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2016 Public NoticeLink to TYF December 2015 Legal Brief

The public notice [I posted] online [and link to my 12/29/2016 court filed legal briefing] February 12, 2016: as of January 27, 2016—sometime after 6am but before noon—a hideous [serial stalking, felony false pretense forced entry, grand theft larceny, illegal search/seizure, threatening assault of battery-abduction] and/or intended as worse] crime occurred at my private residence; I mailed proof of my lawful residence at 9229 Regents Road L222; La Jolla CA 92037 to the San Diego Police Department [“SDPD”] USPS ‘Priority’ [tracking #9505 5113 2501 6040 4055 21 02/09/2016].


The documents were refused in persona February 09, 2016—a uniformed SDPD officer illegally (irrationally) refusal to assign and process a crime report—by a SDPD front desk clerk at the SDPD Northern Division, Eastgate Mall location [located less than 1/4 from Regents La Jolla] when I tried to get a police report number assigned to my complaint.


"Twilah, we are treating this like an eviction..." [He addressed me by name without checking my identification] and he said he was the same SDPD desk clerk that had already acknowledged my complaints per my previous electronic mail correspondence to the SDPD regarding the (their) ongoing felony false pretense criminal assault (s).


The alleged “court” forms posted only on my front door January 25, 2016 were not filed in court; there is no legally identifiable name nor signature for a court clerk—even legitimate court clerks cannot decide possession of real estate property: it is illegal or a crime—and there is no court file date, no court stamp nor seal, no judge named, no court order... 'Judge Kreep' did not issue a court order and the alleged plaintiff was proved as NON-EXISTENT during Judge Kreep's hearing December 29, 2016. I DID NOT REQUEST A HEARING: contrary to any public posted LIES.


[A small claims court—Civil Limited: “CL”—cannot decide possession of real estate or any property valued in excess of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars); court clerks are not allowed to issue judgment writs of any sort. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is NOT ALLOWED to maliciously and fraudulently “enforce the writ” by [threats or otherwise] assault of battery [abduction]: the San Diego Sherriff’s Department is not allowed to award possession of someone else’s [such as Con Am/Regents La Jolla HOA] property to a non-existent alleged plaintiff—specifically not an ‘LP’ that cannot legally take a property away from the partnership—because it is a CRIME.]


Felony False Pretense Serial Stalking Grand Theft Larceny by threatening Assault of Battery/Abduction and worse: specifically worse when the evidence I filed in court proved I paid $1708 for January 2016 rent and it was accepted; I paid $1708 rent for February 2016 rent and it was accepted.


I paid the rent owed per contract for L222 until March 01, 2016; I offered valid [proper February 28, 2016] notice to Con Am: I would no longer be responsible for rent nor care of L222 as of March 01, 2016. And I reported my property [that was inside L222 when the lock-out crime occurred: well over $100,000 worth] to the SDPD, SD Sheriff's, US Marshals-FBI-USDOJ.


I'm still [September 2016] getting telephone calls from the front security gate intercom at Regents La Jolla: they [SDPD, SD Sheriff's, aka Court Services Bureau, specifically the US Marshals-FBI-USDOJ] all irrationally intended on murdering me and then using my identity to commit crimes and to alibi stealing my bank accounts.


'One She Wolf Alone': IT CANNOT WORK FOR THEM; THEY ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE. They want my identity [my property, my business] to still be there (at Regents La Jolla L222, La Jolla CA), just not me with it. And not to do my work or ethically operate my business as I would: their efforts are to murder and rob me, then blame me for the crimes they have already committed or intend to commit. [The theft of my property is what they think will alibi their assaulting other persons too, specifically the associates of the public press/media.]


The “lock-out” was/is a crime: and the theft of my professional—what was vital for my employment at San Diego County—and personal property reasonably value to be worth at least $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars US) was inside L222 on January 27, 2016 when the lock changing grand theft larceny by felony false pretense forced entry or via the bathroom ceiling—occurred.


(Unit L322 had suddenly developed a leak under the bathtub: only a few weeks before I suffered the lock-out crime, water was dripping into my bathtub from the L322 bathtub/shower. I called the Con Am maintenance: the repair had to be the removal of the L322 bathtub and flooring, then the removal of my ceiling's drywall... Unidentified individuals trying to break into L222 by way of the L322 floor (at Regents La Jolla) had happened before; both the SDPD and the FBI knew about a previous incident, August 2014.)


I've pleaded to the SDPD, SD Sheriff's, US Marshals-FBI-USDOJ to notify me as to how I can recover my property but they have only REFUSED. [The full explanation update is now on my 'FYT 4 News', 'Sick Or Sane', 'Answers By TYF' (this site: fyt4-ever) pages. I am permanently relocating to Kingman AZ...]


February 16, 2016: I sent legal notice to Con Am Management Corporation's CA SOS Registered Agent of Process, CSC, Corporations Service Company at 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive 150 N; Sacramento CA 95833 [USPS Priority Tracking 9405511899563197553601] along with current proof of residency documents and a copy of my emailed complaint.


I am NO longer responsible for 9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 rent or utility payment beyond [what I'd already paid as valid until March 01, 2016]. The exact same information was also sent [February 16, 2016] to the FBI, San Diego CA Field Office: USPS Priority Tracking 9405511899563197551706.


The alleged employees of the US Marshals-FBI have tried to steal my business identity/property before and by a previous lock-out crime [2004]. I was able to [then] recover my professional property but they did not allow me to have it back willingly. This crime is a repetitive one: they have attacked thousands of San Diegans and/or millions of Californians; there is no doubt most persons (do or) did not survive the assault.


For whatever reason—irrational and psychotic—the alleged employees of the US Federal Government have consistently failed to uphold or protect the constitutional rights of this citizen and other citizens of the USA. I have done NO WRONGS to earn such disrespect: the US Constitution PREVENTS grand theft larceny or 'illegal 'seizure'.


What seems to be the case: the felony false pretense 'acting under the color of law' chronic serial stalking attackers have already murdered real SDPD officers, SD Sheriff's deputies, FBI agents, US Marshals and/or employees of the USDOJ. And they blame those (totally deceased) victims (identities) for the crimes they (even more maliciously) continue to commit.


The individuals responsible for the theft of my property [what was inside my now previous home at 9229 Regents Road-Regents Park Row, L222 'Regents La Jolla' La Jolla CA 92037] and home are NOT the US Government: they aren't any government at all; they are career criminals 'acting under the color of law' to commit felony false pretense forced entry, grand theft larceny, [bodily] mutilations, abductions, murders, armed robbery [or illegal seizures].


If the supposed employees of the USDOJ-US Marshall-FBI have my belongings: [the FBI was already registered for Internet WiFi service at Regents La Jolla, building 'L' as of 2015] I could be notified as to where to recover it and then pay for legitimate [commercial] moving and/or storage. No one else has any real use for my things: it's all specifically to suit me [a very small adult entertainment oriented extreme fitness buff female].


It took over 30 years for me to earn my self-employment professional/personal property and by honest, decent labor: for any person's practical purpose, as of now it's destroyed or useless except to (for) me. Their great expectation was murdering me too—just like any or all the other fake eviction victims—and they don't seem to realize that plot has already spoiled:  the insincerity of an effortless press “What a tragedy...” is not constitutional enough to be proper due process. And even if they did not steal it or "recover" it themselves, they are obligated by law to tell me how to recover my stolen belongings. It did not just disappear right before their eyes as they stalked me at my home!


(I’m exercising-training daily and eating healthy; I’m concentrating on developing future opportunities to do productive [lawful income earning] things rather than dwelling upon the hateful ignorance and malicious [demonic: psychotic, jealous] disregard from supposed San Diego CA “law enforcement”. Kingman AZ is a fine small town: the surrounding natural terrain is high desert dangerous and beautiful.)


The theft of my belongings is a hard thing to overcome: it hurts; walk in a mile in my shoes... They are collectively and individually too retarded (dysfunctional) to care for my beautiful things. For the thieves: it's all about a psychotic malicious (hateful) thrill for harming a successful (affluent) person (me) and using (my) valuable property as bait to further even more crime.


They don't uphold nor enforce the US Constitution: so is it Devil's Law? It's criminal insanity: one decent tax paying income earning legitimate non-criminal US citizen (such as myself) cannot live at CA (amongst the mass of murdering diseased brain damaged and desperate civil retards) because my healthy (beautiful) existence in the hell that is now San Diego CA cannot be tolerated by the supposed law enforcement.


Declared publicly with the knowledge of the penalty of perjury:  February 14, 2016; [updated] September 28-29, 2016.



Twilah Yvonne Freberg: (telephone 8584527990)