June 1st 2014: 1st SKY GRADIENT


A male visitor said ‘IT’ was newsworthy; the TV report was massive cloud front from Canada 60,000 feet above Earth. The altitude caused water molecules to form ice... The ice molecules reflecting ray (s) of Sunlight caused colors to illuminate.


Sky Gradient Cropped 2Sky Gradient Cropped 3 

[The top left image has Photoshop ‘Auto Tone’; the top right image is cropped but otherwise unaltered. TYF rendering is on FYTForever. Info Title and a larger image is at the 1st Dance Page. ]


I was fortunate to capture images of it: I was walking North on (a road named) Genessee back to La Jolla CA from (another community of San Diego CA) University City; after crossing a bridge that spans the railroad tracks below, I turned left onto the wilderness up above the tracks and starting walking on a dirt trail that leads all the way to the top of Mount Soledad: it’s a popular path for active persons.


SkyRaRo Dirt Trail 3SkyRaRoDirtTra4DirtTrailWildFlower2


The area offers an untamed panoramic view: upon looking up to the sky, I suddenly noticed a unique formation of sky gradient (rainbow) colors shaped like a lily or vagina... It was a 1st (for the) site or (eye) sight experience: an amazing beautiful gift for 1st content, June 1st 2014.


3rd Sky Gradient Cropped Image


A man was running while another peddle biked by me taking IPhone photographs and noticing how neither man seemed to see it from the top of the trail: it was such a magnificent display of dark heavy clouds, clouds so far away as if not to be more than canvas for a brilliant crystal prism aura.



RailRoad Crossing Sign