwashing. All hotels, lodges, temporary room accommodationsmotel, kitchenette suite, club, spamust use disposable recyclable linens (sheets/towels) in all units: in each and every rental room or facility. No commercial water use for washing linens: hospitals not excluded;surgical out patient centers and salons, day cares, nursing homes, adult care (rest) homes, sport, gym or spa facilities: profit/non-profit charities included. No commercial water use for washing dishes, utensils, linens; each (every) place facility must offer or provide only recyclable (disposable) linens, dishes and utensils.


5. All public facilities must provide bed pan sanitation portables for placement within restricted (blocked) existing toilets and/or urinals: if the facility is now required to provide public sanitation disposal (bathrooms or restrooms) at the location of the facility. Public access facilities must immediately block toilets and/or urinals: dry sanitation bag liners for sanitary portables must be provided (offered) for solid waste removal with procedure instructions clearly posted for how to pour liquid waste (urine) from the sanitary portable down the sink drainhow to use a sanitary sprayand for how to dispose of solid waste bags.


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