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Space Age Cafe Art Ship


‘Space Age Cafe’ is a Roswell New Mexico spirited story that must be told: it’s an out of the middle of nowhere USA—between San Diego, Yuma, Phoenix—scene at (established since 1872) Gila Bend AZ.


The Gila Bend River is said to be close by (and hidden) to Gila Bend AZ, hence the name of the place begets. Gila Bend was not named for the presence of Gila Monsters. My experience with ‘Gila Bend AZ’ was limited to driving by on the way to visit a relative...


For several years, I kept noticing a ‘Space Age’ restaurant sitting peculiarly at the side of the road: it was a representative relic of the 1950 and 1960 jet set enthusiasm for space ships, deep space travel or visiting aliens here and beyond.


Spage Age Cafe Roadside


I considered it to be what a retired US Navy or US Air Force veteran must have developed to support a reclusive livelihood by enchanting passing motorists to stop and dine; it appeared to be the only place to dine along side the road at Gila Bend AZ: but it was always closed like a ghost from an ingénue era—mysterious or oddly out of place—amongst the vast desert shrubbier and cactus littered sand.


Around 7:00 AM one morning—as I was driving back to San Diego from Phoenix alone—it seemed to be strangely open for breakfast business: I was enchanted... I stopped my (then new) Golf VW at the front of the place and went inside to eat.


The restaurant was empty: I was the only customer of a single male cook and one female waitress; they seemed to be a father/daughter culinary team (rather than a romantically involved couple). I asked if I could order a pouched egg, hot tea, potatoes with no salt/no oil, dry wheat toast: the waitress said none of that was a problem; thank you! And breakfast was served.


The mural images (‘Space Art Ship’, top of the page, 'Jet Engines') inside the place were amazingly beautiful: the most awesome art; I was so overwhelmed with having breakfast my way and the space ship fantasy paintings across the walls, I didn't notice the GIANT LIZARDS surrounding my car outside until I was finished eating.


I ordered another cup of hot tea: after the cook and waitress exchanged sly smiles between themselves because of my exclamation about the lizards, he said “Oh, those are just Gila Monsters. You don’t have stay in here; you can go outside and feed them.” I did not think so too!


Space Age Cafe Roadside 2


[TYF Note: I had to spend what would have been 'Route 66' sock manufacturing money on new clothes, lingerie (costumes) just to get back to work doing session time (appointments) here at Mohave County, Kingman AZ.


The MALICIOUS HATEFUL THIEVES aka (alias) SDPD-SD Sheriff's, supposed FBI-USDOJ-US Marshals are FELONY FRAUDS: they are only an HIV/AIDS RABID GANG that pretends to be law enforcement as a means of confronting affluent citizens; they are still refusing to tell me how or when I can recover my (well over $100,000 worth) stolen belongings.


They scorn me and "people" because they think likewhat they consider as betterFLY MAGGOTS. They are brain damaged retards: they saw me on the Internet and then on the news; "she's famous now..."


They've tried to steal my literary (dissertation) work "infamy" and my La Jolla/San Diego CA business opportunity: they plotted to steal my identity by mutilating/murdering me but only to commit even more crimes or greater grand theft larceny and by blaming me for their violence; I'm just (the surviving) one of the millions of victims.


They murder to attempt living the life of the victim vicariously: but only to destroy identity and wealth. They've already destroyed their own identities and they don't realize how not to cause anything but despair and/or degradation of a person.


It's more than insulting: they get their thrills by torturing and humiliating a personage to death; it's doubtful they understand how to do anything else because their retardation issue is (ongoing) chronic.


So, socks are off: but I'm available again for (escort, body rub, fitness assessment, skin care, therapy) appointments here (Kingman, Laughlin NV/Bullhead City AZ, Lake Havasu City; Las Vegas Henderson NV) at AZ.


And as of now, I'm also offering photoshop, illustration, specialty digital imaging, writing assignment services, etc., website work: (.online) “wo i pro” (work in progress)...   


The chronic covert and overt (sub-cognitive or cognitive) hostility of unhealthy others is (most likely) not going to stop: it's a genetic issue.


(Decomposing) HIV/AIDS infected peopleindividuals who are destroying the '21 Chromosome' or the genetic information to be a man or woman in their own livesare irrationally hostile towards a man or woman because they cannot realize how not to harm a person; they blame all men and women for their own hateful maliciousness and loss of physical (intellectual) ability... TYF: October 11, 2016; February 17, 2017]


TYF UPDATE June 2017

Space Alien TYF 2016 selfie


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