Introduction to POLENTA


Thanksgiving Polenta Plate 2015


2-3 cups of ‘Arrowhead Mills’ Organic

Corn Grits; 6-7 cups Purified Water

Kernels from 2 Ears of Fresh Cut Corn


Options: ‘Southwestern’, ‘Italian’,



1-2 cups fresh cooked beans

(Thanksgiving raw green beans only)

1-2 cups fresh cooked wild rice

1-2 cups fresh cooked pearl barley



1 whole onion (white or brown) diced

Peeled whole fresh garlic cloves



Diced Bell Peppers (red, yellow, green)


(For Italian) Fresh Rosemary, Basil,

Oregano or (Thanksgiving) Rosemary,



Puree of Yellow or Green Chili Peppers



Shredded Carrots

1-2 cups Diced Celery

(Thanksgiving: also

include new potatoes too)


Prepare the basic Polenta in a 4 quart glass or stainless steel pot; 6 cups of distilled water (NO SALT: never! not at anytime; also NO “enriched” rice nor grit).


It’s best to prepare the dry beans by cooking at least one hour in a separate smaller glass or stainless pan (by following the directions on bean package but without any salt and using distilled water after the initial boil or after the second rinse when beans begin to absorb water).


The wild rice should be likewise prepared by proper cooking (using distilled/spring water) for at least 30 minutes prior to inclusion along with the barley; both should be well rinsed and drained. (Canned cooked beans can be used if rinsed extremely well with spring or distilled water before inclusion.)




POLENTA 101 (continued):


Add (about) 6 cups of distilled or spring water to a large stovetop to oven cooking/baking dish (glass or stainless only: not cast iron or anti-stick coated); bring to a boil and slowly stir in 2-3 cups dry Polenta (corn grits) while reducing the heat level on the burner.


Add beans, rice and barley to the polenta cook pot: add the kernels cut from 2 ears of fresh corn, 1 whole chopped onion (peeled and diced) 3 small yellow chili pepper (pureed), 1 whole  chopped yellow bell pepper, 1 whole chopped  red bell pepper, 1 cup shredded carrots, 12 whole fresh (peeled) garlic cloves.


1-2 tablespoons of Black or Cayenne Pepper, Cumin, Celery Powder, Ground Mustard Seed (NO SALT: NO SODIUM CHLORIDE (no sea salt: ‘iodized table salt’), Paprika! *If wanting a more sodium infused flavor that is not harmful: ‘Bragg Liquid Amino’; 1 tablespoon amount (total) is powerful seasoning without causing cardiovascular damage.


1 (level) tablespoon bicarbonate of soda can also be included (if not Bragg.)


Mix ingredients by stirring: if or when mixture seems too hard to stir, add 1 (for a total of no more than 7 cups) cup of distilled/spring water. After stirring until mixture appears thoroughly mixed, set pot into pre-heated (350 degree Fahrenheit) oven to bake for about 30-45 minutes.


Thanksgiving Polenta Oven 2015


Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes: eat! And spoon the remainder into an airtight container to refrigerate for (eating) the following 3-4 days. Do not reheat the whole amount each time a serving is dished out.


Polenta can be (safely) kept frozen for about a month (but omit onions if the intent is to freeze it).


This Polenta is excellent served on top of a bed of fresh Mustard Greens with a diced tomato as the topping… Toasting servings under the broiler causes a crunchy external surface while preserving a moist inside center. It is superb tasting—valuable utilizable protein—fibrous and filling: it’s loaded electrolyte nutrition + 3 cups (which is a huge serving on top of greens with tomato) is only about 450 calories.


The flavor varieties are prepared exactly the same but by exchanging ingredients to suit the choice: like properly prepared Canella or Kidney Beans instead of pintos, wild rice to replace 1 cup of barley or by adding fresh Rosemary and/or Basil while omitting chili and using (instead) 2 whole chopped Red Bell Peppers (not cayenne/black pepper). Italian is especially good served with artichoke hearts: fresh ones can be easily gotten by steaming baby artichokes (in microwave or stovetop) for about 7 minutes prior to removing outer leaves.


Dish Polenta out onto a bed of raw Baby Spinach Leaves (Italian), Mustard Green (Southwestern) or Baby Spring Greens. Thanksgiving is prepared like the Italian or Southwestern by replacing cooked beans with 2 cups raw (cut) green beans, adding 1 cup chopped Celery, adding ½  cup fresh Sage or a combination of Rosemary/Sage to equal ½  cup; omit barley (leave out) (no) yellow chili and add only 1 whole chopped bell pepper (red or yellow).


2-3 cups of boiled/broiled/baked, boneless, skinless Turkey meat can be added; instead of wild rice, add fresh new potatoes ahead of baking for about 30-45 minutes at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit).




POLENTA 101 (continued):


Polenta can be the whole Thanksgiving meal combined  to provide delightful dinners for several days of healthy holiday feasting: with white (skinless) Turkey included, the caloric intake per 3-4 cup serving with fat free (soy or oat flour) gravy is only about 500 calories. But with no traceable amounts of fat per serving!  This is a much better approach than frying polenta slices in (liquid plastic) toxic olive oil.




Spaghetti Squash Lobster Prima Vera


(Image above: Spaghetti Squash Lobster Prima Vera with soy milk roasted garlic & herb Alfredo sauce, sans animal dairy; this serves (4) four large almost zero fat servings or a huge (1) one meal for a total (sauce included) 1800 calories. The fixing price with lobster is about $40 or only $15.00 without lobster.)


Do not try to inflict knife wounds while it’s still raw; the secret is to bake it first, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ style…


Wash the whole spaghetti squash and then place it in a large roast pan (with or without a minor amount of water) whole inside 375 degree (Fahrenheit) pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes.


After removing it from the oven, allow it to cool about 20 minutes before easily slicing it open without a fight. Scoop out seeds: the squash will be slightly ‘al dente’ but it will string out nicely.


Toppings: NO PROCESSED OIL, NO ANIMAL DAIRY PRODUCTS. Fresh tomato marinara sauce or roasted garlic pureed with fresh herbs; add blanched green beans, carrots, onion, artichoke heart to ‘primavera’ the squash.


If wanting a creamy topping texture, mix sesame tahini with seasonings such as basil, dill, thyme.


A non-damaging ‘Alfredo’ herb light sauce can be easily be prepared with soy or oat (instead of formaldehyded ‘prolactin’—causes internal hemorrhaging—enriched cow cream) flour mixed with purified water “milk” and edible spring wheat or brown rice flour to thicken with no salt seasoning.


A HUGE serving of spaghetti squash is only about 300 calories: an enormous platter (3-4 cups) of nutritious “healthy” food that is by far more delicious than caloric and damaging (cheap imitation) hard red winter wheat packaged noodle spaghetti.



Marvelous Muffins Apple Cinnamon Raisin Walnut

The basic batter used to prepare a variety of healthy (wholesome or nutritious) MUFFINS (or LOAVES) consists of…


2 whole (free range) eggs or optional: eggs can replaced successfully with 1 cup date, banana, lemon, peach, apricot, raisin, plum, pineapple—dried or fresh—puree of any flavor choice. Mango causes a much denser moist muffin: it needs to bake about 5-10 minutes longer than other choices (lemon requires about 5 minutes less baking time).


1 cup oat bran or ½ cup oat bran plus (optional) 1/2 cup oatmeal (not “enriched”)




BASIC BATTER (continued):


1/4 cup flax seed meal (it also replaces eggs)


1/3-1/2 cup of raw honey or date sugar—oat bran/ground dates—coconut palm flower dehydrate (“coconut sugar”), ‘Stevia’, Brown Rice Syrup: combining 1/2-1 cup Stevia with 1/2 cup coconut palm flower dehydrate or date “sugar” offers 1/2 the calories plus a higher quality (sweet) succulent flavor.


2-3 cups Whole White Wheat Flour; whole white wheat flour should not be enriched: it’s naturally blonde wheat berries ground finely. The best choice is Arrowhead Mills Organic “Pastry” Flour: totally avoid use of ‘Hard Red Winter Wheat’ that’s been bleached, bromated, beaten or not… (DO NOT TRY TO EAT HARD RED WINTER WHEAT.)


2-3 tablespoons of real vanilla extract (without sugar, no preservatives added).


Options to the flavoring choices: 2-3 tablespoons of cinnamon/ginger; 1/2 cup chocolate liqueur (extract), 1 tablespoon (these are much stronger than vanilla) lemon or almond bitters, spiced rum.


1-2 level tablespoons of Aluminum Free Baking Powder (such as Rumsfield) or 1 tablespoon baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon corn flour: or...


1 tablespoon tapioca flour for a firm/chewy—less crumb—consistency.


(About) 1 cup Distilled or Spring (purified) water: if using reduced fat coconut milk or soy milk instead of water, expect less “crumb” (not as flaky) texture (the end result will be more like sponge-cake, typically with air bubbles). If using 1 cup fruit puree, reduce the water inclusion to no more than 3/4—1 cup.


Using a large (at least 2 quart) glass or ceramic mixing bowl: combine ingredients in the bowl—except edible (not processed Hard Red Winter Wheat) wheat flour—and mix (beat) ingredients (sweetener, baking powder, flavorings/spices, nuts, coconut, date pieces, cocoa nibs...) while adding 1 cup of distilled or spring water and/or 1 cup of fruit puree.


Add oat bran or bran/oatmeal, flax seed meal) to stir into the mixture.


Add approximately 2 cups of (unbleached, not enriched) Whole White (“Spring”) Wheat Flour: at this point do not stir again until the remaining 1/2  or 1 cup (depending on if fruit puree was used) of distilled or spring water;  once adding the remaining water, stir well  until all items seem mixed properly (no  powder/dry ingredients left dry).


If the batter seems a bit thick: this is the basic batter to which a variety of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds or non-dairy chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, dried blueberries can be added. Before any further liquid is included, the fresh fruit additions must be considered. Depending on the additions—peaches or apples, berries, etc—adding more water (soy/coconut milk) can cause the baked muffins to be mushy (if fresh diced fruit was included). Chocolate powder causes a drier muffin: cherry juice or fruit enhances the chocolate’s moisture balance.




BASIC BATTER (continued)


Such as…Spiced Rum Peach Pecan: puree 1 whole fresh peach or 1 entire can of “light” canned peaches (drained and well rinsed) or 1 cup frozen peaches with 1 cup of distilled water; pour the puree into basic ingredients (prior to adding the flour).


Mix the edible wheat flour into the other ingredients, add 2 cups chopped fresh or 2 cups frozen; canned rinsed and drained peaches are fine too. Add 1 cup chopped (shelled/sorted to remove shell fragments) pecans; add 1/4 cup spiced rum (full shot) to blend all ingredients lightly through the batter.


The peach choice results almost “cobbler” like peachy delights!  A huge muffin is a high quality nutrition serving for only about 300 calories.


Spiced rum is easy to prepare: buy bottle of dark rum and insert two solid cinnamon sticks, add about two tablespoons of whole cloves, two whole vanilla beans; allow it to sit in an airtight bottle for at least 1-2 months.          


MUFFINS: use unbleached baking paper cups to line either ceramic ramekins (if choosing 1 cup each ramekins, a large tray must be used to hold the ramekins for inserting in/out of an oven or a “large” (big) metal muffin tray (pan with large hole forms). Spoon about 3-4 heaping tablespoons of the finished batter into each unbleached baking cup inside the ramekins (before filling paper non-bleached cups with the batter: they have to be inside the pan or ramekins) or those already inserted into the muffin baking pan.


If using ceramic ramekins and holding trays, it’s best to pre-heat the oven for at least 5 minutes at 400 degrees and then lower the temperature to 350 degrees upon inserting the prepared unbaked muffins: otherwise, pre-heat the oven 5 minutes at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) and then bake for approximately 20-40 minutes (depending on the amount to bake at one time and the size: if using ramekins, muffins might need 40 minutes to be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit).


This makes: 2 dozen small muffins or 12 ramekin sized (“large”) muffins, 8 “jumbos” and 1 substantial LOAF… If the adequate baking pans for muffins are not available:  glass bread loaf pans are available at many stores (Ralph’s, Marshall’s or CVS) and the glass baking pans are inexpensive plus effective. This recipe will prepare 4 (four) substantial (large) loaves.

TYF Tea Biscuits 2015

To prepare tea biscuits: omit (leave out) water except for what is used to prepare fruit puree and use a melon ball or “cookie dough” scooper; level dough by pressing/smoothing with a “butter” knife (a small flat knife swept over the top of dough in (inside) the scoop) before ejecting it out onto the tray and releasing the flat side down onto unbleached baking paper (lined) “cookie sheet” (or onto a flat pan covered with unbleached baking paper).


An option for ease of distribution: dip scooper periodically into a small cup (such as a Sake cup) filled with distilled water, 2 tablespoons of coconut, grape seed or almond oil. Reduce flour by 1 cup: yields about 4 dozen, 35-45 calories per biscuit.






Glass or ceramic bakeware is safer or does not contribute any micro-particles of metal (nor transfat) to the items prepared and it does not cause internal metal particle goop to accumulate within a person’s intestinal tract. Glass or ceramic cleans easily after the baking process; using unbleached baking paper cups or sheets supports no pans to wash and it is safest method.


These Marvelous Muffins are a better option for nutritional concerns: much better than processed cereals or yeasted bread, rolls; better than just oats… These muffins can be baked and sealed in an airtight container to be kept in the freezer at least 2 weeks to 1-2 months prior to defrosting (to eat). To reheat with microwave:


2 muffins (frozen) can be heated on the ‘cook time’ selection for 45 seconds and then flipped over to be heated for another (additional) 45 seconds for a just baked freshness that is a very (healthy protein and nutrient packed) filling and satisfying (ready anytime or to travel) quick go meal.


The caloric value of each 1 jumbo peach/pecan muffin is about 300-350 calories: 1/4 of a whole loaf would be an equivalent; if using ‘Stevia’ for 1/2 the amount of honey or other sweetener, it reduces the calories by 50 calories per one.


And flavorful: the choices are amazing… Pumpkin Pumpkin Seed Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon Pecan—Banana Walnut, Banana Almond, Banana Coconut Macadamia Nut Pineapple—Chocolate (no sugar) Cherry Almond; Lemon Raspberry Sesame Seed, Blackberry Pecan Lemon Blueberry Pecan; (no sugar) Coconut only! Apricot Sunflower Seed. Or savory: zucchini basil sun dried tomato oregano with a base puree of ground pine nuts...




To clarify or to make these choices seem accomplishable: the berry recipes cannot accept berry puree; if adding berry puree to the basic batter, the blueberry muffin would seem somewhat greenish blue and the blackberry purple while the raspberry turned out pinkish. If using berries: add the berries last (after edible spring wheat flour) despite whether berries are dried or fresh.


The blueberry and raspberry can accept 1 whole fresh Lemon pureed with 1 cup of distilled water; cut the ends off the lemon, then cut it into quarters... Hold lemon on either end by standing it on a cutting board: use a paring knife to slice out the center seed areas and most of the rind, and then puree the cleaned (cored) lemon with a standard or hand blender.


Banana puree is prepared exactly like Peach: about 1 cup of distilled water blended with 1-2 whole bananas. Concentrated cherry juice can be purchased (1/2 bottle is enough) to enhance the color and flavor of Cherry Chocolate Almond (1 bag of frozen (defrosted) cherries should be adequate for quality cherry nutrition). Unsweetened non-alkaline processed chocolate powder is readily available at most stores, as is plain canned pumpkin. When preparing the Pumpkin Pumpkin Seed Cranberry: a can of un-sweetened pumpkin is the fruit puree; frozen or dried unsweetened cranberries can be included.




BAKING NOTES (continued):


If doing Coconut only: a (1) can of prepared  coconut milk “light” can be used as the puree and reduced fat coconut flakes are available at Whole Foods, Henry’s (now Sprouts) and Bristol Farms. If reduced fat non-sweetened is not available for you at a store: boil water (distilled or spring)... Add whatever kind of coconut flake you got to the pan of boiled water and allow it to sit soaking for about 15 minutes: pour it into a fine strainer to drain off the water and debris (debris being sugar, oil coating; this process reduces the fat content and sanitizes any coconut flake).


Unsweetened apple sauce can be purchased with no preservatives; it can be combined with fresh (peeled) chopped apples or dried apples that have been rinsed and blanched with boiling distilled water for 5 minutes (blanch to remove sulfur/potassium preservative residue).


If using dried fruits, it’s best to rinse and lightly boil (for about 5 minutes) to clean: whether it’s apple, apricot or cranberry...


It’s best to choose only UNSALTED nuts and seeds: NO SALT—sodium chloride: sea salt, “iodized table salt”—means LESS INTERNAL Capillary, Vein, Artery PLAQUE. The minor amount of ‘Trona’ (bicarbonate of soda) in each muffin is NOT THE SAME SODIUM as the sea or rock salt that is used to preserve pork, age beef and to fatten market chickens.


Table salt (what’s applied to some nuts and seeds) is sea salt or rock salt: none of it is what’s acceptable. Combined with any fatty acids, it (sea salt) forms plaque (bar soap) or “cheese”. If ingestion of plaque making substances is consistent: the blood circulating deposits bits of micro-plaque (sludge/gunk/goop) into the capillaries to result “clog”.  Blocked capillaries instigates hair loss, sagging/wrinkling skin, vision   impairment, atrophied muscle/bone development or only causes such bad blood circulation, a person can not improve to save hide or heart.

Ingesting sodium chloride on a regular basis causes DEATH (eventually, but usually) only after horrible “agedness”.




A glass stovetop to oven pan is preferable but if no large (at least 2 quarts) one can be secured, a stainless steel pot should be the other choice: bring 2 cups Brown Rice (the best is Lundberg Farms—California grown at the Sacramento Delta—Golden Rose) to a boil by adding 4 cups Distilled or Spring (filtered) water.


Once it boils, lower the heat to the lowest setting and simmer for about 30 minutes, then turn off the heat. Or: after it comes to a “rolling boil”, place covered rice pan in 350 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for about 20 minutes; allow it to sit 20 minutes before serving or including other stuff.


To the prepared brown rice: add 1/2 cup honey; 1 cup of unsalted raw or already toasted nuts or seeds, 2 cups (chopped) fresh fruit, 1 cup fruit puree or fruit juice prepared with distilled water. Stir while adding 1 cup of whole toasted oatmeal —a shot of spiced rum or other liqueur—slide into the oven and bake (covered) for about 30 minutes.




BROWN RICE (continued):


This is an excellent dish for breakfast—afternoon tea time—or as a last light meal before bedtime to induce restful sleep: it can be served hot or cold.


If brown rice is inherently disliked, Lundberg Farms Mahogany and Black Rice is excellent with Cherries and unsweetened Chocolate. Prepare the Red/Black Rice exactly like the Brown Rose: then add 1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate powder, 8 ounces frozen (pitted defrosted cherries; 1/2 cup cherry juice,  1/3 cup honey, 1 cup whole or chopped unsalted toasted almonds (Flannigan Farms is the best pre-chop chopped), 1 tablespoon (only) Almond Bitters (Almond “extract”).


Stir it all together while adding dry (dark) toasted whole rough cut oats or oatmeal: cover with a lid and bake for 30 minutes.


This is lightly sweet but substantial: a 2 cup serving contains about 400 calories and it is very satisfying (filling, soothing). It’s easier to fix than the muffin or loaf: the rice dish is somewhat lower in protein and fiber but it is still quite nutritious and it can be stored in an airtight container inside the refrigerator for about 4 days worth of servings or frozen for up to one month.


An absolutely wonderful way to enjoy brown rice: “sushi” (hot or warm) brown rice on top of baby greens, cucumber, avocado, onions and balsamic vinegar; tossing on pecans elevates the “salad” to fantastic.


To prepare “sushi” brown rice: add 1/4 cup rice vinegar and 1/4 cup brown rice syrup (not processed cane sugar nor sea salt) to the boiling (distilled/spring) water prior to cooking (and/or baking).


Baked brown rice is firmer, the grains more individualized; it typically has a deeper rich taste, versus boiled or steamed brown rice.


Link Pumpkin Pecan Pear Tart




Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees


3 large ‘free range’ eggs: whipped inside a large mixing bowl until starting to froth.


Eggs can be replaced with 1/4 cup Corn or Tapioca Starch or flour blended with 1/2 cup purified distilled or spring water. If wanting it very rich: add 1/4 cup COCONUT BUTTER.


1 can of Coconut Milk ‘LIGHT’


The canned coconut milk has about 40 calories per 1/4 cup serving; it’s easier as a choice than preparing reduced fat coconut milk starting from whole raw coconut: raw coconuts can be fixed by a blender with distilled water, strained to yield about the equivalent of 1 can of coconut milk light.


(The canned coconut “milk” does contain a minor amount of guar gum which comes from a bean: even if eating the entire bomb according to this recipe, the trace amount of guar gum won’t cause any major distress; it won’t cause chronic or prolonged diarrhea).




THE BOMB (continued):


Add the Coconut Milk Light (8 ounces) to frothy egg or tapioca mixture inside a large glass mixing bowl. (IF adding coconut butter: do so at this point.)


Into a blender or hand blender beaker, break (cut) 4 medium to large peeled BANANAS and PUREE: some distilled water (no more than 1/2 cup) can be included  to gain a smooth puree.


Add 1 cup ‘Arrowhead Mills’ “Pastry” Flour (White Spring Wheat) to the banana puree and continue to blend lightly until no obvious signs of the flour are left.


Pour blended 2 cups of banana puree (with 1 cup of flour) into the egg and coconut milk mixture; stir while adding…

1/3 cup honey: 3 tablespoons of real (no sugar added) vanilla extract or spiced rum, 1 tablespoon cinnamon


Lightly oil a deep glass pie pan or casserole dish: use a paper towel to distribute, then wipe out (and around the entire inside area of the dish) 1 teaspoon of nut oil drizzled into the dish; place 1 tablespoon of whole white wheat flour on top of the slight film of oil then remaining—pick up the dish with hands—and swirl the dish until a light film of flour covers all the oil coating inside a baking dish. (This is the same procedure used to prepare loaf pans to replace muffin cups: 2 glass loaf pans can be used for this bomb if no glass bake casserole dish is available).


Pour the egg/banana floured puree/coconut milk/etc. mixture into prepared baking dish. Reduce oven heat setting to 350 degrees to BAKE for about 1 hour plus 15 minutes. Turn OFF the OVEN heat and allow the bomb to rest inside for about 30 minutes: if using the glass loaf pans, the bomb needs to cool at least 1 hour before attempting release of it...


It has the consistency of “cheesecake” but it does not cause genetic mutation—does not instigate the bacterial invasion—or damage to the cardiovascular system like (enhanced with manure  formaldehyde: bovine and goat’s worse) cow/goat cream or “milk” cake. To de-mold the bomb or to release the pan from the bomb: use a butter knife to insert around (or on both sides/ends) the interior of the baking pan (to loosen the edges) and then—place a large plate or platter on top of the pan and flip it by turning the pan upside down onto the top of a large platter—allow it to lightly fall onto the plate, tap it gently on the its bottom and perhaps?  Shake it a little…


Otherwise: serve it out of the actual baking dish—one slice at a time—for each one of about (6) six 350-450 calorie slices.


Toasted coconut flakes mixed with crushed (no sugar added) fresh or canned pineapple and some toasted macadamia nuts are excellent as a topping for banana bomb.




THE BOMB (continued):


It’s very nutritious, smooth, rich and creamy—very low fat for a dessert—but it only has about 400 calories per 4 inch (big!) slice and topping is included: however, if choosing the macadamia nuts even modestly, add 100 calories and 5% of a daily fat intake).




Substitute 8 ounces of (no sugar added) Pumpkin Puree (1 can unsweetened pumpkin) for banana puree: add 1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate powder, 1/4 cup chocolate liqueur or (no sugar added) chocolate extract. Follow directions according to the banana bomb.


An excellent topping for the chocolate bomb is raspberry sauce: combine 1/2 cup distilled water with 12 ounces (fresh or fresh frozen) cleaned and drained raspberries into a glass or stainless steel saucepan.


Bring berries and water to a boil: add 1/4 cup Chambourd (raspberry liqueur) to the berries and stir with 2 tablespoons honey. Use a hand stick blender or pour mixture into a blender to blend until smooth. (It’s best to store this in an airtight container separate from the bomb and only drizzle (spoon) on each individual slice at the time of consumption).


A four inch slice of bomb is a very big piece: even with topping, a slice of chocolate bomb (per serving) is only about 400 calories but with nearly no fat! Good protein (fiber) plus electrolytes; it’s tasty and it is actually a good—nutritionally beneficial—treat.


This recipe prepares about 6 servings: if a person feels an absolute need to add “cream”, Coconut Butter or Rice-Mallow (made from brown rice/soy protein) Cream (Suzanne’s is the best). Coconut butter is whole puree of coconut with the fluid drained (pressed) out; it is rich, creamy—and one tablespoon is a substantial serving for 90 calories—it can be served chilled or warm.


Thick creamy raw honey served chilled after mixing with melted cocoa butter is excellent as a topping without risking cardiovascular damage.


Link 2 Fruit Sorbet Gellato




12 ounces of (purified) Bean Sprouts

(for just .89 cents at Ralph’s: no dirt)

1 cup shredded carrots

6 small unpeeled—thoroughly washed—new potatoes (rub them with baking soda ahead of rinsing with fresh water)

6 whole fresh garlic cloves (washed, peeled) 1/2 pound raw de-veined medium/large sized shrimp (about 10 shrimps)

1 cup chopped raw green onion

1 TEASPOON (only) of cooking (sesame, avocado, grape seed) oil (flavored or not with truffle, garlic…) Using a large frying skillet (glass is preferred or stainless steel: and ‘Analon’ makes a decent non-toxic non-stick fry skillet), sprits (spray) 2 or 3 sprays of oil into an otherwise dry pan and wipe out the oil with a paper towel rubbed around the inside of the pan.




STIR FRY (continued):


Heat a burner on the stovetop to medium heat (but do not place the skillet on it just then).


Place the 6 new potatoes onto a plate and microwave for about 4 minutes: add the 6 whole garlic cloves to the plate—rotate the potatoes once—then microwave on a bake setting for another (1) minute. Cut the potatoes into halves or quarters and put all the potatoes plus garlic cloves into the lightly oil sprayed skillet; place it on to the heated stovetop burner. Lightly stir the potato/garlic while attending to shrimp: remove shrimp shells—wash and blot dry on a paper towel—and then add the shrimp to the bottom of skillet (try to situate the shrimps under garlic and potato); sprits 2 or 3 times with the cooking (less than 1/2 teaspoon) oil.


Immediately add the 1 cup of shredded carrots; stir and cook for about 5 minutes, then pile the bean sprouts on to the top of everything in the skillet and for a last time, lightly sprits the bean sprouts with 2-3 sprays (less than 1/4 teaspoon) of the oil. Mix the sprouts into the other ingredients and allow it to cook about 1-2 minutes: turn off the heat.


Clean and chop the raw green onions: spoon all cooked ingredients into a large serving bowl, then top with the raw chopped green onions.


This is a delicious, very nutritious meal and it can be done—start to finish—during no more than 15 minutes: tons of vegetable (utilizable) protein, very low (almost no) fat, high fiber and this huge serving size has about 400 calories (if wanting a bit more green power, use some raw mustard greens as a bed at the bottom of the bowl before spooning on the steaming vegetables and shrimp).


Healthy Shrimp Pizza




2-3 cups Spring (edible: non-enriched, non-bromated Premium naturally “white”) Wheat

1 cup sweet potato puree (2 medium sweet potatoes—which are blonde (golden); orange color “tubers” are yams which are not sweet potatoes—cooked/peeled/blended to smooth pulp with about ½ cup of distilled/spring water).


For Pizza Crust (not tortilla dough), add 1 tablespoon of vinegar (distilled white or apple cider vinegar) 1 tablespoon aluminum free baking powder.


Add flour and baking powder to a medium size mixing bowl: start stirring in sweet potato puree until it has to be kneaded lightly or until it is firm and “doughy”.


For tortillas: pinch (off the whole) about 1/4 cup of dough and form each 1/4 cup into a small ball. Line a tortilla press on both sides with cut sheets of plastic wrap: the plastic wrap can be floured to prevent sticking or sprayed with less than a teaspoon of fine quality cooking oil, then wiped with a dry (clean) paper towel to remove oil residue.






Prepare about a dozen sheets (small squares) of unbleached baking paper to layer pressed tortillas inside an adequate sized container (starting with one sheet on the bottom to then add a sheet between each tortilla being placed into the container).


Place each one small ball inside the tortilla press and then SMASH it shut. This is fun if having a glass of wine or two (on about 4 holidays of a year)...


After opening the lid: pick up the plastic wrap edge under the tortilla to loosen the tortilla; place or flip it into on the top of a sheet of baking paper to set inside the container. (Make sure to put another sheet of baking paper on top of the tortilla inside the container before adding another tortilla on top of it.)


These can either be (conventional oven) baked 375 degrees (Fahrenheit) about 10 minutes on a baking paper-lined (by picking up a tortilla with the baking paper sheet still intact) sheet pan or placed inside a stovetop “fry” pan that has been sprayed with oil—then paper towel wiped to remove any oil residue—heated to a medium to high heat for about 5 minutes per tortilla side (total 10 minutes).


These are “chewy” and firm yet flakey: soft in the center with crispy outer edges; the flavor far surpasses the cardiovascular damaging variety sold at stores.


These tortillas typically hold substantial fillings without falling apart. It’s work: but it’s worth it! One has to afford the efforts for high quality nutrition and exceptional flavor.


To prepare a pizza crust with the same—except for the addition of 1 tablespoon vinegar to the dough) dough—a pastry board and a rolling pin is necessary; line the board with plastic wrap and either lightly flour it or sprits with less than a teaspoon of oil before wiping the oil residue off with a paper towel. Form the entire (whole) dough ball into a flatter (increased) circumference with (vinyl gloves are excellent) hands; place it on the plastic lined pastry board.


Cover the dough with a sheet of plastic wrap which will be large enough to cover the estimated size of the crust after rolling it out 1/16-1/4 inch thickness.


Line a baking sheet with unbleached baking paper: flip the pizza crust off the pastry board onto the baking sheet by grabbing the edge of the plastic wrap (that is under the rolled crust).


Conventional oven bake it at 375 degrees for about 5 minutes: remove it from oven and apply toppings (vegetables, marinara). Place it back into the 375 degree oven but on the top rack; allow it to bake for 20-25 minutes: it must cool for about 5 minutes before slicing.




The best snacks are raw, really raw: prepare a head of cauliflower to florets; keep them as a ready snack by sealing in an airtight container for the refrigerator.


Just a very small handful of raw green beans will fend off hunger pains: but be careful! Even a few has a mighty amount of Hydrogen/ Nitrogen/Cyanide Gas (nutritionally valid in small or minor amounts, yet the go gas is highly uncomfortable and even dangerous if over-indulged).


Reasonable choices are raw grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe; raw pumpkin or even small chunks of raw coconut: nectarines or unlimited cauliflower...


No oil, no salt microwave popcorn: at first, this snack might seem bland; pop loose dry corn inside a brown paper sack. (After an initial acclimation to NO SALT, this 300 calorie high fiber (protein) no fat, no preservative item actually begins to taste salty all on its own.)


Perfect “caramel corn”: drizzle 2 tablespoons of brown rice syrup onto a bowl of plain popped corn, stir easy until popcorn is coated; place it back into the microwave—or into a standard oven on a baking paper lined baking sheet—for about 1 minute.




SNACKS    (continued):


Allow the popcorn coated with brown rice syrup to cool about 1 minute until it crisps or hardens (becomes crunchy by cooling). It is harmless and it tastes fantastic: honey can be used to replace the brown rice syrup.


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If a person has been consuming saturated fats from beef—too big of pigs—and salt fed or artificially fatted chickens and processed turkey: a first month of this type of healthy eating will seem at least different. And even a bit trying (hard) for the sea salt, saturated fat, animal blood chemistry addicted person…


But after just three months of healthy proper eating: internal plaque starts to impressively decrease while artificial chemical addictions are overcome to restore one’s living zest! A sense of competency or self-control can motivate a person to better self-esteem: what tasted or seemed somewhat bland is suddenly spicy again!


Food has to be chosen for the quality of nutritional value: not just for a perception of taste or for being low calorie alone; perceptions of taste can change for the better after properly applied personal discipline (self-care competency)…


It’s possible that eating a beef burger could seem only nauseating during the near future; once one gets the lead out. Lead is the element that is also proven to be addictive in the illegal drug heroin: beef’s got lots of lead.


Lead poisoning used to be called ‘Polio’ and now ‘Parkinsons’: the distinction being lead poisoning via the intestinal tract (Polio) versus lead toxicity by injection (Parkinson’s) into the blood stream—by skipping the endocrine system—and usually by pretense of ‘Vaccines’ which are illegal (USA).  (Historically, poisoning enemies with lead is an ancient act of hideous aggression).


What is typically considered as “growing old” (through the course of chronological achievement) is actually people poisoning themselves to death with bad nutritional choices and a lack of proper anatomically correct daily exercise. With other words, a lack of anatomically correct meals and exercise: besides a lack of anatomically correct other behavior...


Nothing causes “agedness” faster than chronic psychotic plots to murder/rob and identity theft everyone: there is a real physiological reason. It’s a sordid (and lengthy) articulation of analysis.


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Living doesn’t have to mean failing to death: there is no inherent—no recorded genetic designated trait—determination for one (a person) to fail at living well enough to sustain the genetic value of being a man or woman; causing and thus suffering atrophy to death isn’t necessarily necessary or it is not “natural”.


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A start to stopping the atrophy is better eating, daily walks (if just for a very short distance) and light stretching: and of course—for adult men—regular ejaculations are a greatest health benefit.




Link Crab Cake Recipe on Evo Foo


TYF Salutation: please notice images (links above) for more Recipe Remedy. Healthy Pie/Pastry Crust, Pumpkin Pecan Pear Tart, Savory Biscuits (Avocado Sesame Sunflower Seed)—totally healthy—crab cakes sans mayonnaise or other damaging ingredients. I’m updating my files daily—this is a literary work of motion—but if you’re too desperate NOW, search references ‘The Bible’ (St James?! 1st Book of Moses) for the Garden of Eating ‘Genesis I’…

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